18 Delightful Yellow Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Impress


FeastHome – Yellow kitchen decor in the center of the house will make the room shines brighter. Yellow paint is the color to choose when your kitchen needs something to brighten up the mood. A warming color like yellow will invigorate the kitchen space with the vibe of sunshine.

Incorporating yellow color in the kitchen does not mean you have to paint the entire wall or furniture in yellow. Adding some bright yellow kitchen wall decors would be enough to brighten up the kitchen’s atmosphere.

Lemon yellow would be the favorite in this list. However, you can switch it into your favorite shades of yellow if you want. Let us explore these delightful ideas and be creative with it.

1. Pale Yellow Kitchen Walls

Yellow Wall Décor Ideas

This kitchen has a pale shade of yellow color, which welcomes a lot of light to get inside the cooking area. There is a number of pans hanging in various sizes. It gives an industrial feeling for a busy room. The windows availability in this kitchen has a perfect portion.

The white cabinet connects to the window frames and the ceiling. That makes a perfect combination to this yellow kitchen. This kitchen uses a wooden countertop that matches the dark wood flooring.

2. Yellow Kitchen with Retro Feel

Small kitchen with yellow wall

Wall color is one of the essential parts of a room, especially a kitchen. The color of the wall would bring energy and passion to the busy room. You can have the color based on the style you are about to apply in the room.

This kitchen is an example of a stylish room with a retro feel. The small area of this kitchen is paid off by the solid style applied in it. The use of white cabinet and appliances make the yellow shine well. Some wall decor with a darker color would also be necessary.

3. Yellow Accent Wall in Large Kitchen

Large Yellow Wall Décor Ideas

Check out this large kitchen. It feels so open and cozy for everyone. The open wall gives the kitchen the ability to serve the outdoor dining space immediately. Let us focus on the yellow accent wall. From this view, we see that there is only one yellow element in this kitchen.

That makes the yellow accent wall so special and eye-catching. White open shelves would fill up the yellow wall with its charm. As you can see, the yellow decor of the kitchen looks more attractive with the treatment.

4. Green Wall Decor on Yellow Kitchen

Wall Décor Ideas yellow

Having a pop of yellow paired with green is a great thing that can happen in a room like a kitchen. It makes the kitchen feels more natural. Green is the color of nature. Besides having green accessories, appliances, or other utensils, you should have some greenery to make the scheme more alive.

The yellow wall in the photo is filled with some green accessories and a few green plants and flowers. That is what gives this kitchen a soul. The dark reclaimed wood cabinet is there to give the yellow wall a more chance to shine.

5. Yellow Kitchen with Greenery Wall Decor

Yellow Wall Décor Design

Check out this vintage small kitchen that has oak wood cabinets. The entire small space of this kitchen is filled with the wooden cabinet that spreads its all-natural charm. At the highest space of the cabinet is filled with plastic vines.

Even though it is not the real vines, it is successful in bringing the warm nature accompanying the cooking.

6. LED-Lighted Yellow Kitchen Wall

Yellow Kitchen Wall Ideas

This white kitchen has one stunning accent wall. It offers some kind of attraction to the kitchen. The fresh yellow shade in this kitchen would set a good mood for the cooking. It would also make a good backsplash for the cooking flow.

LED light fixtures play an important role in this room. It emphasizes the charm of the yellow color, making it more obvious. Combining the yellow wall with some yellow-colored LED lights is enough to make the entire kitchen more impressive.

7. Cream Yellow for Classic Kitchen

Cream Yellow Wall Décor Ideas

If you are confused about what color to paint on the wall of your classic kitchen? Try cream yellow. It would offer a different kind of brightness compared to other yellow hues. It appears to be a little bit paler than other yellow colors.

With colors from other elements in the kitchen, the pale yellow will be much more complemented. One accessory that should grab your attention is that rooster stuffed. That is a meaningful addition to this small kitchen.

8. Yellowish Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Yellowish Wall Décor Design

The color of yellow does not always come from a can of paint. Some wood materials also have a light hue that is close to yellow. That is what we can call as a yellowish wood material.

