Understanding the Options of Standard Kitchen Sink Size

FeastHome – The sinks as important elements in the cooking area must be in a good function to support the optimal service. Now, these parts cannot serve you well unless they follow the standard kitchen sink size.

Does yours fit the ideal numbers?

The kitchen sink’s vital function is to help your cleaning tasks, while its aesthetic part will count as some bonus. Thus, the functionality of the utility should become your priority over design.

However, it does not mean that you should pick whatever as long as it fits the standard kitchen sink size, no, but prioritize the measurement first and the design could come after that.

Standard Kitchen Sink Size Options

Kitchen Sink Ideal Size

Kitchen sinks come in varying dimensions according to their purpose.

The smallest standard kitchen sink size is 9 inches long (around 23 cm), while the largest measurement could exceed 40 inches (101.5 cm).

Which one is the perfect number for you? It depends on how you are going to use it.

If you need one to help in prepping the food around your kitchen island, for example, a small prep sink would do. Search for a sink with a length under 24 inches (61 cm).

A different case applies to replacing the main sink where a larger unit is on the requirement list. Many manufacturers produce units 30 or 33 inches (76 or 83.5 cm) long.

They obey the standard kitchen sink size that ranges between 24 and 36 inches long (61 and around 91cm).

If you are from a big family, the ideal sink to hold all of the large pans and pots is the general 30 inches long one. It contains a single bowl, big enough to do the job.

Meanwhile, if you desire a double-bowl sink, know that any measurement below 30 inches in length is rather hard to find. It means that you must have adequate space to fit what you desire.

In case you want to have separate areas, each for prepping the food and cleaning the dirty plates, a sink with a double or even triple bowl might be the one you need.

Large kitchens with heavy traffic would certainly need different scales of sinks from the units used by average households. The sink size would be greater than 36 inches and considered oversize.

Those numbers go for the standard kitchen sink size in length, while you should pay attention to the width and the depth as well.

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Measuring a New Sink

Metal Fashionable Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink With Board - Buy Kitchen Sink,The Queen Of Quality Kitchen Sink,Sink Product on Alibaba.com

After knowing the purpose, you might get the idea of how large your new kitchen sink would be by now. However, you must do the measuring thoroughly, following the standard kitchen sink size.

Besides the matter, furthermore, between installing a unit for the first time and replacing the old one, each task would require different steps of measuring.

To replace an old sink, for example, you need to double-check and make sure that the existing opening could hold the new unit just right.

You will know it by measuring the exact length and width after removing the old kitchen sink first.

Measure also the bowl depth to avoid any unnecessary alteration, be it to the plumbing or else, just because miscalculation occurs.

Unless that is exactly what you want to happen in terms of having a deeper sink, the right measurement is all you need.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

ANZZI VANGUARD Series Undermount Stainless Steel 30 in. 0-Hole Single Bowl Kitchen Sink-K-AZ3018-1A - The Home Depot

As stated previously, the aesthetic aspect should come later after functionality in cases of kitchen sinks.

Now, that you have known the standard kitchen sink size, it is time to find out the choices of the available styles.

Universally, the market has styles of farmhouse or apron front, drop-in, undermount, wall mount, corner, as well as prep or bar.

Every style has pros and cons of its own. Further explanations are as follows.

1. Farmhouse Style or Apron Front Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Ideal Size

A farmhouse kitchen sink is the one you usually see with an exposed front side. This model can hold so much water since they are deeper sinks.

Also, this farmhouse sink is often visible inside mission-styled kitchens, where wood is the main material used.

As long as it sticks to the standard kitchen sink size, the deep bowl helps to prevent the water from splashing everywhere, thus do not dampen the wooden countertops or any other appliances.

So far, manufacturers have produced farmhouse kitchen sinks in various materials, colors, and designs. Therefore, you have nearly limitless choices.

2. Drop-In Sinks

MRDirect Stainless Steel 33" x 22" Drop-In Kitchen Sink & Reviews | Wayfair

A drop-in sink one is the universal kind of sink found almost in all kitchens. People love the fact that it is compatible with any countertop materials and so easy to install.

Its exposed rim is what eases the installation job. You just drop this sink into the existing opening above the countertop, and it is ready to use just like that.

3.Undermount Sinks For Your Kitchen

MR Direct Undermount Stainless Steel 27 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink-2718-16 - The Home Depot

This type goes lower than the surrounding surfaces. To install it, you need to mount the unit to the countertop underside.

That is where the sink derives its name, but it is not ready to use yet. Fastening using brackets or clips and adhesive would be the next installation step.

