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5 Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

What does your current garden look like? A little grey and drab? A bit lifeless? You might think that the only way you can rejuvenate it is by hiring a professional permanent landscaper to do all the hard work for you.

Whether you are strapped for time after a week at your demanding job or you don’t have a particularly green thumb, there are loads of ways you can create a gorgeous garden yourself without investing lots of time and energy.

If you’re looking for low maintenance ideas for gardens, then read on to see how you can spruce up your garden when you’re time poor!

1.   Garden Decor

Garden Decorations

A garden filled with flowers of all shades of the rainbow, an ornate pond with tadpoles swimming around, and a gorgeous cherry-blossom tree blooming at the edge. It sounds like a dream – but a nightmare to maintain.

You can easily add touches of your personality to your garden, invigorating life into the expanse with colour and texture, by placing some simple garden decorations.

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional garden gnome, a lover of bird houses, or you adore the sparkle of a string of solar-powered fairy lights, there are so many options for bringing your garden to life.

Placing garden decorations around your garden involves minimal maintenance. You can leave them be for the most part, with the exception of the odd occasion where you need to wipe off any garden grime.

Be wary of adding decorations that involve running water. Whilst a water feature might lend a calming and soothing effect your garden space, it’ll not be so relaxing cleaning out stagnant water or removing the build-up of mould.

2. Flower Selection

Low Maintenance Lavender

Sometimes less is more. When choosing flowers for your garden, adopting a minimalist approach and picking fewer varieties will definitely be more than enough if you’re looking for a low maintenance gardening regime.

Plants of the evergreen variety should be your number one choice to reduce your workload. The clue being in the name, they won’t shed their leaves for you to clear up, and just require a spot of water.

Shrubs like holly and lavender are beautiful and self-sufficient plants to introduce into your garden too. Keeping them in individual containers can help curb their growth, reducing the need for you to spend extensive time chopping them back.

By dressing your flower beds and containers with mulch, you’ll also hinder the growth of weeds. Mulch also soaks up a great deal of water, which will then be soaked up by your plants, therefore reducing the need for you to keep on top of your watering game.

3. Fencing

Wooden Fencing

Constructing a wooden fence that wraps around the perimeter of your garden is the perfect, low maintenance way to add structure to your garden. A hedge might give the effect of being in the midst of a fairytale landscape, but it’s not easy to take care of. You’ll regularly have to get into the habit of pruning it to prevent it from becoming too wild.

There are many fence design options you can choose from: feather-edge, picket, tongue and groove and more. The style you opt for should align with the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve in your garden, giving you an effortless way to tie your garden together.

The upkeep of a wooden fence is also very easy. Before constructing it, you should source pressure-treated wooden panels so they’ll last longer, protected from the elements. This way, you’ll reduce the need to replace rotting panels.

A fence presents another opportunity to liven up your garden space. Invest in a pot of paint in your favourite colour and splash it on. Go for a block colour or vary it from panel to panel. Go for something that you love!

4. Deck

Low Maintenance Garden Deck

The addition of a decking area outside can massively reduce your long-term garden maintenance. To make space for the decking, you’ll have to remove a large portion of grassy area, which will lighten your gardening workload.

Looking after a vast grassy space is no easy feat. You have to ensure that the grass is well-hydrated and mowed on a semi-regular basis so it looks neat, tidy, and healthy. This will involve dragging your lawnmower out of your shed every other weekend. If you’re looking for a low maintenance garden, this is certainly not something you want to be doing.

With decking, you can transform your outdoor space into another living area, kitted out with comfy couches and a picnic table for eating al fresco. There are loads of quirky and cool decking ideas out there for you to tweak and tailor to your own needs and preferences.

Decking requires minimal upkeep and your reduced grassy space will much be easier to mow. Just give it a good scrub every now and then and make sure it’s protected with varnish or wood stain every few months or more.

5. Shed

Garden Shed

Simple gardening jobs can quickly become complicated and frustrating when you can’t find the right tools. The solution? A sturdy and secure garden storage shed with a well-thought-out storage system for your lawnmower, tiller, snow shovels, string trimmers, and shears.

By placing a storage shed near the area you’ll be working most, you can save yourself time each time you go to do a spot of garden work. Dragging a lawnmower or heavy shovel from the top to the end of your garden will be incredibly frustrating.

Spend a little time insulating your shed (or recruit someone else to do it for you) and you’ll also reduce your maintenance list. A non-insulated shed could become prone to damp or mold, which could damage your contents, leaving you with a big task to deal with. Insulating the shed will keep everything safe from the elements.

Like your fence, you could coat it in your preferred color of paint, adding some stencil patterns if you like, bringing some brightness to your garden without the long-term upkeep commitment.


Creating a stunning yet low maintenance garden is surprisingly easy. By setting aside some time to lay the initial foundations, you’ll set yourself up for success, dramatically reducing your long-term gardening workload. Put these 5 low maintenance garden ideas into practice and reap the benefits!

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