How Much Kitchen Sink Installation Cost You in General

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The varying types of sinks on the market affect the average kitchen sink installation cost. In only faucet installation cases, you probably could make it a DIY project, thus the cost will not be high.

However, we are talking about the installation of the entire sink, here.

Unless you are a certified plumber yourself, you need kitchen sink installation service from professionals. Therefore, spending some cash on the matter is only natural.

This article will disclose the average range of kitchen sink installation cost, along with the prices per unit based on its material. Read further to find out!

Kitchen Sink Installation Cost

Cost to Install a Sink - 2021 Cost Calculator and Price Guide

Indeed, with labor included, the average kitchen sink installation cost is USD 396.

Nevertheless, with calculating other factors, the majority of homeowners usually pay in a range between USD 216 and USD 587.

Besides, some even must pay up to USD 2,000. The high calculation is very dependent on style.

For a low-end quality kitchen sink, the installation cost starts from USD 100, while the high-end one will cost you USD 1,100 at the very minimum.

The type you pick, fixtures, contractor service, and the labor amount also affect the final calculation of kitchen sink installation cost.

Further, farmhouse and undermount kitchen sinks usually cost you the highest. Meanwhile, the prep or bar, self-rimming, and drop-in sinks are on the contrary.

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Kitchen Sink Replacement Cost

Kitchen Sink Installation Cost

A little bit different from installing a new one, replacing the existing sink will slightly cost you more. It is because the labor also includes removing and disposing of your current item.

Then, the removing project itself will range between USD 30 and USD 130.

Hence, it makes the total kitchen sink installation cost until completion ranges from USD 220 to USD 560.

Prices of Kitchen Sinks by Types

patented sink ring for undermount sinks to laminate counters | Undermount kitchen sinks, Sink design, Kitchen sink design

Well, how much does a kitchen sink cost? Please, take note that the numbers mentioned above are only the installation cost.

Thereupon, you must prepare a separate budget to buy the kitchen sink. Briefly, here are the types of popular sinks and the price they bear.

Bar Sink

Hitam Tersembunyi Kitchen Sink Single Bowl Bar Ukuran Kecil Wastafel Stainless Steel Balkon Wastafel Tersembunyi Hitam Kitchen Sink Bar Wastafel|Dapur Tenggelam| - AliExpress

Bar sinks are the smallest among the other types on the list. Attached to the main sink, it usually functions to be the secondary and perfect for hand washing, fruit rinsing, and other small tasks.

The average price ranges between USD 110 and USD 500.

Drop-In Kitchen Sink

MRDirect Stainless Steel 33" x 22" Drop-In Kitchen Sink & Reviews | Wayfair

Drop-in sinks are the easiest to install in the category. The extended rims function to bear the entire body while holding on to the pre-cut opening above the countertop.

Thus, you just fit in the sink onto the opening and leave it as it is with or without sealant. Then, each unit will cost you around USD 60 up to USD 500.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

780*430*220mm 304 Stainless steel undermount kitchen sink set drainer ganda mangkuk Menggambar Buatan Tangan disikat mulus sink|undermount kitchen sink| kitchen sinkkitchen sink set - AliExpress

Mounted under the countertop, undermount sinks do live up to their name. Once mounted, you need a sealant to secure and prevent yourself from any leakage problem in the future.

Moreover, it creates the illusion of having a seamless countertop surface, which is perfect for modern themed kitchens.

For every item, you need to pay around USD 170 up to USD 2,000.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Installation Price

Farmhouse kitchen sink installation cost is the highest among the list as stated previously, and so is the price for each unit.

Its elegant appearance will charge you no less than USD 360 up to USD 2,000. The reason for its highest cost lies in the in-depth installation.

Prices of Kitchen Sinks by Material

Materials are one of the main determining factors in prices. Hence, the calculation weighs around the traits of every material.

Furthermore, stainless steel, composite, cast iron, quartz, and solid surface are the five most common materials used to build a kitchen sink.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Installation Price

Stainless steel is multifunctional and simple. Besides, its sleek surface eases your job of cleaning.

When used to build a kitchen sink, it makes the value to be as worthy as anywhere between USD 100 and USD 800.

Composite Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Installation Price

The durability of composite material is to no one’s wonder. It is also resistant to chips, and its light color is beneficial in camouflaging any scratches.

