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L-Shaped Kitchen design

FeastHome – Changing the kitchen layout is expensive because the project involves electrical work, construction, and pipeline removal. This causes homeowners to use the old kitchen layout and improve the function of the kitchen with additional elements.

If you have an L-shaped kitchen, then you are the lucky one because this article discusses L-shaped kitchen design. This is a functional kitchen layout because this layout can work well. This will be a trend for your kitchen. This is a beautiful contemporary kitchen.

Designing Work Triangle

L-Shaped Kitchen design
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Organizing the kitchen is not an easy thing. The work triangle is the main area of the kitchen. This is a kitchen design that has been used since post-war. This kitchen consists of a sink, an oven or stove, and a refrigerator.

Homeowners assume that this is a reasonable configuration but you can change this layout for some kitchens. You have to think about your way to use the kitchen. The work triangle is used to determine the layout of your kitchen.

You will use this kitchen every day so you have to pay attention to your comfort. You can use the microwave for formal events. The refrigerator is on the right with a microwave hidden in the cabinet panel.

Homeowners rarely use the microwave. The oven is on the edge. The island is in the middle because it becomes additional space to prepare your dish.

The Kitchen Island

L-Shaped Kitchen design
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You can add the island. You need this section to prepare the dishes. If you have room for this section, then you need to add the island in the center.

Suede Kitchen is a kitchen with a low island located in the middle of the room. The island can increase the surface area in this kitchen. A romantic and fun dinner can be created from a beautiful kitchen. You do not have to hesitate to apply this design because this design gives a unique feel to your kitchen.

This kitchen looks simple with a stunning color selection. Perhaps you will be surprised because this kitchen does not display luxury. You only see the elegant design in this kitchen.

You will surely be surprised by the simplicity displayed in the center of the room. Marble stones remain an option to radiate a beautiful glow in this kitchen.

Cabinet Touching Kitchen Ceilings

L-Shaped Kitchen design
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The narrow kitchen does not have a large floor so you can solve this problem by providing a high cabinet. Cabinets that touch the top of the kitchen can be a storage place in your kitchen that does not have an island.

You must remove the dusty area in your kitchen. Pepper Kitchen uses this technique to store cutlery such as plates, cups, spoons, forks, and so on. Usually, the kitchen island has a drawer and cabinet to store kitchen utensils but you do not have to fear when you do not have that part. You can use the cabinet.

Use Open Shelves

L-Shaped Kitchen design
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Perhaps your kitchen is on the longer side so you can use two cabinets that can be seen by the eye. You can mix the cabinet with the open shelf.

The open shelf can function perfectly on both sides of the sink. You can also put open shelves on blind corners. Open shelves will not interfere with your view because the shelf is placed in an unusual corner. You do not have to bother with this shelf because this rack looks neat.

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Add the Peninsula

L-Shaped Kitchen design
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This can make the kitchen L has more functions than the kitchen with U shape. The peninsula area at the end of the table can make a difference to prepare your food.

This will be an additional space for storage and seating. Homeowners can unite the wall that separates the two rooms. The added peninsula in the room can create a friendly atmosphere.

The Kitchen Designs

L-Shaped Kitchen design
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You definitely need real inspiration for your kitchen. Actually, you do not need to spend expensive to create a comfortable kitchen layout. It involves your skills to improve the function and look of your kitchen.

The L-shaped kitchen is a flexible room for all homes. This is a popular layout with good reason. This design is so flexible that you can adjust the style and size of the kitchen. It becomes an ergonomic kitchen design for your home.

The size of the kitchen has increased over the last few decades. There are some kitchens that do not have a large room to create peninsulas and islands.

The Basic L

This kitchen has two legs with a basic cabinet that is placed above the kitchen. One foot is longer than the other and this gives the counter space. Short kitchen legs have a short counter equipped with a fridge and a wall oven. This is a simple form that can be applied to your kitchen.

The L Apartment

The kitchen with this shape looks like condos and apartments. This is a one wall kitchen that works well. The L-shape kitchen has a sink properly mounted at that angle. This kitchen will free the short legs so as to provide extra space for the kitchen.

Usually, the apartment has a small room. This has an impact on your kitchen. Maybe you do not have a big house to create a spacious kitchen. You do not have to worry because the small kitchen can meet your needs.

You just need the right setting for the kitchenette. You also need a storage space with the right criteria to make all kitchen appliances neatly arranged in the cabinet.

The Small Kitchen

You can plan for a small kitchen with L shape. You can see the kitchen designed by Nadia Geller. Nadia chose a simple home theme to create a beautiful kitchen. If you want to get the design, then you can use an online designer to create a plan.

Nadia calls this kitchen a contemporary kitchen. You can see materials with different elements. This kitchen is very simple because the design involves a simple pattern.

Small kitchen with modern and traditional style depends on your choice. You can choose a theme that suits your needs. Perhaps the traditional style can give preference to your kitchen.

Modern style can be the best choice for you who want the elegant and luxurious atmosphere in your kitchen. The elegant kitchen can be created from a blend of beautiful colors and furnishings with a unique design.

Soft and firm colors can be your choice. The combination of dark and bright colors can be an option for your kitchen.

That’s the explanation ofL-shaped kitchen design that can be an inspiration for you. There are still many other articles that can provide a variety of beautiful kitchen designs for your home.

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