15 Examples of Lovely Vintage Mission Style Kitchen

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FeastHome – Mission style kitchen is popular back in the early 20th century. Gustav Stickley, a furniture maker of the era, was the first person to introduce it through a publication in a magazine.

This model has been around since then. You are about to see examples of mission style kitchen collected in this article.

Before heading to the pictures, you should know first how mission style kitchen is different from the other designs.

This particular unit emphasizes natural elements as the main material, primarily real wood. Mission style kitchen exudes comfortable, welcoming, and homey feelings.

Crucial parts, like clean detailed lines, deep sinks, heavy wooden cabinetries, as well as strong and vintage hardware, define mission style in the kitchen. Does this ring a bell?

If you feel that mission style has similar characteristics to those of craftsman, what amazing sense that is! Well, the craftsman is the other name of mission style.

Now, here is the list of mission kitchen style examples, and you will see why people are still into it even when a century has passed.

The Attention Drawer Mission Style Kitchen Cabinet

Vintage Mission Style Kitchen

In a mission style kitchen, cabinetry has to be its focal point. The material selection of real wood instead of artificial one is what makes it stunning.

Shaker and hardwood veneer are among the list of choices. Mission-style cabinets vs. shaker style still become a hot topic to debate, after all.

However, the options to make your cabinetry stand out range widely and varyingly.

Other than material selection, a color pick can be an alternative. The one you see in the picture sets an example of the matter.

Cabinets with the dual color of dark green shade and clean white are the absolute attention drawer. Their contrasting character completes the set above the wooden flooring.

Do not fail to notice the difference between the two countertops, as well. The one on top of the island has similar finishing to the flooring.

Meanwhile, the worktop above the counter resembles the bright cabinetry in white.

A Deep Sink like No Other

The Elements of a Craftsman Kitchen | Craftsman kitchen cabinets, Craftsman kitchen, Kitchen style

In a kitchen where wood material is the highlight, having a deep sink is kind of a blessing. The deeper the sink is, the lower chances the water splashes everywhere.

It leads you to be less worried about getting wet issues.

Besides, it has a stylish appearance, more than appropriate to define mission style. To strengthen the vibe of the craftsman style, add an appliance with an antique feel above the countertop.

Well, of course, if there is still space in the first place.

One big note from this point is mission style kitchen requires not only artistically good but also functional elements.

Muted is Wonderful

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Neutral tones are nice in a mission style kitchen, but muted colors are more preferable to boost your mood. The color selections make it possible for contemporary to pair up beautifully with rustic.

Light muted green cabinetry and kitchen island fit the neutral white on the backsplash and countertops.

Not to mention, the involvement of wooden material on the barstool and openings create a soft transition.

One of a Kind Backsplashes

Vintage Mission Style Kitchen

What feels more craftsman than hand-painted backsplash on tiles? Their bold remarks spell mission style so clearly and support the continuity of the style brought by the wooden cabinetries.

This picture is just like a scene that serves the viewers rustic, classic, and eclectic touches in a frame.

More Fascinating with the Lighting

Mission Style Kitchen

This kitchen has many mission-style elements, from the unique backsplashes to the muted color selection to the wooden material involvement.

However, what makes it more fascinating is the installation of some industrial lighting fixtures above. They use nifty bulbs, which imprint the atmosphere with traditional and contemporary moods.

Countertops Out of Natural Stone

Mission Style Kitchen

Aside from wood, people also feature other natural materials to be in the set of mission style kitchens, as well. You can see quartz countertops in this image beautify the plain surroundings with their pattern.

Once you involve natural stone in the kitchen, you will get a unique cooking area that nobody else owns.

It is because natural stones come with their pattern of their own with the fact that no two rocks share any similarity whatsoever. Other than quartz, granite is also a clever selection.

Sleek Stainless Steel Appliances

House Plan 5445-00458 - Craftsman Plan: 3,065 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms in 2021 | House plans, Craftsman style house plans, Country house plan

This cooking area has everything a mission style kitchen should have. Natural elements are visible in the wooden cabinetry and granite countertops. It also has striking backsplashes and vintage lighting.

