17 Simply Spellbinding Cottage Kitchen Style


FeastHome – The sheer peace of living in the country with tranquil an environment captivates people to have a cottage house there – a place where you can escape from the city crowd. Our fantastic cottage kitchen styles will make your dream of living in such a peaceful place come true.

We can provide you with lots of examples and information about a warm and welcoming kitchen to sleek, modern and minimalist ones. Prepare yourself to be amazed by our mini lists of cottage kitchen ideas.

1. Two-Sink Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

Equipped with two sinks, this kitchen can help you finish your work faster when washing fruits and vegetables or kitchen utensils.

It has nice color for the flooring tile that’s easy to notice. The cabinets come in white, which has a different color with the floor and bring the country feeling here.

2. Spruce It Up Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

The wall shares the same neutral color with the floor, and it blends well with the surroundings. On the wall are wooden shelves for small storage. They too can function to show your artsy work or other valuable stuff.

A red rug lays on the floor nicely and there a couple of wooden chairs with such a lovely design. They both make the kitchen look warm and welcoming.

3. Mixed with Contemporary Style

cottage kitchen style

White surfaces, clean lines, and minimalist looks are strongly bonded with contemporary style. This is what appears to be a combination of contemporary and cottage style.

It looks so clean with no unnecessary stuff found in it. It is uncluttered-free space and everything looks neat and well-organized.

4. Grey Flooring Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

A combination of white and grey hue creates a smooth and soft look throughout the kitchen. A white island with a sink and two stools underneath its overhang make it practical.

A seamless touch is shown on the wall by applying a half full Terracotta tiles that blend with the rest while a couple of grey pendant lights leaves an artistic look.

5. All-White Theme Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

A symbol of cool and peace can be represented with white color, and it does bring calmness to the kitchen. All the furniture comes in white color – except for the floor which is made of wood.

This cottage kitchen idea with a white table and a couple of chairs with a simple design will bring you back to the country feel.

6. Charming Look Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

The wooden flooring and dark brown countertop and white accents work together in creating a bold classic look. Brown wrought iron chairs appear to make the classic ambiance much stronger.

There are also some old plates and jars on the cabinet and white pendant lights that subtly bring the cottage atmosphere to your home.

7. Homey Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

Everybody must be dreaming of kitchens that don’t only have advanced kitchen appliances or great layouts, but they also need ones with something that can make them feel comfortable.

Here is the cottage kitchen that you might have been looking for, everyone. Almost all the furniture here is made of wood, which is known for giving the sheer comfortable, warm and welcoming environment.

8. Spread Positive Energy Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

A specified type of color can really bring a different mood into your home. This kitchen has a positive aura that can somehow encourage you to become a personality with so much positive energy that derives from white furniture, sleek lines, and bright colors.

9. Cozy Haven Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

This picture is probably going to be one of many cottage kitchens you should get yourself inspired by. It undoubtedly fits for you who desire a friendly place in which you can eat food and enjoy yourself by the fireplace.

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A worn-time table along with smooth wooden chairs is going to motivate you to build your own cottage kitchen with a similar feature as well.

10. Graffiti Wall Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

Many objects or ornaments can be added into your kitchen when trying to acquire a certain look. But, to some people who are a fan of loading the kitchen with unnecessary objects, which sounds like a bad idea.

Here comes a solution. Give the wall an artsy look with mosaic tiles as seen here. Then, you can add some flower as the final touch.

11. Souvenirs on the Racks Cottage Kitchen Style


id.pinterest.comIt’ll a great shame if you just keep your souvenir in storage. Why don’t you just show them in the kitchen? Put them on open shelves or racks to decorative will be much better than to keep them.

And the result is just like as you can see in this picture. With distinctive color, those souvenirs genuinely change the look of the kitchen to become a lot nicer, don’t you think?

12. Bigger Window Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

In this kitchen, you see the exposed-time tile flooring. It either looks good for you as you’re in love with old accent ambiance or it needs to be changed.

But the island surely is a nice one to keep in the kitchen. It has a dark surface with stunning turquoise storage. The window designed with small squares that look pretty lets the sunlight shine through, which enliven the kitchen.

13. Brick Walls Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

An old-fashioned and traditional look can simply be obtained by exposing brick walls. Brick walls are always the center of attention in any rooms or kitchens.

The light green furniture shows us a calm and relaxed feeling that perfectly mixes with the traditional look and resulted in such a timeless view.

14. Simplicity Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

Simplicity is a part of a practical kitchen you should pay attention to. It makes everything in the kitchen look neat and uncluttered, which is a good point.

The main reason to have simplicity in the kitchen is to make sure that everything goes well as planned. You can do your daily routine in the kitchen without being panic as you know where you put every stuff or item in its place.

15. The Arrangement Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

When deciding where to put things, you can simply ask others opinion who are knowledgeable in this particular field.

Or you can just arrange them yourself by measuring or literally putting the stuff and try to make a simulation like you normally do when cooking in the kitchen. This will allow you to know how much space you actually need.

16. Paneling Ceiling with Unique Pendant lights

cottage kitchen style

Doesn’t the paneling ceiling look lovely here? Well, yes it is. The white color also makes the ceiling appear visually wider and nicer. You probably have no idea that you can make a stunning light out of jars until you see this. What do you think?

17. Spellbinding Floor Cottage Kitchen Style

cottage kitchen style

This glossy and fancy flooring tile will leave you spellbound. It’s so stunning that you can get enough watching it. It really makes a big splash and it’s obviously the focal point in the kitchen.

Cottage kitchen styles

will always get your attention no matter how far you live in. And this list will be a big inspiration for you to start creating your own cottage kitchen.

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