The 10 Kitchen Commandments in Feng Shui Perspective

kitchen feng shui

FeastHome – Feng shui promotes balance and harmony for any home. Any room in the home that wants to get positive and favorable energy needs to follow feng shui commandments including kitchen. Let’s make kitchen in other home get its favorable energy for more healthy life through sharing this article.

According to Feng Shui Perspective, kitchen becomes one of the most functional and important room at any home. It is because the room used to prepare nutritional foods so that residents can live a healthy and balanced life. Let’s apply these 10 Feng Shui commandments to make your kitchen get its positive energy.

1. Provide the kitchen adequate light

kitchen feng shui
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As the most functional space in the home, kitchen should provide a comfortable atmosphere for people to do many activities there. It can be achieved through a good lighting and air ventilation.

However, some people might need to do their cooking duty in small and dark kitchen. This condition can be treated by installing more lights, adding some mirrors or painting its wall with lights color.

The best colors to apply in the kitchen are neutral ones such as white and lotion since these colors will make the room look brighter. Combination with light eco-friendly paints can be done as well to emphasize the wood material used.

This becomes an important element to create balance look in the kitchen. Good investment in kitchen makes people more focus in preparing foods and cooking.

2. Avoid any obstruction in the kitchen

kitchen feng shui
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Feng shui is tightly linked with positive and harmonious energy movement. In fact, kitchen is commonly found in square style with many angles that doesn’t reflect positive chi and not to mention, island, tables, and cabinets that loaded center floor of the kitchen.

Too much obstruction in kitchen center makes positive energy cannot flow properly throughout the kitchen. This condition even believed to create problem in people’s food digestion. To avoid it, any barrier in the kitchen should be removed.

3. Hide any poisonous arrowheads

kitchen feng shui
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We could find few poison arrowheads in the kitchen natural. Poisonous arrowheads refer to any angle at 90 levels of external direction. Besides, they are can be troublesome to any space where they are pointing.

The best treatment for toxic arrowheads in the kitchen is camouflaging or hiding. You can camouflage this condition through some great ideas such as providing small plants in the kitchen. Pots planted with herbs or baskets filled with veggies also serve as great alternative.

4. Kitchen should not be seen visible from the entrance

kitchen feng shui
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If kitchen is visible from the front door, you are likely to move straightly into the kitchen when entering the house. An ideal kitchen based on feng shui perspective need to be far away from home entrance.

If your house doesn’t meet feng shui requirements, you shouldn’t make it to be complex. Frequently close the kitchen door can be a basic solution for any kitchen which can be seen from the front door.

5. Clean any mess in the kitchen

kitchen feng shui
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Any clutter really needs to avoid in feng shui home. However, kitchen as the most used space in any residence tend to create mess compared with other rooms. People are often mistaken that clutter is garbage and other things unused.

Clutters can be things that you don’t require currently. Kitchen is full of those things such as empty bowls, cups draining over the sink and other jars unused. If those things are not needed yet, you had better to store it inside. It is not comfortable if your working area filled with unrequired things, right?

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6. Make chef feel confident while cooking

kitchen feng shui
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It is important for chef to feel confident when cooking and know what happen right on his back. If possible, after placing the foods into the hob, chef should have clear sight of kitchen door. If the hob disturbs chef sight, adding a mirror on the wall behind the hob can help chef know what occur behind him when he is cooking.

7. Kitchen should promote balanced energy

kitchen feng shui
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The best to create energy balance and encourage favorable chi in the kitchen is through adding wood component. The presence of wooden element in any room offers offer not only positive but also harmonious association against harmful traits of fire and water which often used in this room.

Another alternative to achieve balance and harmonious energy in this cooking space is by doing straightforward duties using wood elements.

For instance, you can paint the walls or cabinets in the kitchen with eco-friendly colors. Using nature-friendly dishware also can promote harmony in this space as well. Adding some leafy plants in the kitchen also make the look and ambiance balance.

8. Kitchen’s main function is to prepare food

kitchen feng shui
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Some kitchen might be used for eating area. However, feng shui perspective says that food preparation should not be disturbed by other activities or function since it can make chef doesn’t focus on cooking.

Kitchen with multiple functions can be tricked by providing a room divider such as through plants barrier or artwork display. Another alternative is applying two colors to those spaces in order show that each space has different function.

9. Oven, fridge and sink must be presented in the kitchen

kitchen feng shui
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If you think about triangle points in the kitchen, you need to place each element properly so that they bring advantage in the room. Oven which commonly becomes a center point in this room needs to be placed on primary points than refrigerator and sink by considering two other factors.

A proper location of those three primary elements of kitchen helps to create fused energy throughout the space. Besides, you have to make sure that natural barriers keep on its place which is between fire and main water element.

10. Kitchen should remain clean and fresh

kitchen feng shui
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To get positive power in the kitchen, it is considered essential to make your home in clean and fresh condition. Ornaments used also need to be arranged in good order.

More importantly, what are inside and outside need to be well-preserved. In the kitchen, you have to make certain that flooring, working area as well as other appliances is free from clutter and discoloring.

Hob and kitchen appliances need to be placed in good order. Any unpleasant smell also needs to be eliminated soon. Herbs and seasonings can be used to eradicate those smells and change it with kitcheny smells.

There are numerous factors in the kitchen that need to be considered for developing positive energy. Lighting, kitchen elements, kitchenware order, and kitchen main function affect how positive energy and power distributed in this area. So, read article about other perspective to know how a good kitchen design has to be.

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