25 Homely Gray Kitchen Cabinets for Cool Cooking Space



– Are gray kitchen cabinets going out of style? If that question comes to mind, the answer would be a big NO. The color of gray is timeless. It would never go out of style. Designers can incorporate this color into any kind of room they want.

Grey is a very flexible color, it is a neutral color that can go with every style and color. You just have to know how to combine it with other elements and get creative with it.

Some people might feel that grey is an odd choice for a kitchen cabinet because having too many grey colors would make the room appears to be dull and depressing. As a kitchen designer, you just have to know to use the gray with perfect proportions and matching colors.

As a result, you can get the grey kitchen cabinetry transforms the kitchen into a place of warmth, relaxation, and tranquility. Here are ideas of grey cabinetry:

1. Gray Cabinet in Townhouse Kitchen

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Let us begin by exploring this transitional kitchen, which is part of a house located in DC Metro. This large l-shaped kitchen has a medium tone wood floor that sets the right warmth for this townhouse style.

The kitchen contains a farmhouse sink, shaker cabinets, wood countertops, subway tile backsplash, and matching stools. Combining the warmth of wood tone on the floor and countertop with the coolness from the grey complements the townhouse style in this kitchen.

2. Cool Grey Cabinet with Upholstery Tile

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

The organic pattern from the gray kitchen cabinet plays an important part to complement the beautiful backsplash tile. The decorative backsplash gives a sweet touch of sentiment to complete this contemporary space.

The brass handles make some pleasing details to maximize the charm of this space. The combination of white and gray would never disappoint you.

3. Modern Galley Kitchen with Dark Wood Floor

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Gray is the kind of color that can work well with any wood tone. Check out this galley kitchen. It looks so comfortable and stylish. It only has two characters in the scheme. The gray kitchen cabinet makes a perfect accent to accompany the wood tones that sit all over the space.

This small kitchen needs some lighting. The number of windows makes sure space gets all the brightness it needs during the day. The concrete countertop matches the wood tone seamlessly.

4. Small Kitchen with Charcoal Gray Cabinetry

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Charcoal gray is one of the gray shades you can aim to have for your kitchen. It is perfect for you who think a light gray would make a kitchen plain dull. A darker shade of gray like this one would support the warmth you are about to deliver in your kitchen.

As you can see, the dark wood tone on the floor and chairs already set the right elegance and warmth in this small kitchen area. The grey kitchen cabinets with white countertops and some stainless steel appliances complete the cooking experience.

5. Bright Kitchen with L-Shaped Gray Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

The bright combination of this kitchen looks pleasing. It could boost the mood of cooking delicious food around this space. The entire wall is covered with marble tile. It blends stunningly with the light gray cabinet.

The combination of white marble tile and light grey cabinetry makes the kitchen more spacious and ‘homey’. The wood floor and black window frames become the perfect balance in the mix.

6. Dark Grey Cabinets in Sleek Kitchen

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

The dark grey cabinet and island in this kitchen defines the sleekness that it has. Gray is not just about the light or bright neutral color. A darker shade like this one could also make a good statement in the kitchen.

When it is combined with the right color tones from other elements in the kitchen, it would make a kitchen look great. As you can see, the darker gray in this kitchen provides a contract look to the white scheme. You can switch the color and turn it into gray kitchen walls with white cabinets.

7. Bright Grey Kitchen Ideas

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

If you are afraid that your kitchen could be dull and plain, you may need to avoid using this concept for your kitchen. However, if you know what to do and know which elements you want to add to balance things up.

Look at this modern kitchen; it looks so bright with that glass wall. During the day, there will be a lot of outdoor lights get inside the kitchen. It gives a nice energy to the kitchen for the coking. Even the dark grey on the wall get its bright side because of the glass wall.

8. Minimalist Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

If you are interested in creating a minimalist look into the kitchen, this idea can be a good inspiration to explore. Dealing with a minimalist style, gray should be one of the first picks, to begin with. That is because gray shade has a neutral tone to offer.