Surprisingly, the existence of stainless steel appliances does not break the pattern of mission style. Instead, they add a touch of modernism, and the whole scene looks fabulous just like that.

Let the Natural Light Showers

Vintage Mission Style Kitchen

It is only natural to think that a mission style kitchen mainly relates to a deep dark tone since that is the tendency.

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Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot do something to make one feels airy and looks bright without losing the highlight elements.

White cabinetry is the beginning. It is neutral, bright, and no one could say otherwise. Next, apply the natural wood onto the flooring by finishing it with light hardwood.

Lastly, give a lot of access for natural light to come through. Do them all, and you will own a blindingly gorgeous mission style kitchen.

Pay Attention to the Floor

Mission Style Kitchen

Specifically, there will be no mission style kitchen without wide planks. Whether you have a spacious or limited cooking area, this type of flooring will play a vital role in identifying a craftsman kitchen.

What you can adopt from the picture above is matching the cabinetry and dining set. By doing so, you could get an invitingly harmonious and consistent mission style kitchen.

Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets in White

Vintage Mission Style Kitchen

White cabinetry is still in high demand to include in the mission style kitchen remodeling plan. In this article only, you have seen it featured third times already.

Well, sum the number up by one because white cabinetry is that appealing.

Since white is genderless and able to balance the surrounding as well as tone down a heavy atmosphere, it is nearly no wonder why.

In this picture, you see white cabinetry does its magic by bridging the striking backsplash and wood-paneled ceiling.

Honestly, without it, the whole set will not look good and inviting as the two elements contrast each other greatly.

Make it Warm

Function Meets Beauty — Rodwin Architecture

Warm tones escalate the homey feeling of a space, be it a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other rooms in the house.

It applies also to the cooking area here where the use of similar warm colors is continuously visible.

However, a lot of something could lead to monotonousness and dullness. You need to throw, at least, one element to excite the space. In this case, the backsplash tiles in green and blue shades play the role.

Combine Black and Light Hues

Vintage Mission Style Kitchen

There is no need to feel confused in deciding what color to play since you can combine black and softer tones for your mission style kitchen design idea.

An example is available here with black countertops exuding elegance and contrasting the rest of the elements.

Light-toned wooden cabinetry, white-tiled floor, as well as white ceiling are in accordance to create harmony.

Not to mention, the smooth stainless steel appliances appear to complete the scene gorgeously.

Have it Stood out with the Ceiling Light

Vintage Mission Style Kitchen

Where does your first sight fall when scanning this area? There are several eye-catching points, like the patterned window treatment, green countertops, and the L-shaped kitchen island.

However, the most standout one would be the crisscross ceiling light apparatus above.

It houses the lighting and mimics the island’s shape below. Its material is following those of the wooden cabinetry, kitchen island, and flooring.

The light within then shines above the countertop surface, making it joyfully gleaming.

Deep Green Mission Style Kitchen

Mission Style Kitchen

Not any color fits with the definition of mission style kitchen as stated previously. The choices lay within two options, either neutral or muted color.

Fascinatingly, both choices make a good combination and could boost your mood up.

As people tend to start their day and spend long hours in the kitchen, having a boosted mood while being there is a great thing.

Thereupon, this idea is to apply one muted color as the main tone and have neutrals be the detail.

The kitchen in this picture exemplifies everything. With deep green tones in the wooden cabinetry, drawers, island, and refrigerator housing, white-tiled flooring perfects the image.

This Is What Craftsmanship Is

Mission Style Kitchen

Having limited space is not an obstacle to create a mission style kitchen of yours. The point to consider is quality over quantity, after all.

The owner of this kitchen racks his/her brain to have both kitchen island as well as bar area by raising the edge a few inches and place some stools.

Moreover, the wood materials are visible all over the place. They feature craftsmanship, and that is the reason why mission or craftsman style highlights them.

A conducted survey of 1.78 million kitchens discloses a result that 2.67% of the numbers (around 47,526) apply mission style.

The said survey lists twenty styles, and mission style was the sixth most preferred. It indicates that mission style is popular.

In conclusion, the examples above tell you enough information about what makes a kitchen mission styled. Now, it is time to execute the ideas and join the 2.67% owners of mission style kitchen!

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