17 Wonderful Ideas of White Kitchen Window Treatments

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FeastHome – If you’re looking for white kitchen window treatments, the options are so varied that you could get confused in choosing the best one. But don’t worry, this article will introduce you to several ideas from them.

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First of all, let’s discuss why people choose white to treat their kitchen window. White is the color representing purity and completion. Philosophically speaking, white symbolizes the new beginnings.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is an area where your day starts before going to do daily routines. So, it matches, right? To prove that it’s not a groundless statement, let’s have a look at these white kitchen window treatments below.

1. Elegant Cool Roman Shades


Your first example is this roman shade. It’s because the surroundings are already in this particular color so that the shade appears less white. But that’s okay. Too much white could tire you, so it’s better to have several shades at the same place.

2. Accentuating Window Covering


The main focus of this image might be the kitchen sink, while the window is only accentuating. Yet, what matter is how it highlights the sink eventually. Or, is it the other way around?

With only white coloring the below items, the black and white polka dots above might already steal the spotlight.

3. The Dressing for Farmhouse Country Kitchen


It’s indeed perfect to arrange the sink below the window. While doing the dishes, you could do enough sightseeing as a ‘side job’, so the main work would be less tiring. To accompany your main and side job, it’s better to install some beautiful tie-ups covering.

For kitchens with farmhouse country style, the compatible window covering would be like the one seen in the image. As white and beige are neutral, pick a pattern to balance the atmosphere.

4. Roman Shades for Vintage Style Kitchen


This is another example of roman shades. In this vintage style kitchen, the items combined are in good harmony. The roman shades really define the push-out casement window. Not to mention the planked walls that recessively gives some textures to the plain surroundings.

On top of that, all of the elements mentioned happen to be above the marble countertops. What a great combination!

5. White Hard Window Treatment


Window treatment includes everything that covers and around the window. Be it curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters, and even window sills. Above is an example of giving hard treatment to the kitchen window.

Without any soft coverings, the window sill is painted in white based on the color of the furnishings around. The atmosphere is sweetened by the presence of small potted plants above the window sill. White and green are so natural.

6. Kitchen Bay Window Treatment


For a large-scale kitchen, having more than one window will be your safest bet. It’s to make sure that the kitchen and people inside get adequate lighting. And the window treatments are what follow the idea.

Picking valance would be the simplest. It’s easy to install, suitable for both freestanding windows and non, as well as convenient to combine with other soft coverings.

7. Tie-Ups for Cottage White Kitchen Window Treatments


Cottage kitchens happen to be more compact and practical that the ones with other concepts. Thus, the window treatment should also follow the hype of practicality. Tie-ups would be great since they don’t have complicated details and very functional as some coverings.

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8. Modern French Country White Kitchen Window Treatments


You have another example of hard window treatment here. It’s actually pretty common since the current example and the previous one shares a lot of similarities. The arch, window frame, window sill, and even the white cabinets are similar.

9. White Kitchen Window Treatment to Emphasize Black Countertop


It’s rather difficult to find where the window is because it’s camouflaged with the cabinet door. Cheers!

The focal point of this kitchen is the black countertop above the white island. And every white element surround, including the window, is set to highlight the countertop.

10. Stylish Looking Window Treatment


White is the safest bet everyone could have. When it’s confusing to pick what color for what style, choose white. It is also easy to blend with any pattern and color, making it loved by people worldwide.

Looking at this patterned valance, it just seconds the whole opinion about white, don’t you think?

11. Main White with Blue


If you combine the calming blue with the neutral white, you’ll get a similar result as this fabulous looking blinds right here. A little bit patterns to accompany your cooking experience won’t hurt.

12. Impressive Tie-Ups


Whether it’s orange, yellow, or other bright colors to combine, white works just fine, however. Floral, geometric, stripes or even checkers, white do wonder all the time regardless of the pattern.

So, it’s only natural to be impressed by these impressive white tie-ups above the sink.

13. Popular Shutters


Shutters are the best in letting you have some instant privacy. Just click it off, then it’s shut. And you’re free to do whatever you want without the worry of someone peeping.

And though there are a lot of shutters to choose from nowadays, these classic white shutters are still everybody’s favorite.

14. Unifying Patterns


When there’re no two patterns identical around, choose ones which share similar colors instead. Look at this picture for example. Though the patterns from the blinds and the dog bed are different, they still nice to see due to colors similarity.

You could apply likewise to the kitchen. Unifying the fabrics of curtains and cushions, for example.

15. Wonderful but Simple Kitchen Decoration Idea


Presentable kitchen is what everyone dreams about. What should you do to have one? The answer lies within this beautiful kitchen. It’s to balance the elements involved with the lighting and your ability to keep everything tidy.

16. Permanent Shutters is on the Way


While the previous example of shutter could be removed or replaced, this one is permanently installed, so that you have a long-lasting window treatment.

Need not to bother thinking about the soft coverings with this one, because these shutters will work finely even without any.

17. Best Window above Sink


You see, sometimes soft covering isn’t needed at all when you have hard window treatments as gorgeous as this.

Three windows featured above the sink with love diamond shapes to be the frame. The window sill is spacey enough to hold dome refreshing pot plants.

Well, you’ve reached the bottom page of white kitchen window treatments article. We hope this useful in helping you to choose one for your dear kitchen. Good day!

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