17 Green Kitchen Rug Ideas That Will Freshen up Space


FeastHome – Green is the color of nature. It is often associated with freshness and energy. Therefore, adding something in the said tone, like greenery or a green kitchen rug, in your kitchen is worth trying. Check out these green rugs that will freshen up your kitchen.

1. Simple Green Wool Rug

Green Kitchen Rug

This green wool rug will be the best choice for your kitchen. It is soft and can soothe your feet due to the standing fatigue. It also holds up lots of foot traffic and food spills, not to mention the fresh green finish that looks like a football field.

2. Pickle Kitchen Rug

Green Kitchen Rug

Flat-weave rugs are the great choice for kitchens, especially if they are made of polypropylene, because they will not absorb spills, and they are easy to clean.

This rug also features a flat-weave design that allows you to clean it without breaking a sweat. Seaweed and pickle blend nicely to form a distinctive combination of green kitchen rug. White border adds style and pattern to the rug.

3. Let’s Slurp the Coffee

Kitchen Rug Design

If drinking coffee is a part of your lifestyle, don’t miss this green rug. This rug features olive color – one of the green shades – with pictures of two cups of coffee and a coffee maker on it.

Beige and brown create a great border to the rug, accentuating the rug immensely.

4. Cute Green Kitchen Rug

Green Kitchen Rug

This multicolor rug will add nuance to your kitchen. The cute design with some green cactus and Llama prints will never fail to freshen up your kitchen, especially if your kitchen adopts modern style with a little bit of Bohemian touch.

This rug also features non-slip backing that ensures your safety when you are in a rush, bustling around the kitchen to prepare the breakfast or dinner.

5. Chartreuse and Sage Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

Do you want to add a little bit of traditional look to your kitchen? This rug would be your best bet.

The combination of chartreuse and sage adds subtle nuance to space, which is great for a kitchen with off-white décor. This rug also features two giant medallions on the red backdrop that become a great focal point.

6. Embossed Green Roses

Kitchen Rug Design

This green rug looks lavish and will incorporate the touch of elegant look to your kitchen. It features respectable green roses that completely cover the top of the rug. The use of different shades of green provides a 3D effect on the rug.

Since it is made of wool, it is eminently soft and comfortable. More importantly, the embossed roses add a textural element to your kitchen and will give you a distinctive sensation when you step on it.

7. Eclectic Green Cotton Runner Rug

Green Kitchen Rug in narrow floor space

If your kitchen is a little bit narrow and looks like a tunnel, you can try investing a runner rug and lay it to fill in the narrow space between the sink, stove, and countertops.

This runner rug, for example, looks great with distinctive patterns that make it look eclectic. Besides, it is a flat-weave rug that is easy to clean. Just toss it into your washing machine, and enjoy your “me-time”.

8. Mint and Turquoise Runner Rug

Green Kitchen Rug

If you think your kitchen is a bit blah and lacks decoration, and you want to adorn it with something which entails an easy-installation and will not make you occupied for a day, consider investing in a vinyl floor mat.

This vinyl floor mat comes with beautiful mint and turquoise Moroccan pattern. It is meticulously designed to look like floor tiles so it can fit in with your kitchen tiles.

More importantly, it is extremely easy to clean and water and stain resistant, which makes it perfect for your busy kitchen.

9. Flannel Sponge Kitchen Rug

Green neutral Kitchen Rug

This rug is what you need for your modern kitchen. It lacks pattern. It is even a flat design with a classic green hue, which matches the less-is-more saying.

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It is made of high-density flannel sponge with soft foam filling that ensures your comfort and reduces the stress on your feet. It also has an anti-slip rubber backing that holds the rug in place.

Note: To enhance the comfort and safety of your kitchen rug, consider adding an underlay underneath. This thin, non-slip mat provides extra cushioning and prevents the rug from slipping, especially in high-traffic areas. It also helps to protect your kitchen floors from potential scratches caused by the rug’s movement.

10. Zigzag Green Rug

Green patterned Rug

This mat is simple with zig-zag pattern in white and green. The pattern looking like waves of the sea makes it a great embellishment for a kitchen with a coastal theme. It does not mean it would not look great in your traditional kitchen, though.

11. Unique Green Kitchen Rug

Green Kitchen Rug

Most mats come in a rectangular or round design. This mat, however, represents the shape of a green leave.

Besides the unique shape, this rug is also absorbent, which is great for a kitchen that is prone to spill. It is also thick, which will comfort you when you are standing on cold, slippery tiles.

12. Octagonal Kitchen Rug

Kitchen Rug as central focal point

This is another unique mat that you need to get. The octagonal shape fits in with a kitchen with a corner sink. The pattern beefs the bland kitchen perfectly.

13. Elegant Green Heriz Rug

Kitchen vintage Rug Design

Persian rugs are your go-to adornment if you want to add elegance to space. And what this green Heriz rug does in this kitchen.

This rug is not only lavish but also comfortable and safe, thanks to the premium-quality nylon and the non-slip rubber backing that anchors it in place.

14. Tropical-Style Green Kitchen Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

If you are dying for Bohemian style, these tropical rugs are for you. They feature greenery prints that cover the rugs completely, evoking the ambiance of a tropical country.

15. Hand-Woven Cotton Green Rug

Green striped Rug

Cotton rugs will be your top-notch choice if you want to have an easy-to-clean rug. Besides, this rug comes in various shades of green that will enrich your kitchen appearance.

16. Green and Brown Rug

Kitchen Rug Design

This is another chic runner rug that is designed for any coffee addict. The combination of green and dark brown adds the touch of boldness to the kitchen.

17. Vinyl Green Leave Mat

Green Kitchen Rug ideas

The leaves coming in soft-green water color incorporates tranquility to this white kitchen. Since it is a vinyl mat, it is extremely easy to clean and water-resistant.

Those are some best green kitchen rug designs that will freshen up your kitchen. Some of them are also easy to clean, which will not add your workload.


What is the best rug to put in the kitchen?

For a modern home, you want to use easy-to-clean material such as vinyl or polypropylene, and carpets with a small pile. Avoid cotton rugs that absorb stains easily; they are often taller in shape.

Are rugs in kitchens a good idea?

A Kitchen rug has many advantages. These items add colour in neutral colors in kitchens and add some softness under feet when you spend time on your feet.

What rugs go with kitchen?

Flat weave carpets generally make for a perfect kitchen flooring option because they tend to be easy to clean.

Where do you put rugs in your kitchen?

How should we put the rug on the kitchen floor? Whatever your style of kitchen, the area near the kitchen sink is your best place for your rugs. It was here we stood for incredibly long, so this cushion helped tremendously.

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