17 Inviting Green Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Take


FeastHome – There are so many ideas of green kitchen wall decor you can create. Whether you want it to be a contemporary clean, modern farmhouse, or preppy traditional, you cannot go wrong with green colors.

It would make a perfect accent, decor, or even the main color for your kitchen. Look at this collection to get inspired more.

1. Green Botanical Print as Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

The first thing that comes to mind with green color is plants. Most plants are colored green naturally. Bringing images of the plant into the kitchen would also bring nature’s atmosphere. It makes the cooking or dining area more soothing.

This set of botanical print wall decor is also quite functional. If you are a botanical enthusiast, these prints will help you remember the name of each plant.

2. Nordic Tropical Leaves Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

Just by looking at this photo, we know that this dining room is having a tropical theme. This tropical-themed dining room has a greenery centerpiece on the table. The wall has some green leaf monstera delicious plant paintings.

The paintings complete the tropical theme of this dining room. It would make great decor for your modern kitchen too. This wall art is available for sale online at a cheap price.

3. Modern Green Tropical Plant

Kitchen Wall Decor

This green decor is quite similar to the previous idea. In the picture, it is applied behind the sofa in a living room. If you are planning to design your kitchen with a tropical theme, you should have this plant leaves a canvas art print poster on the wall.

Leave the wall plain and white, and let the natural green color from the art print posters colorize the wall naturally. Add a green vines centerpiece and a big tropical houseplant next to the wall to maximize the charm.

4. Big Green Element on the Corner

Kitchen Wall Decor

At one corner of your open kitchen, you probably have it awkward and empty. Fill it with a green element like this kitchen. Some big tropical houseplant would give a huge natural impact on the space. From this view, the plant becomes a perfect background object.

The light wood furniture and flooring match the theme of nature even though the color is contrasting.

5. Delightful Green Wallpaper for Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

The picture shows the look of the space next to the kitchen. The leaf-patterned wallpaper steals the show in this open room. The French door and herringbone wooden floor complete the impressive design of this room.

Because of the boldness from the wallpaper, this room will need more light to keep the right portion of brightness. Therefore, the number of windows will affect the cozy atmosphere of this room.

6. Leaf Paintings on White Canvas

Kitchen Wall Decor

This wall decor is quite popular and it is available on Amazon for an affordable price. This painting comes with wooden frames and hooks. After you buy it and the package arrived, you can just simply hang it on your wall.

The canvas has a great quality, which is waterproof and resistant to interior fading. It would stay stunning in any condition or situation in your house. It is a simple touch of green to the kitchen wall. It is enough to deliver the charm of nature into your kitchen.

7. Green Apples Decor for Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

Green is not just about the leaves or plants, it is sometimes also about a fruit. Let us focus on the green apples in the picture. The green colors of this whitewashed kitchen only come from the apples. Well, it does not have to be the real apple.

You can have the apple in the form of wall art prints and plastic ones. A little bit of green addition will not give a significant effect but it still makes a pretty good statement to the room.

8. Green Fruit on the Counter

Green Kitchen Wall Decor

A kitchen counter is the busiest spot in the kitchen. The cooks do everything on the kitchen counter. It should be a space that does not need accessories or decor. In this case, it is a little bit different. Having such fruit on the counter would be quite helpful.

It would become the source of energy while doing activites in the kitchen. Everyone, especially the cook would easily grab the food whenever he/she likes to reload the energy. The fruit does not have to be green; it could be any kind of fruit, as long as it is real and edible.

9. Olive Green Kitchen Scheme

Kitchen Wall Decor

The green scheme in this kitchen looks so ideal. The green hue of the island matches the natural color of the veggies on top. Check out the ceiling, it is not an ordinary one. It has a checkered green pattern that matches the kitchen island.

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As you can see, the higher part of the wall, there are a bunch of antique plates being showcased on the wall. Some of them are in green colors, which define the style of this kitchen design. Such antique green kitchen wall decor adds value to the room design.

10. Green Kitchen Decor from Etsy

Kitchen Wall Decor

This artistic wall art print set has a slight orange touch on each artwork. These prints are available on Etsy. However, the set does not come with the frames. You might need to buy the frames separately.

It is recommended to use a white or green frame instead of black. It will emphasize more on the green color. You will love to have these prints on your kitchen wall. It could even set the mood in your cooking.

11. Green Painted Kitchen Wall with Wooden Cabinet

Kitchen Wall Decor

The green color of the wall makes this kitchen more than just an ordinary. The wall gives a great amount of freshness in your kitchen. It makes the kitchen more soothing and relaxing. Painting the kitchen wall with green color is a simple remodeling you can make to your kitchen.

You can leave the whole set of kitchen cabinet with the natural oak wood color. In addition, a white ceramic countertop balances the green with the wood.

12. Mint Green Cabinet for Kitchen

Green Kitchen Wall Decor

Besides olive green, mint green is also quite popular for the kitchen. As you can see, this kitchen looks so bright because of the light hue of the cabinet. The amount of light that comes from the outside is also responsible for this brightness.

13. Lime Green Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Wall Decor

Another shade of green that deserves to be in your kitchen is lime green. This green shade is quite close to the olive green. It is bolder than the mint green. The window in the center of this kitchen plays an important role to keep the room bright and greener.

This color inspires youthfulness that creates anticipation feel to clear your mind of negativity. Do you need this color to dominate your kitchen area? Yes, you do.

14. Green Kitchen from Farrow and Ball

Green Kitchen Wall Decor

The green shade is one of the colors manufactured by Farrow and Ball brand. This shade is called Studio Green. Using this shade of green will require a kitchen with enough amount of brightness. Because Studio green is very dark, the room has to be very bright.

The dark green cabinet and wall are paired with some rustic and polished wood material. It makes a solid antique and elegant kitchen for your house. The fancy kitchen countertop defines the value of this kitchen.

15. Green Subway Tile for Backsplash

Green Kitchen Wall Decor

Most of the subway tiles are in white or other neutral colors. That is just an ordinary type of subway. This one is extraordinary. You do not see this backsplash often. The bold green color of backsplash makes a statement in this white kitchen.

It also makes a great accent to decorate the kitchen. The bold green elements take the middle part of the wall. It drives a good mood for cooking some healthy food. Some small tropical houseplants need to be added to represent the true green kitchen wall decor.

16. Small White Kitchen with Mosaic Green Backsplash

Kitchen Wall Decor

This kitchen area has an eat-in, which sits right next to it. The glass wall opens up the entire space and lets a huge amount of natural light into the kitchen. The polished wooden flooring and green mosaic tile as backsplash dim the brightness a bit.

The clean and bright kitchen is ideal for cooking. The white countertop makes the entire kitchen cabinet becomes one with the countertop material. The armchair next to the counter becomes one with the kitchen because of the green on a mosaic tile.

17. The Big Green Apple Wall Sticker

Kitchen Wall Decor

The size of this wall sticker is so big. It makes the empty wall in your kitchen much more interesting. The sticker is an artistic green apple image. It is one of the easiest ways to dress up the wall. You can add light fixtures to emphasize the sticker.

Green offers a great amount of freshness for your kitchen. There are so many ways to add green colors into the house. One of them is adding some green kitchen wall decor. Select one idea from the collection above.


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