Go Green! Awesome Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design Suggestions

eco kitchen design

FeastHome – Eco-friendly kitchen design is now becoming more popular as people want to get back into nature. This design particularly can save much money in for your daily basis as the materials used are long-lasting does not use too much energy. Share this article about kitchen green designs for you who want to stick to eco-friendly style.

Applying go green lifestyle can be started from home design including making an eco-friendly kitchen. From using less electricity to add environmentally-friendly materials, it all can be done in your kitchen. If you are truly consider about environmental cost, let’s try these smart ideas on how to designing a kitchen in eco-friendly style.

Several Eco-friendly Flooring Options

Kitchen flooring becomes the primary element on the aesthetic design so that it should be made as interesting as possible. There a number of great flooring options that you can select if you with go green style.

For instance, you can choose Terrazzo Crete if you want to get a micro concrete surface. This floor even can be transformed into more attractive look through polishing. It serves as ideal option for kitchen floor its fragments will shimmer when get a sunlight exposure.

If you go with other types of concrete floor, just leave it as it is. Avoid using any rug or carpet to show its natural look. If you are looking for another eco-friendly option, wooden flooring also provide as great choice. Any floor made from old wine barrels will give fascinating natural look in every kitchen.

Cork is also considered as eco-friendly material for flooring. A renewed bark of tree made into a cork. This creates absorbing flooring which is perfect for kitchen flooring. Besides, it can resist from any mild as well as mildew so that it can be easily maintained in the kitchen which is prone to any spill.

Look for more affordable option, go with bamboo flooring. This material is very environmentally-friendly and requires simple maintenance. You can make them into cutting boards and use them as backsplash.

Another popular option for eco-friendly kitchen flooring is recycled material. Reclaimed wood from any destructed buildings can be used as good and durable floor as well.

If you still don’t have any idea about recycled material, you can stroll in a flea market. There also abundance ideas from online sources. Using recycled ones decrease the present of new manufacturing as well as save much of your money.

Opting for Eco Kitchen Cabinets

eco kitchen design
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Looking for fitted kitchen cabinets not always needs high cost. Even simple plywood can be used to make the cabinets. Most of people commonly use superior material to make a cabinet.

However, now you can replaces the use of hardwood into for the sake of eco factors to create cabinets or other storage units. Environmentally-friendly composite which consist small amount of carbon serves as green option for any cabinet including kitchen.

If you decide to use wooden material in any kitchen, choose the ones which already get FSC stamp. It is because this kind of wood is taken from sustainable sources. For cabinetry, veneer of the wood makes a great choice.

When you plan to use plywood, you had better not choosing the ones containing formaldehyde.  To make sure whether the material contains it or not, do some check with the help of supplier previously. For newer look, you can use can change the cabinet surface into its original colour.

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There are a lot of options are available for those looking for eco-friendly cabinets. There are hundreds of manufacturers that provide cabinets equipped with ESP seal.

This approval seal shows how much prerequisites that have been fulfilled by the cabinets including the quality of material, making process, resources, as well as environmental factor.

All the cabinets that have this seal approval are available in both custom and semi-custom options. Most importantly, using eco cabinets will give fascinating look in the kitchen as well as preserving the environment.

Use durable kitchen countertops

eco kitchen design
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Counter tops are other parts if the kitchen that usually receive eco materials. There are numerous options if you want to go with green counter tops.

Recycled glass has become one of material that currently raises popularity to be used in interior design. It is because the use of various old glasses develops not only in number but also in quality.

Colorful combination made from various glass offers interesting look especially if you want to apply eclectic style in the kitchen. Some people might want to use recycled materials for counter top that can be a depiction of color scheme in the kitchen.

If so, there are types of recycled glass which offers original look. Besides glass material, you can select more durable options for the countertops. Recycled stone such as granite serves both durable and eco-friendly option for counter top.

Using durable material for countertop helps to lessen footprint in the environment. The last longer material is, the longer you will replace it with new one. It means that you reduce the demand of manufacturing.

Manufacturing process offers bad impact to any environment. So, by reducing any new product need, you automatically decrease manufacturing and help to save the environment.

Use old furniture with new purpose

eco kitchen design
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Using recycled materials certainly is good alternative rather than buying a new one. Repurposing old furniture also can be great idea if you want to have eco-friendly kitchen.

Making old furniture with new function becomes one of tips that you can try. For instance, you can create double function of a chair so that it is not only can be used for seating but also for storage.

The furniture that has old look can be refreshed by applying new paint or adding some changes. So, presenting a new look on furniture does not always require much money.

Old chair or bench as example can provides a new look by changing into its fabric. You can do easy transformation into this furniture. All you have to do is just taking off the cover which still sticks on the furniture. Use the new to cover the whole chair. Make sure all the parts are covered tightly.

Then, secure fabrics underneath the chair with staples. Check again whether it is completely secure or not in order to get a brand new look. Rather than manufacturing fabrics that contain chemicals, you had better to choose cotton and wool for chair cover for any eco-friendly kitchen.

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