Undermount kitchen sink is perfect to create an illusion of a seamless countertop. Cleaning the parts around the sink would be a lot simpler and easier as well.

Nevertheless, not any countertop material can support this kind of kitchen sink. Only the ones with a solid surface, like quartz and granite, will do. For more info, read our post on Undermount vs. Drop in sinks.

4. Wall Mount Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink stainless steel wall mounted sinks with fixed bracket single/double bowl tank vegetable washing basin mx4100953|Kitchen Sinks| - AliExpress

The wall-mounted kitchen sink is as its name implies. To install a unit, you just bolt it on the wall.

Since it is the type of standalone appliance, this sink requires extra support to make it mounted, which needs additional holes on the wall.

However, with a wall-mounted sink, you will not need to make a pre-cut on your countertop. There is one out of stainless steel, but porcelain and cast iron are often visible to be the building material as well.

Because of the materials, this wall-mounted sink is so perfect to be in the middle of your farmhouse or industrial kitchen.

5. Corner Kitchen Sink

Standard Kitchen Sink Size

The idea is to make use of some idle corner space above the countertop by installing a sink there. It usually comes in L-shape to fit your perpendicular nook.

This picture shows stainless steel sink, but other choices of materials are also available in the market.

6. Prep or Bar Kitchen Sink

Cantrio Koncepts 20" L x 18" W Bar Kitchen Sink with Sink and Drain Assembly and Stopper & Reviews | Wayfair

Intended to be the main kitchen sink’s extra in large cooking areas, this one is the typical singular-bowl sink. It is enough to serve hand washing and other small tasks.

The standard kitchen sink size for bar sinks is quite small yet coming in handy in household-scale kitchens.

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Materials for Kitchen Sink

Standard Kitchen Sink Size

After following the standard kitchen sink size and choosing the design, it is time to explore the material. Certain material fits specific themes and the whole scale kitchen concept.

Thus, wisely pay extra attention to the explanation below.

1. Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Ideal Size

Cast iron is famous for its durability, so the kitchen sink made of this solid material is far from fragile. Also, big thanks to the porcelain enamel coating contained.

Hence, having a cast iron sink in your kitchen could also mean one thing: cleaning will be a super easy job to do, as it requires low to nearly zero maintenance.

As seen in the picture, the majority of products come in white finishing, but other color variations are available. Several common colors are black, tan shades, and even vintage greens.

2. Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Fireclay Sinks: Everything You Need to Know | QualityBath.com Discover

Since these units are from clay burned at extremely high temperatures, fireclay sinks are so durable and rust-resistant.

Moreover, discoloration is barely going to occur because there is an involvement of porcelain enamel coating fused in the burning process.

The complicated process then results in a sleek and shiny surface. This part will surely be your favorite feature since it eases your cleaning duty.

Shades of black, gray, white, blue, and beige are available in the list of choices.

3. Stainless Steel

Modern Kitchen Sink 2 Bowls Brushed # 304 Stainless Steel Sink Topmount Sink (Faucet Not Included) AOM8245M | Double kitchen sink, Modern kitchen sinks, Double stainless steel kitchen sink

Stainless steel is arguably the most common material used to produce kitchen sinks. If numbers in inches represent the standard kitchen sink size, you have stainless steel to be the ideal material.

Come in varying thickness constructions of 14, 16, and 18 gauge, it has some kind of a silencer on the base part.

Thus, when you accidentally drop a dish in the middle of washing dishes, it will not make any sound because of the feature.

Furthermore, as it is stainless, foods and beverages with acidic containment will not leave any stain on the surface. The fact of it being highly compatible with any concept is a kind of great bonus.

4. Copper Kitchen Sink

Standard Kitchen Sink Size

The production of copper kitchen sink is slightly similar to those of stainless steel in terms of varying thickness constructions.

Further, the thickest copper sink is out of 14 gauges, while the thinnest would be 20 gauges.

Look for the authentic one to experience the optimal benefit from it. An authentic copper sink is a natural antimicrobial since it contains nearly 100% of pure copper.

This natural trait leads to an ability to kill any bad organism stuck on the surface directly.

However, as people would normally say that great power comes with great responsibility, copper sink requires continuous maintenance.

You need to have it waxed once a month, at the very least. Furthermore, the wrong cleaning method will lead to discoloration and corrosion.


The interesting part with the kitchen sink is the measurement that is varying according to purpose and the scale of your cooking area. Thus, you need thorough measuring to prevent any possible incident.

Everyone needs a guide in deciding to install a new unit. First, by knowing the standard kitchen sink size to get a functional appliance. Design and material can come right after the measurement is proper.

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