17 Stylish Black Kitchen Rug Design Ideas You Should Try

black kitchen rug

FeastHome – Black is often synonymous with boldness and masculinity. But that is not always the case. Whether you want to make your kitchen look bold or elegant, these 17 stylish black kitchen rug design ideas will grant your wish to have a dream kitchen.

1. Modern Black Mats

black kitchen rug

These black kitchen mats look great in this crisp-white kitchen. They accentuate the modern flair adopted by this kitchen. Besides being stylish, it also ensures your safety; thanks to the non-skid latex rubber backing that prevents you from slipping.

These mats come in low pile height that allows you to clean and vacuum them easily. They are also thin which permits them to place right under the door.

2. A Safe Haven for Coffee Lovers

black kitchen rug

Many modern homes begin to apply the open-kitchen concept by merging the kitchen and living room, making the home looks more spacious. Sometimes, the spacious room leaving you a blank floor space to be adorned. And this rug would be a great choice.

This rug is quite large, and thus it can cover a larger area between your kitchen and living room. The exclusive pattern will add a personality boost for those who are really into coffee.

3. Checkerboard Style Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug design

A checkerboard pattern is often associated with retro or vintage style. But this mat does not have to be in a retro kitchen.

It can be laid in any kitchen style you want, including a modern kitchen, thanks to the simple design that maintains some semblance of “less is more”.

4. Classic Black Runner Rug

kitchen rug design

This runner rug is a perfect choice if you have a large unused space in your kitchen that you want to embellish without making your kitchen look more cramped.

This black kitchen rug comes in a classic woven design that looks like a series of white spots lining up on a large black canvas. This simple design complements the white kitchen perfectly, bringing harmony to space.

5. Black Diamond Rug

black kitchen rug

The size of this black rug is just perfect to fill in the space between the kitchen sink ad stove. Since it is made of cotton, it is quite easy to clean which will be a safe bet for a busy person like you.

Large diamond prints embellish the black rug nicely. They also complement the white cabinets immensely.

6. Round Cotton Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug design

A round cotton rug will give a classic ambiance to your kitchen. It is hand-woven which will add a textural element to your kitchen as well as soothing your feet when you are standing on it for a prolonged period.

The combination of black and gray woven together evokes the pattern of the galaxy with the dark sky and some stars and planets that orbit around the center.

7. Less is More

kitchen rug design

This rug fits snugly into this kitchen. It fills in the small gap between the stove and sink. It is stain-resistant which makes it a perfect choice for your kitchen that is prone to spill.

The low-cut pile provides a gentle touch to your feet. Need not to worry about the safety as it also features anti-slip rubber backing, not to mention the simple design that fits a modern kitchen well.

8. Vinyl Kitchen Mat

black kitchen rug

This vinyl kitchen mat features a Moroccan pattern that matches the patchwork tile backsplash immensely. The mat is designed to create the look of faux tiles which will suit your tile flooring nicely.

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Another benefit that you can get from this mat is the easy-to-clean material so that you will not need to add more workload to your household chores. Moreover, it is waterproof.

9. Black Persian Runner Rug

kitchen rug design

When it comes to adding a little bit of classic and elegant look to space including your kitchen, a Persian rug will be your greatest bet.

A Persian rug usually comes in various colors with a bold pattern. But this Persian rug is quite simple with only black and white hues.

Three large floral patterns become the center of attention, and the tassels adorning the edges of the rug add a classic ambiance to this farmhouse kitchen.

10. Black Kitchen Rug with Chevron Motif

kitchen rug design

If you think an all-black rug would be too bold for your kitchen, you can opt for a monochromatic kitchen rug like this one.

This rug features a chic chevron motif that will adorn your minimalist kitchen without overwhelming it. The low-pile height provides a soft touch to your feet, lessening the standing fatigue while keeping your feet warm.

11. Black Kitchen Rug with Round Edges

kitchen rug design

This black kitchen rug will give you the ultimate comfort that you have been longing for, thanks to the soft memory foam filling the rug.

The design of this rug is eminently simple. It only features round edges without any sophisticated patterns on it.

12. Striped Runner Rug

black kitchen rug

This kitchen is furnished with crisp white shaker cabinets and black concrete countertop. Therefore, this black-and-white kitchen rug with stripped pattern manages to complement the existing décor nicely.

Since it is made of cotton, it can absorb spill well and is easy to clean. More importantly, it is extremely soft.

13. Simple Kitchen Rug

black kitchen rug

A simple kitchen needs a simple rug like this one. It is just like the common rugs with the rectangular shapes. It only features two strips – the short one overlaps the longer one – which accentuates the simple look.

14. Black Full-Size Rug

kitchen rug design

This black full-size rug fits snugly into this small kitchen. It adds more patterns to the space as well as protecting your feet from getting freezing.

15. Black Wool Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug design

Nothing can beat the softness of a wool rug. If an ultimate comfort is your priority, then laying this wool rug in your kitchen would be a terrific idea. Furthermore, it adds the touch of elegance to your kitchen.

16. Anti-Fatigue Black Runner Rug

black kitchen rug

After standing up by the sink or stove for hours, do you often feel exhausted? This anti-fatigue rug is the solution of your problem. Memory Foam construction is the main material that is responsible for your comfort.

17. Zebra-Like Rug

kitchen rug design

When seeing this rug, you might evoke the memory of visiting a zoo where you could find some zebras. This zebra-like rug is simple yet unique. Therefore, it can spruce up your white kitchen well.

Those are some best black kitchen rug design ideas that can add boldness and elegance to your kitchen.


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