5 Quick Kitchen Renovations That Cost Less

FeastHome – Kitchen remodeling can be as expensive as a house, if you go for a full remodel on an old unit in an expensive neighborhood. But that’s also going to be what happens when you hire a remodeler.

Contracted remodelers can be certified, professional, and effective; but you don’t have to outsource everything. There are Do It Yourself, or DIY, projects you can do quickly and affordably. Here are five.

1. Switching The Faucet

A new faucet can perk up the whole room, and it’s not that hard to install. You’ve just got to disconnect the water, drain the pipes properly, put down some plastic and catch-basins just in case, and unhook the varying connections.

This will differ slightly per sink, but in most cases everything will be similar enough that if you’ve done it once, you won’t have a lot of trouble doing it again. Just be sure not to get your hot and cold lines crossed.

2. A New Paint Job

Maybe old cabinets work fine, they’re just not as new as they could be; or you’re changing the decorative color scheme of the kitchen. White cabinets are more en vogue than wood-toned brown cabinets today. Alright then, simply repaint them. Clean the kitchen thoroughly, put down plastic to catch paint, and tape off specific areas of the cabinets.

You may even remove the cabinet doors from their hinges; though a contrast between the inside and outside can be aesthetically pleasing. It’s best to properly paint the whole outside in an even fashion if you go this route. Be sure to get the right sort of paint.

3. A Chandelier Of Pots And Pans

Pots and pans can be a pain; but if you hang them high, they’re pretty manageable. When you need it, you reach up, and there it is! Now a few different schools of thought exist on hanging pots and pans, or a culinary “chandelier”, if you will. Some prefer the hung pans to be over against a wall near the stove, others are fine with hanging them in the middle of a room.
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Of course, you need not necessarily hang these pots and pans to store them. There’s also the option to create other clever storage solutions. Here are a few more ideas for pots and pans storage that can help you maximize kitchen space, or create new options to store items.

4. Furniture Incorporation – An Armoire Pantry

A tall elegant armoire can be stood against an empty wall adjacent to existing kitchen storage and appliances. You can paint it to match the kitchen, or simply find one that already resonates with the decorative features you’re looking to foster in your space.

5. Designing And Installing A Tin-Tile Backsplash

You’ve seen those multicolored one-inch tiles that are used to make images in a sort of mosaic pattern? Well, they’re less expensive to install than you think. If you’ve got an empty wall that could use a little spice, you might be able to find a number of back-splash kits out there. Online, you can explore top picks for tin-tile backsplash kits at this link.

Seeing Property Value Increase For A Weekend’s Work

For even more ideas on saving money around the kitchen, be sure to check our partner post. Between designing and installing tin-tile backsplashes, incorporating furniture, installing a chandelier, repainting the premises, and putting in a new faucet, you could easily put a few thousand dollars’ worth of value in your kitchen by yourself over the weekend.

The value you put in could well be more than the cost it took you to put it there. It just requires a little strategy and advance preparation.

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