Thus, to have a composite kitchen sink, you will need to allocate some cash around USD 300 up to USD 600.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Installation Price

Cast iron material is as durable as composite. The common finishing this material has, as a kitchen sink is hard porcelain enamel. Therefore, you can finish the cleaning routine for cast-iron surfaces in no time.

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The cheapest price for a cast-iron kitchen sink is USD 300 while the most expensive one can cost you up to USD 900.

Quartz Kitchen Sink

Elkay Quartz Classic 33" L x 19" W Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink with Basket strainer | Wayfair

Quartz kitchen sink is the perfect match for any countertops out of the same material. Also, its shiny surface is so appealing and elegant.

Further, this unit of quartz kitchen sink can cost you USD 800 to USD 1,200.

Solid Surface Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Installation Price

Extreme durability is one of the solid surface kitchen sink’s traits. This super benefit values a unit as high as USD 2,100 for the cheapest price.

The price can go much higher, up to USD 4,300. Thus, do not hesitate to call a professional in installing a solid surface kitchen sink.

Cost To Install Kitchen Sink and Faucet in the Bathroom

RODDEX Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet Solid Brass Glass One Handle Single Hole Basin Vanity Bathroom Faucet, Short, Blue+Chrome - -

The cost of installing an entire bathroom sink ranges from USD 440 to USD 660.

If you only need to get the faucet replaced, the cost will be so much lower: no higher than USD 250.

Before deciding what you want to do with the bathroom sink, consult with the expert first. It is a measure to prevent any possible miscalculation.

Meanwhile, replacing the bathroom sink will naturally cost you higher as the labor includes removing the existing item and disposing of debris.

Removing the existing sink costs you about USD 20 up to USD 70, while the cost of sink debris disposal ranges from USD 20 to USD 25.

On average, the bill will be around USD 480 up to USD 760.

Cost To Install Kitchen Sink Drain

KIBI USA Kibi Vessel Pop-Up Bathroom Sink Drain & Reviews | Wayfair

With labor included, sink drain installation costs you in a range of USD 230 up to USD 300 on average.

Indeed, the lower cost might apply if you only need some repairing. Sink drain repairing averagely costs you around USD 220.

Garbage Disposal Installation Cost

Kitchen Sink Installation Price

The average cost of garbage disposal installation ranges from USD 80 to USD 720.

However, the final calculation will include the feed type of your choice.

There are two options of feed disposal. The most common and cheaper type is a continuous feed, while the other one is batch feed.

So, if you want to have it featured in yours, sum up all the costs to install the kitchen sink and garbage disposal, and you will end up with the number.

Pedestal Sink Installation Cost

8 Pedestal bathroom sink ideas | sink, bathroom, pedestal sinks

A pedestal sink is a separated unit. Therefore, it stands alone and does not get support from any countertops or bases.

Pedestal sinks were famous back in the early 20th century, and it looks like they find their popularity again nowadays.

Averagely, you need a budget of around USD 330 up to USD 730 to have a new pedestal sink. About USD 210 of the budget will go to the installation.


Who are the best kitchen sink replacement contractors?

Many home improvement companies provide their best service. According to reviews from customers at the Home Advisor website, they are very satisfied with works from Lambert Plumbing.

Others include G & S Plumbing and Heating of NY, G Security, ETG General Contracting LLC, and the Real Staten.

How much does it cost to replace the kitchen sink and countertop?

The cost range for replacing a kitchen sink is between USD 220 and USD 560, as stated previously. Meanwhile, countertop-replacing cost ranges from USD 40 to USD 100 per square foot installed.

How much one needs to pay a plumber to have a kitchen sink installed?

For your information, the professionals get their pay calculated from how long they take to perform an installation, in other words: per hour. Usually, they take 4 hours to install one unit.

If the normal cost is between USD 45 and USD 200 per hour, you have to spend around USD 220 up to USD 560 for installation.

How much is Lowe’s sink installation?

Lowe’s, as well as Home Depot, cost a customer more than USD 119 for an installation project.  A combo of the kitchen sink and faucet installation that is done by these two home improvement stores ranges between USD 400 and USD 1,000.


The kitchen sink installation cost is USD 396 on average if done by a licensed plumber. It is on the expensive side but trust us, spending money on someone skilled and experienced is the wisest choice.

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