How Much You Need to Pay for Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost

Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost

Nowadays, faucets for cooking areas come in varying designs, thus require extra effort to install. How much you have to spend on kitchen faucet installation cost? This page has the information.

Sometimes, to install one for a brand new sink, someone needs help from professionals.

The exact bill will be according to some factors that affect the installation process. Mainly, the said factors are your pipes’ condition, sink location, and faucet type.

Installing a new one will never be an easy DIY job, even if you are a plumber. The job requires some skill and knowledge about plumbing and other related things.

If you do not have both, spending some cash will be the best choice.

The Average Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost

Kitchen Faucet Installation Price

A faucet is a determining feature of kitchen sink functionality. If it can serve its function, the whole device will work well, and vice versa.

In other words, a sink will just be a mere bowl without a faucet. You would not need a big bowl stuck above your countertop permanently, now, would you?

The charged service for installing a faucet depends on certain factors. However, the kitchen faucet installation cost usually ranges from USD 260 to USD 480.

It is the most basic budget job a job done without extra labor, like new plumbing, for example.

Between kitchen and bathroom faucet installation costs, the former charges you higher than the latter for its larger unit.

Besides, the installation process for kitchen faucets needs a longer time as they have more features.

Meanwhile, compared to new installation, a replacement job demands a higher cost, because it involves removing the existing faucet.

Well, it charges you more only for the extra time needed to do the job. Relax, removing an old faucet could not last more than 30 minutes.

Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost Based on Types

Each faucet type requires a different installation technique, thus they charge you also differently. There are eight types of faucets available in the market.

The three types most often used are pull down, pull out, and pot filler. The explanations are as follows.

1. Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet Installation Price

This faucet type utilizes a curved spray wand. You can pull it down directly into the bowl. It functions the best for rinsing fruits and dishware.

A sink with this faucet is also a perfect bathing area for your puppies.

The pull-down kitchen faucet installation cost commonly ranges between USD 150 and USD 200.

2. Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet Installation Price

What distinguishes this faucet from the previous type is its body. A pull-out faucet has a straight body while the pull-down type comes in a curve.

Typically, the pull-out kitchen faucet installation cost ranges between USD 100 and USD 150, lower than that of the pull-down.

3. Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost

An extra arm stretches out from the body of a pot filler faucet. It functions as the name implies, which is to fill a pot.

The extra arm is movable and able to swing to ease the job so that you do not have to bring the pot directly under the faucet.

Then, the typical pot filler kitchen faucet installation cost ranges the same as that of the pull-down one: from USD 150 to USD 200.

Cost to Install Bathroom Sink Faucet

Bathroom Faucet Installation Cost

Briefly stated to you, the average cost to install a bathroom faucet is lower than the kitchen, on a note that new plumbing is not on the labor list.

It normally ranges from USD 100 to USD 150. If the job involves new plumbing, you have to sum the number by more than a hundred.

Meanwhile, similar to a kitchen faucet, a plumber’s cost to replace a bathroom faucet is higher than installing a new one. The additional time to remove the old faucet bears the extra charge.

Bathtub Faucet Replacement Cost

Bathtub Faucet Installation Price

The average cost to install a bathtub faucet is surprisingly much higher than the kitchen and bathroom sink. It relates to flow rate.

Also, the water flow rate that a bathtub plumbing must handle is as high as three gallons in a minute, higher than those of the kitchen and bathroom sink are.

Assume you do not need new plumbing when installing bathtub faucet, the average cost ranges from USD 300 to USD 400.

The Determined Factors in Cost

Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost

You have known some of the factors that affect the kitchen faucet installation cost as this article has stated previously.

However, besides water flow rate and efficiency, there are more factors of the matter, some of which are faucet handle type, finishing, and material.

If there are any extra features, such as filtration and lighting, they might charge you more.

In replacing your existing faucet, prepare yourself to face possible damage in the original mounting supports or connectors, especially when they remove the old one.

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The cost will also be different in choices between certified plumbers and general contractors. The former will naturally be costlier as they master even complex tasks.

Lastly, your current unit condition also affects the kitchen faucet installation cost. Any rusted or broken parts will make the removal takes longer and charge you higher.

Chances to Make It A DIY Project

Kitchen Faucet Installation Price

The chances to do the installation yourself are high if the job only involves replacing the old and installing the new.

Many people make it a DIY project, anyway, and share the successful steps on their home development blogs.

However, once again, this job requires knowledge and skill. Some other people even need a license and experience to do it.

Any complex adjustments are only doable also for the professionals, so think twice before you are going to handle the labor.

Cost To Install Kitchen Faucet by Zip Code

Kitchen Faucet Installation Price

Home service is on-demand nowadays, as many homeowners spend nearly 24/7 at their houses since the pandemic strike.

Because of that, many companies race to offer the best service, including providing the information as detailed and specific as the estimated cost to install a kitchen faucet by zip code.

Yes, it is possible to know how much budget you will require for the task based on where you live or where you want the job done.

The calculation will also include the size, finishing option you pick, and faucet condition.

Here is the deal. On the company website, you will have to input all the information needed regarding the problem you want to execute, which are

  • your project location,
  • project types, such as repairing, installing, replacing, and fixing,
  • whether or not the project is an emergency,
  • your location types, whether it is a place to live or work,
  • the completion time, and
  • your authorization status of the unit in question.

The website then processes your input and gives the estimated cost of your project.

On the same page, you can also find out if there is any repairperson near your location, especially when it is urgent, and you need someone to come and fix it as soon as possible.

Generally, there will be a ‘kitchen faucet installation near me’ dialogue box. All you need to do is hitting in your zip code, and the website will find the nearest repairperson.

Cost To Install Kitchen Sink Faucet and Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost

Garbage disposals give you an easier and more comfortable way to dispose of your waste when washing the dishes.

Installed right below the sink, garbage disposals function to separate the waste particles from the water before all of them follow the flow into the pipes.

The garbage disposals then grind the waste they catch and send them to the sewer or septic tank. Both manual and automatic types are available for purchase.

The coming up question after knowing such a feature will be: how much does it cost to install a garbage disposal?

Well, the average cost ranges from USD 250 to USD 400. The calculation will include the size, extra features, material, and brand.


The following are things people usually ask regarding kitchen faucet installation and the cost.

How much does the labor price of faucet installation charge you per hour?

Typically, the labor done by a plumber will cost you in a range between USD 85 and USD 105. Meanwhile, the labor done by a general contractor will cost you lower than a certified plumber.Your location is the major variable of the calculation. A project done in a large city will naturally charge you more.

How much does the service of a plumber cost you in terms of replacing or installing a faucet?

The average cost starts from USD 610 to USD 760 for around 7 hours and 10 minutes until completion. It is the average time a plumber needs in general. Looking at answer number 1, it is the right calculation.

How much does Home Depot faucet installation cost?

On average, they cost you between USD 200 and USD 350. The labor involves removing your current faucet, installing the new one, and reconnecting the new lines of supply.Furthermore, the bill you have to pay for the faucet installed in the kitchen will be different from in the bathroom.


The average kitchen faucet installation cost ranges from USD 260 to USD 480, but according to some factors, such as the condition and location, the number will naturally change.

A licensed plumber service will be costlier than a general contractor would.

You could make this faucet installation project your weekend DIY activity, perhaps, but on a note that the labor only involves removing and replacing.

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