17 Red Kitchen Rug Ideas that will make Your Kitchen Look Fabulous

red kitchen rug

FeastHome – The kitchen rug might be one of the things in the kitchen that are often belittled. On the other hand, it plays an important role in sprucing up space or comforting your feet while you are slaving over a hot stove.

And these red kitchen rug ideas will get you covered.

1. Red Wool Kitchen Rug

red rug

Whether you want to add a splash of vivacious color to your white kitchen or alleviate the fatigue that you might get while standing up by the sink doing the dishes, these red kitchen rugs are a nice choice.

These rugs are made of wool which is renowned for its softness, luxury, and comfort. They are meticulously designed with higher piles rather than the flat one. This design will make you feel comfortable.

Besides the higher piles, they also feature non-slip backing that minimizes the risk of slipping when you are in a hurry. Not to mention the vivid red color that enriches the color of this all-white kitchen.

2. Red Persian Kitchen Rug

red rug

Persian rugs are always your safest bet when it comes to adding patterns to space. And that’s what this full-size Persian rug does in this white kitchen.

This rug Persian rug covers a large area of the black flooring, soothing your feet while you are busy cooking. The pattern enriches the look of this kitchen and makes it look more elegant.

3. Some Splash of Yellow and Red

red rug

If you are looking for more colors in a simpler pattern, this rug is for you. Unlike the previous rug that features sophisticated pattern, this rug is simpler with a little bit of geometric pattern.

What makes it wonderful is the combination of yellow and red with a little bit of black. A big rectangular medallion makes a perfect center on this full-size rug.

4. Red Mashad Kitchen Carpet

red rug

When stepping into this kitchen, modern flair is seen through the sleek red cabinets. Clean-lined edges are also significant features here.

If you happen to have this kind of kitchen which possess a futuristic look and want to embellish it with a little bit of traditional accent, this red Mashhad carpet would be your top-notch choice.

The pattern looks sophisticated without overlapping the remaining decor. Kindly consider adding non-slip backing for the peace of mind.

5. Round Cotton Kitchen Rug

red kitchen rug

One of the most daunting things about laying a rug on the kitchen floor is the stains that remain on the rug, adding more workload. If that is the case, you can opt for a cotton rug.

This round cotton rug adds pops of colors and patterns to space. The flat-weave design allows you to clean it without breaking a sweat. You can even just toss it into your washing machine and get it washed.

6. Chickens and Flowers

red rug

Getting an upscale look in your kitchen can be achieved by laying a Persian rug with complicated patterns on the floor. But, if abstract and sophisticated patterns are not your thing, try laying a rug whose patterns can tell a story, just like this one.

This rug features the picture of chickens and flowers which is designed symmetrically. The picture shows that a flock of chickens is gathering among the flowers. The picture is framed with a red checkerboard pattern.

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7. Bohemian Kitchen Rug

red rug

Adding a little bit of Bohemian touch to your kitchen is just a piece of cake. This kitchen, for example, looks great with the sleek white cabinets and countertop that embody the modern style.

And the red rug blended with navy and maroon adds a Bohemian accent to space.

8. Modern Red Kitchen Rug

red rug
Anfirock – kitchen set design

This kitchen is quite simple with wooden pallet cabinet and the concrete countertop. To match the décor and accentuate its simplicity, two small mats are added to cover the busiest area.

These mats are simple with checkerboard patterns and a Portuguese quote which means Delights of My Kitchen. The mats are made of polypropylene which is easy to clean and will not absorb spills.

9. Sophisticated Heriz Rug

red kitchen rug

This red Heriz rug fits snugly into this narrow kitchen. It covers most of the floor space, adding a textural element and more patterns to space. Furthermore, it will soothe your feet when you bustle around the kitchen, preparing breakfast.

10. Romantic Pink Kitchen Rug

red kitchen rug

Pink is one of the red shades. It carries the attribute of the pure white as well as the passionate red and makes it become a romantic color. Therefore, laying a pink rug in the kitchen can incorporate a romantic ambiance into space.

11. Patchwork Kitchen Rug

red kitchen rug

Why do you have to stick to a certain pattern and color if you can have more? This rug shows that being eclectic can be awesome.

The combination of red and some other colors and patterns pay tribute to Victorian style without leaving out the modern flair.

12. Red Cotton Rug with Pale Yellow Accent

red rug

This red cotton rug is made of leftover fabrics. The red and pale-yellow clothes are woven together, adding a textural element that feels good on your feet. The pale-yellow accent creates a distinctive look.

13. Polka Dot Rug

red kitchen rug

Polka dots are such timeless patterns. They fit in any kind of kitchen styles. This rug, for example, features a large polka dots pattern that matches the red kitchen towel.

14. Lavish Kashan Rug

red kitchen rug

Kashan rugs are well-known for its elegance. They usually feature four corner patterns that anchor a large medallion at the center. Thus, you can opt for this red Kashan rug to add elegance to your kitchen instantly.

15. Paisley Kitchen Rug

red kitchen rug

Red paisley patterns are printed on a cream rug that lies above this kitchen floor. Some blue flowers enrich the look of the rug nicely.

16. Flower-Patterned Red Kitchen Rug

red rug

This is another simple option that you can consider if a lavish look is not your thing. A red rug with small flowered-patterns adorns this kitchen well. To accentuate the look, the rug is framed with a black border.

17. Red Sisal Rug

red rug

This sisal rug looks like a rainbow that encompasses lots of color hues. Another great thing about it is it is quite durable and can be spot-cleaned as it is made of natural fibers.

Those are red kitchen rug ideas that can improve the look of your kitchen while enhancing the ultimate comfort. Which one is your favorite?


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