17 Monochrome Kitchen Window Treatments You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

monochrome kitchen window treatments

FeastHome – Initially, monochrome is only mentioned in photography to address a particular image filter. However, a shift in meaning happens. The term ‘monochrome’ is used in present days to call things with only two colors intact, usually black and white, regardless of the dominance.

And now, there are several ideas of monochrome kitchen window treatments you need to see. Why monochrome is a must? Well, besides trending, monochrome has a good philosophy. It tells you how two different things unite harmonizingly. Well, it’s nice or what?

1. Monochrome Kitchen Window Treatments Royal Valance

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

If you want to present a little bit of royalty in the cooking area, try this black and white patterned valance. It emanates the value and elegance you desire, if not better.

And when the daily cooking work feels boring, take a look at this valance and lift your chin. You cook for the ‘royal family’ now. All is because of this mere window treatment.

2. Monochromatic Damask Valance

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

Royal valance is one, damask is the other. Elegance could be retrieved from either the pattern or the material. You see a valance made of damask material here.

It is the same material which normally used as a super soft, comfortable, and high-quality quilt. With that being said, the price ranges highly. But then again, what is price tag when the result comes very satisfyingly, right?

3. Aesthetic Eyelet Blackouts

kitchen window treatments

Curtain heading styles come in sundry options. Besides eyelet curtains like you have here, there are also pencil pleat, triple pleat, gathered heading, double pleat, tab tops, rod pocket curtains, flat curtain panel, and wave curtains.

While each type has its own pros and cons, eyelet style gives you the feel of complete modern and a little bit industrial. It makes the curtains fold softly and naturally. The only downside is it can only be installed using a curtain rod.

Looking at only the eyelet headings, your window treatment is already considered contemporary, let alone when it’s combined with modern aesthetic drawing on the curtain. A super contemporary window treatment you might have!

4. Upside down Wedding Cake

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

Is it just me or this soft blinds resemble a wedding cake indeed? It might be due to the way it’s shut with a pair of black ribbon and its white basic color which becomes the epitome of wedding.

5. Easy-to-Find Monochrome Curtain Set

kitchen window treatments

Now, here’s an example of a curtain that you can easily find available for purchase online. If you take a look at it thoroughly, this curtain set uses rod pocket as its heading style. It’s when you utilize the tip of the curtain fabric to make a pocket along the way.

Then, the pocket functions as a tunnel to feed the rod. Marketplaces have them sold as a pack along with the rod also if you need.

6. Monochromatic Style Window Covering

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

As a curtain, its job is to cover the window. But, this one is rather different. Besides covering, it’s also its job to define masculinity due to the motifs it has. Therefore, it’s impeccable to be in the all-male cooking zone.

7. Apple Garden Tier Curtain

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

The kitchen will have an airy atmosphere thanks to this see-through curtain set. And it’s not just that. The apple embellishments dangling below will also refresh the look of the kitchen. I must say it’s placed right where it belongs!

8. Rod Pocket Black Two-Piece Curtain Set

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

It’s mentioned previously that the term ‘monochrome’ is initially used if photography, right? It is usually said to address a certain picture filter. Well, actually, monochrome only applies on photograph in varying tones of one color only.

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So, there’s nothing wrong with this all-black curtain, isn’t it? Not at all, it’s even faultless to have in the kitchen since it camouflages any stain splattered during cooking due to its color.

9. Burlap Star Curtain

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

If there’re curtains made of the expensive damask, there’s this curtain also produced out of burlap. No, don’t worry; it’s not the actual burlap we discuss here. It’s actually made of cotton material using weave technique in such a way to resemble burlap.

The result is pretty amazing, right? People want such material to have for the sake of texture in their kitchen. It’s lovely to be in a pattern-less kitchen.

10. Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

Who could have thought of something genius like this? Anyone who treats a tapestry as a window treatment is indeed brilliant! You execute practicality, save budget, exude uniqueness, and have decoration at the same time. It’s mandala printing, on top of that.

Forget killing two birds, congratulations, you kill four birds with one stone!

11. Turn the Blinds into Valance

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

One of the ways to be practical is to utilize a multifunctional item. You see an example right here. They’re originally blinds, but you could use some clips as a trick to make it functions as a valance.

12. Faux Roman Shades

kitchen window treatments

It’s not like the usual shades you encounter in front of some stores. It’s the flat version of shades and it’s installed not to cover you from getting hit by the rain.

It’s to beautify your window. Not to mention the shutters which the shades are combined with make the pack completed.

13. Embroidery Involvement

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

It’s time to upgrade the kitchen with something extraordinary by involving embroidered kitchen curtain. Have this embellishes your kitchen window and you could feel the difference prior and after.

14. Between Black Majority and White Dominance

kitchen window treatments

Some say it’s a set of black curtains, some others call it’s white. Okay, let’s make an agreement and call it monochrome. Either this or that, it still looks superb to hang in the kitchen.

15. Doodle Décor Kitchen Curtain

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

Sometimes, what you find the least attractive is what really attracts the others. The same applied to a drawing, doodle, painting, or whatever the name it has. It might be undefined, but I bet no one could beat you in this one.

16. Monochromatic Window Sills

kitchen window treatments

Well, window treatments are not always about curtains, valance, shutters, blinds, or shades. Window sills are also part of the types. In this kitchen window, monochrome appears on the window sills. Two sills of black and white colors appear here.

17. Boho Themed Curtains

monochrome kitchen windowtreatments

You mustn’t work unconventionally in the kitchen because it’s related to someone’s consumption. It’s bad news for you with boho swag. But please, don’t be. Pour your boho soul into the kitchen curtain, instead. An example is set right here.

Every idea listed here has its own upside and downside. Some of them might not fit your kitchen at all because of the theme or other reason. So, it’s better for you to think and plan thoroughly before executing any of these monochrome kitchen window treatments.

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