17 Appealing Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Copy


FeastHome – If you are looking for the best collections of red kitchen wall decor, you have come to the right page. We are going to let you explore all of the ideas to spice your kitchen with, specifically, red color. As we know, the colors of red can bring striking accents and vibrant energy into the kitchen.

In addition, this color offers excitement and power. Red would add fun to your cooking area. If you were considering having your kitchen powerful and exciting, adding some red wall decor would do the trick.

Let us get to it and find out what kinds of red decor your kitchen deserves.

1. Red Kitchen Wall Art Print

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Are you looking for something that pops in your kitchen? This red wall art print would make an interesting addition to your kitchen wall. Right beside the dining table would be the perfect wall spot to have this artistic kitchen decor.

This red white kitchen decor is available at Etsy for a great price of 24 US dollars. You can choose art based on the sizes available. The biggest size, which is A3, would cost you 50 dollars for one set of three.

2. Contemporary Wall Paintings Full of Cups

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Having this kind of modern art on the wall would give the kitchen or dining room an excitement to enjoy. A red decor does not have to be dominated by red color. Just a little pop of red cup among other white cups is enough to make a statement.

That is how powerful a red color could be. This red kitchen wall decor is both fun and fresh for your interior. A simple thing like a cup would make an interesting element when it is designed right. The blank canvas decides the exciting scene for this art.

3. EAT PRAY LOVE, Red Wall Decor for Kitchen

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

For those of you who are a fan of the book and the movie, this wall art is the right decor to hang on your kitchen wall. It is not just in red. This set of wall art idea consists of red, black, and some kind of brown shade.

What so great about this wall art is you can request the color you want. This art would make your kitchen wall as inspirational as you want. The message represents what a kitchen serves. It is the place for eating, praying before eating, and sharing all the love.

4. Red Cutlery Wall Clock for Kitchen

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Any decor with the kitchen theme is deserved to be in your cooking area. As you can see, this cutlery wall clock looks so fabulous. You should grab this unique decor element immediately. There are some other colors available but this red one is the champion.

The entire cutleries surrounding the clock represent the cooking tools you need. This clock also has some images to show that it is time for dinner, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Hang this at the higher position of your kitchen wall to let you keep track of the timing in your cooking.

5. Country French Red Wall Art

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Similar to the previous ideas but this wall art switches the ‘Pray’ with ‘Drink’. People have the obvious thing on top of the dining table during their dinnertime. It is going to look perfect on the wall of your kitchen area right beside the dining table set.

In the picture, we can see the word ‘Eat’, ‘Drink’, and ‘Love’ with iconic images on each frame. The combination of red, cream, and light brown shades let the red color dominate the entire artistic. This wall art is available on Amazon for about 25 US dollars.

6. Eat, Drink, Love, Red Wall Decor for Kitchen

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

It is another similar concept of wall art for the kitchen. In this case, the taste is a little bit different. You can buy this interesting wall art on Amazon. This red wall kitchen decor is deserved to be hung on the kitchen wall. The red colors will pop out of your wall impressively.

This wall art is cheap. For the set of three art prints, it will cost you 22 US dollars. After having this set in your hand, the last thing you should do is to frame them.

7. Red Kitchen Poster with Quotes

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Posters are also interesting wall decors for the kitchen. It can be exciting and funny too and you can get it at an affordable price like this one. This red kitchen framed posters are filled with interesting quotes and images. It will fulfill your wall with the happiness you need.

8. Red Wall Paint in Elegant Kitchen

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

As you can see, this kitchen wall is filled with red color. The color brings warmth into the kitchen that is already filled with warmth from the furniture design. Having such boldness on the wall will not give any chance for wall art to take over.

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To fill the wall, you can just add functional elements like shelves or cabinet. Add some dramatic effect with a light fixture under the upper kitchen cabinet. That would emphasize the shade of red.

9. Apple Wall Decor for a Rustic Touch

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

To spice up your rustic style in the kitchen, check out this apply wall decor. It says ‘welcome’ right above the apples. You can have this decor item as the one that welcomes everyone into the kitchen. It is the room where all the apples kept.

As you can see in the picture, the barn wall makes a great background for this rustic element. That is why, for your rustic, country, or farmhouse kitchen, this Apple wall decor would be perfect.

10. Red Kitchen with White Cabinet

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

The combination of white and red colors in this kitchen looks so fancy and cozy. The brightness from the white and boldness from the red make a solid combination in the kitchen. It lets you run the cooking flow cleanly in a stylish way.

The black accents on each level of this red white kitchen balance the scene. It dims the brightness a little bit to let you feel comfortable being the center of this bright kitchen. This room gives you the feeling of retro from this view.

11. Fancy Red Kitchen Cabinet with Glossy Look

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Having a glossy look is quite important if you want to have a cabinet in a modern and fancy kitchen like this one. Once again, this is an example of a great combination of red and white colors. It is also well lighted because of the window’s presence.

A dark marble makes a perfect countertop to accentuate the combination. It also matches the flooring. For the ceiling, it connects directly to the wall. A small red light fixture would complete the scene.

12. Cafe Wall Decor for Kitchen

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

It is a nice vintage-style wall decor for the kitchen. It will bring every attention to the wall. It contains number of elements. It has framed quotes, posters, round mirrors, and letters. Let us focus on the letter art first. It says ‘Eat’, which is the right word to be presented in the kitchen.

Some framed pictures are filled with inspirational quotes about food and the kitchen. Then, there is some round mirror with different sizes and colors of frames. The biggest mirror is in red, which is quite dominating the entire set of decor.

13. Family-Themed Clock on Red Wall

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Well, it is not a real wall clock. However, it would make an impressive wall decor for your interior. You can have this nearby the kitchen, in the dining area to be exact. It is like the medium to show love to your family.

Gather all family photos and have them framed in the same way. Set the photos this way to give an interesting personal touch to your wall decor.

14. Cooking-Themed Stickers on Kitchen Cabinet

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

It is time to enjoy the cooking time. It would be more fun with some interesting stickers attached to the kitchen cabinet’s doors. You should change the color to red to make it more interesting and impressive. It is a very simple idea you can have to make the cooking time better than just ordinary.

15. Retro Red in Checkered Kitchen

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

This dark elegant kitchen does not need bright colors to light it up. Pops of retro red would do more than just lighting up. It makes the kitchen feels more special. It matches the style that the designers want to deliver.

16. Red Rose Wall Decor for Beautiful Kitchen

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

The red rose wall decor adds more interest to this beautiful and romantic kitchen design. The combination of white, red, and wooden flooring is more than enough to impress everyone. The addition of some small wall decors is just to sweeten the mood.

17. Pops of Red in White Calm Kitchen

Red Kitchen Wall Décor Design

You see three red elements in this kitchen. All the elements are placed on three different heights. For the higher level, there is a red light fixture hanging from the ceiling that has a uniquely modern design.

On the lower level, a couple of red modern stools sit beside the kitchen island for a nook. Right in the middle level of this kitchen, the only backsplash of this kitchen is filled with red colors. That is what perfect pops look like.


All of the red kitchen wall decor ideas in this page would guide you to the right path. You now have the power to make your kitchen more powerful with red shades. You just need to decide the right portion for your kitchen.

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