16 Striking White Rug Design Ideas for any Room

white rug

FeastHome – White is one of the most versatile colors that can be paired with any color and style. Whether your home adopts a modern or classic style, these striking white rug design ideas will make it more fabulous.

1. Smoky White Wool Rug

white rug

When it comes to luxury and comfort, nothing can beat a wool rug. Wool is renowned for its softness that can spoil your feet perfectly. And this smoky wool rug is the best choice to add elegance in your living room.

It features subtle patterns that would suit a modern living room well. This rug will help you maintain the conversation between you and your family or friends while keeping your feet warm.

2. Fluffy White Rug

white kitchen rug

This rug is as white as snow, and it feels like a soft cotton candy which will make you want to sit or even sleep on it. It is made of high-quality faux fur that will ensure your comfort.

Therefore, this soft and fluffy white rug would be suitable in your bedroom or a nursery. It will keep your kid stay warm when playing on the floor.

3. White Shag Rug

white kitchen rug

If you are crazy about a wool rug, but you cannot afford one, you can try investing in this white shag rug.

It is made of polyester and cotton and meticulously designed to provide you the same look of a wool rug. It can even maintain some semblance of a wool rug, but it is cheaper.

4. White Cotton Runner Rug

white rug

If you are looking for a white rug that can add style to space, especially in a high-traffic area and are easy to clean, this cotton white rug will be your safe bet.

Cotton rugs are well-known for being easy to clean. And this white rug has a subtle pattern that adds the touch of elegance to your living room or kitchen. You can also use it in your bathroom as it can absorb excess liquid quickly.

5. Sculpted Runner Rug

white rug

This white rug looks lavish and will add some luxury to your home. Made of premium polypropylene fibers, this rug is stain and fade resistant. More importantly, it is durable, which makes it a great choice if used for prolonged periods.

The stencil pattern adds a textural element as well as making your home look more luxurious.

6. Woven Cotton White Rug with Fringe

white rug

If you are worried about the mundane look of an all-white rug, you can try purchasing the one that features some patterns, just like this monochromatic rug.

The pattern is symmetrical with the chevron pattern as the center. On both edges of this rug are fringes that accentuate the style of this rug as well as making it a great adornment for a Boho-style room.

7. Bohemian Rug

white rug

Many homeowners are dying for Bohemian look. They begin to adorn their home with a combination of natural elements, texture, and patterns. If you are one of them, including this rug to your list.

This rug is fastidiously woven to create some pattern. The texture of it matches the woven basket by the curtain.

8. White Rug with Moroccan Pattern

white rug

Moroccan patterns are commonly found in many kinds of rugs because they can add an upscale look in any home instantly. Whether you are really into modern style or a classic one, a rug with Moroccan pattern like this one will be your greatest bet.

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9. Striped Cotton Rug

white kitchen rug

This kitchen needs something chic to complement the vintage style. Something quite simple yet effective to improve the look of the kitchen without overwhelming it.

Therefore, this striped cotton rug would be a great piece that can spruce up a vintage kitchen.

The flat-woven design allows it to be cleaned easily. You can even toss it into your washing machine, and that is all! The blue strips complement the blue kitchen island nicely.

10. Off-White Jute Rug

white rug

Natural fiber is the go-to material when it comes to refurbishing a Bohemian bedroom.

If you have put some greenery and furry throw in your bedroom, but you still feel like something is missing, maybe you need to lay a jute rug near your bed.

This off-white jute rug incorporates textural elements to space. And the off-white finish accentuates its natural look perfectly.

11. White Sisal Rug

white rug

The sisal rug is another rug that is made of natural fiber. It provides a great natural look that will enhance your home interior. The great thing of a sisal rug is its durability. Therefore, it will be a great rug for high-traffic areas like the hallway.

However, sisal rug is a little bit coarse and slippery. Therefore, avoid using this sisal rug on your stairs to prevent you and your family from getting injured.

12. White Rug with Diamond Pattern

white kitchen rug

This white rug looks comfortable with the fluffy pile that ensures your comfort especially if the floor is getting freezing. It is suitable for any room, thanks to the anti-slip rubber backing for the extra grip that allows it to stay in place.

The most conspicuous thing about this rug is the diamond patterns that add classic ambiance to space.

13. White Diamonds on Gray Rug

white rug

Since white is a versatile color, it can be paired with any color including gray. And this rug has proven that the combination of white-diamond pattern and gray rug can add a little bit of nuance to your home.

14. Oriental White Rug

white kitchen rug

If you want to bring Asian style to your home, this Oriental rug is what you are looking for.

This is a comfortable rug that will adorn the floor space in your living room or dining room. And the oriental pattern bordering the rug plays a crucial role in creating the style.

15. Full-Size White Rug

white rug

This white rug is a must-have item when the winter is approaching. It can cover a large area as your living room rug, allowing you to banter with your family or friends while keeping you feel comfortable.

16. Bamboo Rug

white rug

The bamboo rug laid under the dining table adds a little bit of Japanese style to space. Besides, it will soothe your feet while you are having dinner with your family.

The white rug – just like any other rugs – comes in various sizes and styles. But since it is versatile, it can be used in any home regardless the style.

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