10 Elegant Roll-out Drawers For Any Room You Love

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FeastHome – There are a lot of storages types which are suitable for your needs. From a cabinet, rack, box, and drawers. Those types of storages are beneficial for you to safely store your things.

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Drawers are suitable to be used as storage for any room. From the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and many more. One of the most popular types of drawers is the roll-out one.

Here are several inspirations of roll-out drawers which are suitable to be placed in any room.

1. Roll-out Drawer for Dresser


There are some roll-out drawers inside this wooden cabinet. The drawers are also made from a wood material. The drawers have a box shape so that they are able to provide quite spacious space for you to store your things.

This kind of roll-out drawers is suitable to be used at the bottom of a dresser, just like you can see in the picture above.

2. Kitchen Roll-out Drawers


It is a kitchen cabinet which is completed with a roll-out drawer and rack inside it. The space between the drawer and the rack is quite far so that the roll-out drawer is able to be used to store some big kitchen utensils such as a cooking pot and toaster.

While the rack can be used as a storage to place some small tableware. Choose a wood material with a high quality so that the cabinet and the drawers can last for a long time.

3. Big Wooden Roll-out Drawers


This kind of roll-out drawers is suitable for you who need a big storage to save your collection of tableware. It is also suitable to be used to place the big kitchen tools such as a pan, cooking pot, and many more.

This wooden roll-out drawers is installed inside a cabinet, just like the previous ones. The drawers provide a lot of spaces so that the tableware and kitchen utensils can be neatly placed.

The roll-out drawers can create a surprise since the color is different from the white kitchen cabinet.

4. Spacious Roll-out Drawers


The spaces between the roll-out drawers are quite far from each other, making it easy for the householders to take out the items they need.

The design of the wooden roll-out drawers are different from the wooden cabinet itself even though both of them are made from wood.

While the wooden roll-out drawers has a minimalist design, the kitchen cabinet is in an old-fashioned design. The combination of those 2 designs creates a unique twist.

5. Simple Wooden Drawers


The roll-out drawers in the picture above has a simple and minimalist style because of the straight and sharp cut. Just like the previous roll-out drawers ideas, this roll-out drawers is also made from a wood material.

A wood material is able to bring a warm and natural touch to the area. Some kinds of wood are also durable and resistant to rot. This wooden roll-out drawers matches perfectly with the wooden floor with a darker tone.

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6. Blue Roll-out Drawers


If you are bored with the wooden roll-out drawers, you can choose a colored roll-out drawers like the image above. The householders use a baby blue color for the roll-out drawers in order to maintain the minimalist design and perfect blend with the light grey cabinet.

The spaces of the roll-out drawers are also pretty spacious so that they can provide enough places to store the kitchen ingredients and kitchen tools. For you who want a minimalist roll-out drawers, this idea might be suitable.

7. Unique Roll-out Drawers


If you are bored with the common roll-out drawers and want the anti-mainstream one, you are able to choose this type of roll-out drawer.

This roll-out drawer has some hangers which are placed in the holes, creating a simple yet functional storage to place the towels and small broom.

This kind of roll-out drawer is more suitable to be installed in a bathroom. This roll-out drawer is also a great idea to save spaces because of its slim shape.

There is also a decoration installed in the drawer so that when it is closed, it looks like a decoration of the cabinet.

8. Iron Roll-out Drawer


Do you want an attractive roll-out drawer as a storage in your kitchen? Then, you can choose this roll-out drawer. The shape of the roll-out drawer is very unique, yet providing enough spaces to store your kitchen utensils such as a pitcher and cooking pot.

The iron bars are added in order to create a protection for the stuff being saved there. This kind of roll-out drawer is also able to add a style to your kitchen area because of its unique shape.

9. Roll-out Iron Racks


Instead of using the common drawers, this roll-out drawer is in the shape of a rack. An iron is chosen to be the material used because this material is quite strong to hold the items saved there.

A unique twist is created because the racks are made from an iron material while the cabinet is made from a wood material. This kind of roll-out racks might be more suitable for saving the washed dishes. The small spaces are able to hold the plates in its place.

10. Iron Roll-out Drawers


For you who have a small space for a roll-out drawer, this idea can be your answer. This iron roll-out drawer is beneficial to use a small space in a kitchen area.

Instead of leaving the small space empty, install this idea of roll-out drawer in order to create an additional storage in your kitchen area.

The iron material is used is durable and strong to hold the items saved there. Because of its small space, this drawer might be more suitable to place the spices.

Those are the ideas of the roll-out drawers that can be your inspirations. A roll-out drawer is a space-saving additional storage which is beneficial to store your stuff.

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