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As you can see, the wall of this kitchen is full of solid pattern. The artistic pattern is like something you often see in a bistro cafe. The pattern is mostly in dark hues, which define the existence of the yellowish wooden cabinet.

9. Yellow Backsplash in Grey Cabinet

Yellow Design backsplash

Judging by the look in the picture, this kitchen has it all. It has even got a dining table set right in the middle of the kitchen. The yellow backsplash becomes the attention stealer of this kitchen. It lights the middle part of the cabinet in style.

10. Solid Yellow Drawer Set

Yellow Décor Design

This kitchen is filled with the astounding color of sunshine. As you can see, it’s another great combination of grey and bright yellow color. But this time, the yellow color becomes the main attraction. These pictures show that a grey color would be a great pair for yellow.

11. Yellow Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow Wall Décor Design

Yellow also works great in a traditional and farmhouse kitchen like this one. It makes the small kitchen more impressive. Instead of having other neutral colors, some bold colors would easily spice things up in your kitchen.

Yellow would blend perfectly in all-white kitchen walls with traditional style. Check out that pantry shelves on the back, it gives some busy feelings to the kitchen atmosphere. Farrow & Ball Babouche designs this shade of yellow. It is one of their products of paint color.

12. Yellow Kitchen Wall with Orange Trim

Yellow Wall Décor Ideas

Orange and Yellow, they are like a perfect couple. The orange color itself comes from a mix of red and yellow. That makes yellow and orange blends well together.

13. Yellow Cabinet in Minimalist Kitchen

Yellow Wall Décor Design

The minimalist design of this yellow kitchen decor meets the charm of yellow color. The shiny yellow gives a stunning look to the entire kitchen. The yellow chairs around the dining table are a little bit afar from the cabinet, although it is still a statement-making of kitchen furniture.

The kitchen cabinet has a white backsplash that matches the white ceramic flooring and the white ceiling too. Some of the metallic accents are letting the lights inside the kitchen charmingly pop out.

14. Rustic Kitchen with Natural Elements

Yellow Wall Décor Ideas

The use of natural elements in this rustic kitchen is perfect. All the things in this kitchen are the old style. It makes the rustic style of this kitchen more authentic. The owner goes all out in designing this kitchen.

If you are interested in having this old-style rustic kitchen, you can copy this style. You do not have to worry about using modern appliances. You can still use it in this old-style kitchen. Just have all the appliances hidden behind the hardwood cabinet.

15. Yellow Kitchen with Flower Decor

Yellow Kitchen Décor Ideas

Look at this comfortable kitchen. Even though space is limited, this kitchen is very comfortable for both cooking and eating. It would be a great idea for your apartment kitchen.

Some spotlights give some dramatic effects to the cabinet and wall design. There is a number of plant accessories in this kitchen. The plants make this kitchen more alive while the sunny yellow color makes it more vivid.

16. French Country Style Kitchen with Natural light

Yellow Décor Ideas

With that bar stool set, this country kitchen has finally completed. It has a classic composition of kitchen furniture. The floating pan and potholder make great decor to fulfill the entire kitchen. The kitchen island is attached with a stone countertop that goes matched with the oak stools.

The wall is full of smooth accents that connect with the entire color scheme of this country kitchen. Some yellow kitchen wall decor is not necessary to be added.

17. Yellow Kitchen with Eat-In Full of Pattern

Yellow Décor Ideas

The eat-in of this kitchen is so attractive. It has pillow covers with various patterns. It is in line with the theme of the whole kitchen. The sunflower centerpiece above the eat-in glass-top table matches with the yellow wall. The white tile backsplash add much-needed contrast.

18. Kitchen with Red and Yellow Cabinetry

Yellow Wall Décor Ideas

The combination of red and yellow in this kitchen looks so fantastic. Do not forget the black elements; it adds more interests into the mix. The countertop, the tile backsplash, and stools are in black color that stays in the middle, which balances the combination.


Yellow is the color of sunshine. It is a perfect alternative option to try in your kitchen if you need to add more lights. Some of those yellow kitchen wall decor ideas above would definitely meet your needs and style.

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