Such a tone would be perfect for complementing a minimalist appearance. This kind of peaceful color will not give you much trouble. You can combine gray with almost any color you want. This modern kitchen gives you a minimalist style with a sophisticated look.

9. Gray Cabinetry with a Pop of Red

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

As said before, gray is a color that can go to every color. With a bold red, there would be no problem. In this gray kitchen, a bold red in the middle of the cabinetry makes a great statement to become the attention stealer of the cooking space.

The cabinetry in this kitchen gives a peaceful and calm feeling you need in the kitchen. That red appliance will make a perfect focal point for space.

10. Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Yellow Wall

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Besides red, you may want to consider incorporating yellow to be paired with gray elements. The dark painted cabinets make a bold statement as the main element of the kitchen. An energetic color like yellow will give a lot of energy to space.

That lifts people’s moods in the kitchen. Make the kitchen island and cabinet as one set by painting it with the same gray shade. It strengthens the position of the main element of the kitchen. The yellow wall gets some support from the wooden elements and yellow light installed.

11. Gray Kitchen with Matching Pendants

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

If you want to make a gray color as the main attraction of your kitchen, you have to go all out with it. However, you have to add an accent color to balance the charm. It can avoid the gray color to be dull or depressing.

You want to make the kitchen relaxing and comfortable. White would be the perfect choice to accentuate this kitchen. The texture of the cabinet and island design has a classic vibe, which is strengthened by the white accents. The pendants do the same to emphasize the style.

12. Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets in Contemporary Style

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

The soft tones of gray will be a perfect choice for your contemporary kitchen design. It features gray-colored cabinets that are European laminate high gloss lacquer. It complements the existence of the light gray kitchen island in the middle.

The island has an oversized white countertop on it. The extra space of the counter can be filled with some stools or chairs to make a nice breakfast nook.

13. Elegant Grey and White Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

White is the first color that pops in your mind when combining two natural colors. It is the safest choice to begin white. This small area of the kitchen contains a dining room space on the side. The dining room gets elevated by having a different color on the chair.

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Yellow would make a perfect accent inside this white gray modern kitchen area. Pops of yellow would bring such energy that avoids the room to be plain and dull.

14. Trendy Dark Kitchen Cabinet

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

The open concept of this kitchen appears to be dark and white. It consists of dark gray and dark wood combined with white color on the ceiling, wall, countertop, and chairs. The white becomes the main element of this kitchen.

There are some white orb pendant light fixtures to dress up the floating space above the kitchen island. Look at the white marble tile on the wall; it has its charm that supports the style and value of this cool kitchen.

15. U- Shaped Contemporary Kitchen

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Check out the gray cabinetry in this kitchen, it is very intriguing. It has a nice contrast from the dark wood in the kitchen island.

It would be so challenging to find the right tone to create a nice contrast with the light shade on the flooring. The marble wall and countertop play a significant position that balances the mood with the winter season outdoor.

16. Charcoal Gray Cabinet and Wood Wall

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

The element of wood as the backsplash of this fantastic kitchen has succeeded to bring a natural charm into the kitchen. Adding a few lights can emphasize the natural texture of the wood. That is what makes this stunning kitchen has a bold statement to draw.

This eat-in kitchen has a single-wall concrete floor that is similar in tone with the charcoal gray cabinets. The floor is a little bit lighter but it seems both elements are going into the same direction of charm. To prevent the kitchen from being dull, it would be better to have wooden flooring.

17. Gray L-shaped Kitchen with Dark Wood Floor

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Some shades of blue appear to be quite similar to a gray shade. We can call it a grayish-blue. That blue shade would make an astonishing focal point in the middle of gray kitchen cabinets. The grayish would secure a perfect spot in the middle.

The white countertop on the island matches the base color of this kitchen. The light gray shade from the cabinetry blends perfectly with the white. It gives a perfect background for the kitchen island from this point of view.

18. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Green Island

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Painting the cabinet with gray color might not be the first one that comes to mind in designing a modern farmhouse kitchen. However, it could result in an outstanding design of a kitchen with a stylish appearance. It is one of the gray kitchen cabinets with black counter

The green island in the center has a concrete countertop that goes in line with the cabinetry. The dark wood shelves make a bold statement to the white crisp wall. The shelves help to dress up the wall and making the space more attractive and functional.

20. Rustic Gray Cabinet Design

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

With the aged surface on the wood cabinetry, this mid-sized transitional L-shaped kitchen has many values. This rustic kitchen is located in New Orleans’s house. Such rustic wood of the cabinetry can also be called a medallion kitchen cabinet.

On the flooring, the designer managed to install the floor tile that could elevate the rust all over the cooking space. If you enjoy going back in time while cooking some delicious food, you can have that experience by applying it in your kitchen.

21. French Gray Shaker Panel Cabinetry

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

White countertop, subway tile, and floating shelves are the completion of this kitchen. The subway tiles go all the way up to the ceiling. That shows that the tile is more than just a backsplash.

The wood floating shelves stands in front of the subway tile. That is what makes the shelves having a nice textural background.

22. Townhouse Kitchen with Gray Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

It is another townhouse concept for a kitchen renovation idea. The only element with the gray color in this kitchen is the cabinetry, including the island. White color on the countertop and backsplash balances it. It is one full set of kitchens’ main elements.

White and gray is a very simple combination, and it is very easy to decide. This small transitional kitchen has a gray cabinet that stands up to the ceiling. There’s no space left for wall and this kitchen is already owned by the gray kitchen cabinets.

23. Soft Gray Cabinets in Cottage Kitchen

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

This stylish kitchen shows you the perfect blend of old and new charm in 2019. The addition of a gray cabinet does not give a significant effect on this kitchen. Space is already taken over by the “cottage” elements.

On the ceiling, this kitchen is already packed with the charming log cabin ceiling concept. It strongly adds a cottage feel to the kitchen. The cabinet’s color choice is just right for this kitchen because it does not need to stand out in the middle of a strong style.

24. Butcher Block Counter on Gray Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

The butcher-block countertop material for this gray cabinet is the attention stealer of this small kitchen. This small space defines the happy place of the family. It provides the comfort and joy of cooking.

That under-mount sink creates a good contrast that separates the charm. A black faucet stands on its own above the sink. There is also an obvious subway tile texture to harmonize the color. This combination brings you happiness in cooking even though space is limited.

25. Gray Cabinet and Subway Tile

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Gray cabinets and subway tile concept is a classic combination of a stylish kitchen. If you like a farmhouse design, it is an easy design to apply. The shiny ceramic tile covered the entire wall space of this kitchen.

The glossy effect can bring a nice luxury charm to this kitchen. Some dark wood elements blended into the cabinetry can only improve the interest of this kitchen design.


What is the best gray color for kitchen cabinets?

There are six best paint colors for gray cabinets in the kitchen. The top three are Coventry Gray, Gray Owl, and Chelsea Gray. All of them come from Benjamin Moore’s collection.

What countertop color goes well with gray kitchen cabinets?

Any color for the countertop would blend well with the gray cabinets. There are endless options to choose from. The best colors would be white, tan, and brown. You can also aim to use something like stainless steel or slate

Is gray a good color for the kitchen?

Yes, because gray kitchens are versatile. A color can be warm or cool. That’s what every kitchen needs in its atmosphere.

Is Dove a grey color?

Both Google’s image and Wikipedia search say that Dove Gray is gray with a hint of blue and pink in it.

What is the most popular Benjamin Moore grey color?

Here are some of the most popular gray shades from Benjamin Moore: Edgecomb Gray (HC-173), Silver Satin (OC-26), Gray Owl (OC-52), Stonington Gray (HC-170), and Wickham Gray (HC-171).

Do not be worried about gray shades that can send your kitchen to a dull atmosphere because gray has many good things to offer. All of those gray kitchen cabinets are ready to be your main inspiration in designing your comfortable kitchen.

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