17 Enchanting Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Designs


FeastHome – The purple kitchen wall decor on this page will give you the luxury, power, royalty, and nobility you need for the interior. The color of purple is a result of a combination of blue and red colors. It absorbs the fierce energy from the red and it has the calm stability that comes from the blue color.

From cabinetry to backsplashes, here are some purple ideas for your kitchen you could consider incorporating.

1. Kitchen Art Signs as Wall Decor

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

These impressive kitchen art ideas should in every dining room. It creates a fancy feeling around the room. The purple color, wine bottle, glasses, and inspiring words about home completes the mood inside the dining room. The art signs are also suitable for the kitchen wall.

2. Purple Kitchen with Aluminum Cabinet

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Design

This purple kitchen looks pretty in the picture. The grey shade of the cabinet material seems a bit off when paired with purple. In this case, the gray color has a natural pattern of the metal. The domination of the cabinet makes this kitchen goes more to the rustic than a luxury.

It does not mean that the purple wall has failed to make an impact. It still makes a great statement in this kitchen. It makes such a rustic style kitchen unique.

3. Beautiful Purple Kitchen with Floral Backsplash

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Design

The soft shade of purple in this kitchen appears to be calm and soothing. It really delivers the peacefulness that purple color can deliver. This kind of color is quite rare occurring in nature. That is why purple is often related to sacred meaning.

This kitchen does not feel like it has sacred meaning but it has a purple floral backsplash that might emphasize the beauty of purple. The purple orchid really represents the charm that this color has in store.

4. Luxurious Purple Kitchen with Black Elements

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Design

A purple kitchen wall decor would inspire many people. The combination of black and purple is successful in bringing some elegant luxury into the kitchen. This is the kitchen’s color you do not see often in many houses.

The metallic accent from the cabinet really saves the day. It provides the brightness that this purple kitchen needs. On the lower part, you have the dark wood flooring that complements the black’s elegance.

5. Refreshing Purple Green Kitchen Design

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

If you are wondering what a green and purple combination can deliver, check out this refreshing kitchen design. The lime green seems to be the main scheme of this fresh kitchen. It looks neat and pleasing to the eye.

The purple wall is has a beautiful green floral pattern that makes it more attractive. The dark wood flooring amps up the atmosphere and make it more elegant.

6. Elegant Purple Open Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

The royalty of purple deserves to be in your kitchen. As you can see, the entire wall of this kitchen is painted in purple. It becomes a stunning backdrop for the cream kitchen cabinet. This kitchen’s interior design looks calm and elegant.

The cabinet and ceiling are the only bright element of this kitchen. It accentuates the whole situation around the kitchen. It also neutralizes the atmosphere and makes it more comfortable. The purple wall completes the elegance of this kitchen with its richness and luxury charm.

7. Purple-White Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Check out this stunning glossy cabinet. It is a popular choice when it comes to modern kitchen design. The purple accent in this white cabinet delivers an intriguing look to the entire kitchen. The fancy pattern of backsplash tile blends with the neutral color scheme.

It looks like the purple becomes the focal point of this black and white kitchen. The black element in this room neutralizes the brightness. It helps to prevent the kitchen from being too bright.

8. Soft Purple with Perspex Panels

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

The charm of glamour is something that a purple color could bring inside the kitchen. The soft shade of purple in this small kitchen becomes the reason why this space so comfortable.

This room is equipped with purple Perspex panels that offer a subtle visual to this kitchen’s interior. The big window next to the kitchen allows the light to flow. The panels compliment the light and make this kitchen brighter.

9. Black Cabinet on Purple Brick

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

It is a glamorous combination of black and purple. In this open room, there are a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. Each room has its own charm of design but it has the same color scheme to form one solid open room.

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Let us focus on the kitchen. This kitchen does not have any element that separates it from other rooms. This open kitchen only contains one glossy black cabinet. It is enough to emphasize the existence of the kitchen.

The purple brick wall offers such beautiful texture to the room. It seems a bit contrast with the glossy cabinet but the purple Lilac makes the elements bond. It is a great idea for your apartment’s kitchen.

10. Well-Decorated Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Look at this attractive purple kitchen. It is filled with various decors that bring this kitchen design up to the next level. Check out the backsplash design. It has a simple pattern of white and purple pair.

It gives the white presence in this kitchen a heads-up. The white wall becomes a perfect canvas for the all-purple cabinet. The white marble countertop draws a balancing line in between the cabinets.

11. Decorative Purple Cutting Board

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Check out this decorative cutting board. It would be a purple kitchen wall decor to hang on the wall. Some of these items will make a wall that is pleasing to the eye. This cutting board has an image of a utensil set and a quote that says ‘This Kitchen is The Heart of Our Home’.

This one will strengthen the value of your kitchen. It does not matter what color you have as the main scheme in your kitchen. This purple decor would make the wall more attractive.

12. Dark Glossy Purple Backsplash Tile

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

It is another fancy idea for your kitchen. Purple would make a great additional element to accentuate the kitchen scheme. The shiny black cabinet and the white wall will surely make a good mix of colors. The addition of dark purple can strengthen the other dark element in this kitchen.

The light blue countertop of this kitchen supports the white bright wall. That is the purple kitchen’s balance.

13. Luxurious Lavender Kitchen Design

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Design

The all-wall kitchen cabinet dominates this kitchen space. That curvy island in the middle takes control of the entire kitchen flow. You will enjoy this comfortable kitchen to cook a good quality of food. That large flower bouquet on the table brings life into this kitchen.

To manage the brightness of the kitchen with a dominating bold-colored element, you need to install enough lighting with suitable design types.

14. Purple Kitchen Backsplash with a Stunning View

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Design

The view on this backsplash tile creates an illusion of outdoor space right in the cooking area. You can even feel the calm and relaxing mood that you can gain while doing the cooking.

The purple view blends with the purple wall of this kitchen. However, the brown wood material becomes the second element to accompany the purple.

Both of the colors have a completely different look. If you look closer, you will know that the brown wood material belongs to this kitchen.

15. Grape and Wine Theme Wall Art

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

For a true wine lover, this pleasing purple wall decor should be placed on the kitchen wall. If you are a wine lover, you should buy this. It gives you a chance to show people your personal taste. People will know that wine is your favorite beverage.

This wall art décor consists of five pieces of purple canvas. This wine themed wall decor should be attached to the wall next to your minibar. You can serve the wine to your guests in the minibar with an authentic style.

16. Kitchen Island with Lavender Top

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

The purple top of the kitchen island adds a touch of glamour to this kitchen. The nook seems to be perfectly incorporated in this kitchen. The space is large. The amount of purple does not feel enough to dominate the space.

However, it is a fantastic focal point of this kitchen since the other elements do not stand out a lot.

17. Purple Kitchen Wall Decor with Industrial Vibe

Purple Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

This purple kitchen is packed with an amazing industrial vibe. This kitchen has an unfinished ceiling that is typically placed in the basement. If you are looking for kitchen ideas for your basement, have this well-designed kitchen as one of your basement remodel ideas.

The metallic elements shine the whole space with its glossy surface. The white and purple combination is the ones that sooth space entirely.


Dealing with purple color is not a hard thing to do. It is a bit challenging though. You have to be creative in incorporating this color into the mix. This roundup of purple kitchen wall decor designs will definitely impress your mind.

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