17 Gorgeous Grey Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Bring Warmth


FeastHome – Grey kitchen wall decor is a great idea to have if you want to make the kitchen look fresh and contemporary. Whether it is light, dark, or muted, this neutral color will never let you down. The timeless feeling in grey color delivers some elegance to the kitchen.

Grey is often used as the color scheme for the bedroom. This color is so flexible. It can be suitable for any kind of room. It is like the safest choice you can go to choosing the color scheme for a room. Here are some ideas to decorate your kitchen wall.

1. Grey Kitchen with Classic Cabinetry

Kitchen Wall Decor

Unlike some colors, grey has the perfect balance of neutrality and warmth. That makes this color can work well in any kind of kitchen design. This classic design has everything you need for a fancy cooking area.

The complete appliances will support you in your cooking flow. It has a luxurious chandelier that dresses up the ceiling beautifully. The gray wall tile emphasizes the grey color scheme that this kitchen has. The grey cabinetry defines the classic style that this kitchen has to offer.

2. Light Grey Kitchen Idea

Grey Kitchen Wall Decor

Many people would think that a light grey scheme in a kitchen would be a snooze fest. Well, think again because this one will not let you down. As you can see, the grey cabinetry in this kitchen goes along perfectly with the white wall.

The outdoor light that goes inside the kitchen brings so much needed energy. If there’s no space on the wall to incorporate the grey kitchen wall decor. You can put something meaningful by the window.

3. Warm Dark Grey Kitchen with Rich Hue

Kitchen Wall Decor

This cool kitchen has grayish wood cabinetry as the main attraction. It has some gorgeous deep and rich hue that complements everything around it. The modern stainless steel accents are suitable to be paired with the grayish wood elements in this kitchen.

Besides, a stunning marble backsplash brings up the elegance of the kitchen up to the next level. The marble backsplash is a great choice for grey kitchen wall decor in this cooking area.

4. U-Shape Kitchen with Grey Wall

Kitchen Wall Decor

This type of layout is suitable for such a busy kitchen. A U-shaped kitchen is also called as a horseshoe kitchen. This kitchen layout features three adjoining walls that have with countertops and cabinets. It is a classic layout.

As said before, if your kitchen is quite busy and needs a good workflow, this is the layout to apply. The grey paint on the wall offers some soothing and fresh atmosphere to prevent the space from being cramped.

5. Grey Kitchen with Brass Detail

Grey Kitchen Wall Decor

This kitchen features gold and brass detail, which looks so incredible. This combination shows us that grey color can shine together with brass decor. The kitchen is filled with a lot of light that comes from the outside through the window.

The crisp white wall, ceiling, and countertop brighten the space even more. That allows the brass detail and muted gray cabinet shines stunningly. There is a traditional carpet to dress up the dark-wood flooring. The kitchen becomes complete.

6. Sleek and Modern Two-Tone Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

Check out this two-toned kitchen. This modern kitchen design looks so sleek. It has a dark-grey element that makes the space pop. It also features some white cabinets with black handles. The handles connect straight with the dark grey.

Choosing such deep gray for the pantry cabinet is a smart move. The pantry adds dimension to space strikingly.

7. Modern Farmhouse Gray Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

The upper shelving would be the first thing that would catch people’s attention to this kitchen. The reclaimed wood look channels a modern farmhouse vibe beautifully. The wood material is very thick which is why it stands out pretty well.

Some decorative plates and friends are the right stuff to fill up the shelves. It makes the wall far more impressive than before. Above the grey cabinet, you can have a wooden mini planter that infuses life into the scene.

8. Grey Accent Wall in White Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

The accent wall is painted in grey color in this white kitchen. However, when you look closer, you can see that it is not grey, it is blue, grayish blue to be exact. That soft hue on the walls can easily steal people’s attention in your kitchen.

Combine it with the white scheme to makes a soothing and harmonious atmosphere spreading all around the room. You can have some bolder accents with wall decor items you add. There is a single board of shelves to accommodate all the accessories.

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9. Grayish Light-Blue Kitchen Wall

Kitchen Wall Decor

If you want a lighter shade of gray for a more soothing ambiance in the kitchen, this one would meet your needs. This look of this light blue color is close to grey. At a glance, it looks like light grey, but it is light blue paint when you look at it closely.

If you are looking for a grey color, check out the flooring. It is a dark grey. Some dark hue is needed in this bright room.

10. Bright Kitchen with Grey Scheme

Grey Kitchen Wall Decor

Grey is the right color to have for a bright kitchen instead of white. The light grey color is very close to white. Therefore, the brightness would be dimmed a little bit but it is still going to be so bright if you do not bring another splash of color into the mix.

As you can see, this kitchen is still too bright for comfortable cooking. One thing you can do to minimize the brightness during a sunny day. Try adding a curtain or a blind to cover the light from coming through the window.

11. Grey Kitchen with Black Flooring

Kitchen Wall Decor

The combination of black and grey would look uninviting for some people. Well, they probably have never seen this kitchen design. This kitchen looks so inviting with black flooring and grey cabinets. It accentuates the blue hint that the cabinets have.

Look at that artistic painting on the right side of the photo. It is a perfect choice as wall decor to colorize the neutral scheme.

12. Grey Kitchen with Red Accent

Grey Kitchen Wall Decor

The grey cabinetry of the kitchen becomes a perfect backdrop for this breakfast nook. The red dragon fabric gives a high impact on this eclectic kitchen. The red color grabs every attention that this space has but the grey kitchen is already stylish on its own.

13. Elegant Dark Kitchen Design

Grey Kitchen Wall Decor

A legit designer forms the elegant ambiance of this kitchen. With a minimal color scheme, this kitchen has succeeded to bring the comfort you need in your kitchen. The modern kitchen hood looks so sophisticated. It gives some dark accent to dim the brightness of the wall.

Let us focus on the material of the countertop. It is something you do not see in ordinary kitchens. The countertop is made of limestone. A classic, subtle, and natural material offers a timeless look to your kitchen. It completes the elegance of this kitchen design.

14. Blackish Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Wall Decor

The color of this cabinetry is a very deep grey that is close to black. You can also say it as a black cabinet that has a grey hint. The creamy subway tile backsplash complements the grey hint on the cabinetry.

It is about not only the cabinet, but also the sink, faucet, accessories, and round table set. The concrete grey flooring balances the bright and dark elements in this kitchen.

15. Trendy Grey Kitchen with Yellow Wall

Kitchen Wall Decor

This trendy kitchen features bright colors and touchable texture. That element defines the chic style of this cooking space. The acid yellow wall owns the upper space of this kitchen. A 3D tile backsplash adds a modern twist to the chic surrounding. It is so unexpected.

16. Patterned Grey Accent Wall in White Kitchen

Grey Kitchen Wall Decor

It is a white cooking space that has some colorful elements incorporated. There are a blue kitchen island and red stools that pop against the main color scheme. Check out the accent wall right in the middle of the backdrop. The grey hint on the patterned wall spread its charm stunningly.

17. Rustic Grey Kitchen with Brown Backsplash

Grey Kitchen Wall Decor

Check out that beautiful wood grain fills up the entire cabinetry. The charming wood-look dominates the cooking space in such an elegant way. The brow stone backsplash defines the rustic style of the kitchen.

Some needed brightness goes through the windows right in between the cabinetry. There is a rail light fixture on the ceiling, providing the brightness, to replace the outside light.


After exploring all of the ideas, you will never think a grey color is boring and bland. Grey is one of the most favorite color schemes for the kitchen. The grey kitchen wall decor will bring balanced neutrality and warmth to keep the cooking space as comfortable as possible.


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