17 Matchless Farmhouse Kitchen Style Ideas

farmhouse kitchen style

FeastHome – Farmhouse kitchen styles always bring the traditional look in an epic way which makes the room, including your kitchen, cozy, warm, and relaxing. If you plan to renovate your kitchen take these farmhouse kitchen style ideas into your consideration.

1. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Style

farmhouse kitchen style

A farmhouse kitchen brings the traditional touch into the cooking space. Sometimes, some modern elements are added to upgrade and turn it into a modern farmhouse kitchen.

This modern farmhouse kitchen features white cabinets and shiplap ceilings. White subway tiles and the exposed beams accentuate the traditional look while the recessed LED lights denote the modern style. And they blend perfectly.

2. Let’s Get the Party Started

farmhouse kitchen style

This modern farmhouse kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate your veritable army to come over for dinner or lunch. They will be amazed by the elegance of this kitchen.

Crisp white shaker cabinets and LED lights offer the look of modern flair. The wooden dining table and industrial lighting give the touch of an industrial look to space.

3. Bring in the Rustic Charm

farmhouse kitchen style

A farmhouse style is all about adding traditional elements to space. Therefore, the use of neutral colors and materials is the key.

This kitchen provides the warmth of rustic charm. The tan cabinets match the drapes nicely. A wooden kitchen island with X ends is one of the significant features of a farmhouse kitchen. An apron sink never fails to accentuate the traditional look.

4. Gray Shaker Cabinets and Crisp White Countertop

farmhouse kitchen style

The combination of white and gray creates a balanced look at this kitchen. The glossy white countertop reflects the light well, expanding the kitchen visually.

Shaker cabinets are the ubiquitous elements of a farmhouse kitchen. Therefore, these gray shaker cabinets embody the farmhouse style well.

5. Exposed Brick Wall for More Rustic Charm

farmhouse kitchen style

This kitchen is meticulously designed for those who are dying for the rustic look. As you can see, every inch of the kitchen interior offers the charm of a rustic look.

The exposed brick wall is the most conspicuous spot that steals anyone’s focus. It is accentuated with the well-worn exposed beamed ceiling.

The shiplap kitchen island is painted blue and sanded a little bit to create a well-worn look. To add a little bit of modern look, white subway tiles are installed as the backsplash.

6. Small Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen style

Do you a small and cramped kitchen? It is not a big deal! You can still have your dream farmhouse kitchen style despite the size.

This kitchen, for instance, still looks amazing with the traditional look of a farmhouse kitchen combined with modern stuff. Since it is tiny, open shelves are installed rather than bulky cabinets.

A wrought-iron light hanging over the kitchen island does double duty. It illuminates the kitchen while incorporating additional storage solutions.

7. Off-White Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen style

If you are looking for a farmhouse-kitchen design that looks rustic and classic at the same time, this might be what you are looking for.

The off-white cabinets offer a weathered finish that makes this kitchen look classic. The black hardware contrasts with the cabinets, making them look bold. To beef the stark ceiling up, exposed beams are installed.

8. White Cabinets with Light Gray Kitchen Island

farmhouse kitchen style

White is commonly used to embellish a farmhouse kitchen. But, an all-white kitchen can be boring for some people. Therefore, wooden floor or tiles are installed to enrich the look.

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A subtle gray kitchen island also works well in adding more color without overlapping the white cabinets. The X marks enhance the farmhouse style immensely.

9. Sliding Barn Door and Chalkboard Wall

farmhouse kitchen style

This kitchen looks epic with the sliding barn door which is usually found in a farmhouse style. You can even find a wreath on the door to emphasize the style.

Next to the barn door is a chalkboard wall that you can use to jot down any memo, grocery list, inspiring quotes, or anything you want. Two industrial chandeliers hanging over the kitchen island are the icing on the cake.

10. White Shaker Cabinets with Rustic Chandelier

farmhouse kitchen style

White shaker cabinets in this kitchen match the white wall perfectly, making them seem as if they flowed into one being. As a result, the kitchen looks more spacious.

The rustic chandeliers and pendant lights hanging over the dining table are perfect references to the past without ditching the modern needs.

11. Glass Cabinet Doors and Some Wooden Accent

farmhouse kitchen style

The wooden accent is the main charm in this kitchen. The wooden tiles offer the warmth of nature. The exhaust hood and chairs are also made of wood to match the flooring.

Instead of shaker cabinets, the cabinets feature glass doors that store and display the tableware.

12. Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen style

This kitchen looks bold and elegant, thanks to the black cabinets with golden pulls. Some other black and gold accents like the exhaust hood and sconces emphasize the elegance of this kitchen.

13. Exposed Well-Worn Beamed Ceiling

farmhouse kitchen style

Adding a little bit of rustic touch in your modern kitchen can turn it into a modern farmhouse kitchen. Try adding distressed exposed beams to the ceiling and rustic pendant lights just like what you can see here.

14. Industrial Light and Wooden Bench

farmhouse kitchen style

Industrial lights are also crucial elements in a farmhouse kitchen. Just hang some wrought-iron lights in your white kitchen; you will get your dream kitchen. When they are combined with wooden chairs or benches, the farmhouse style will be emphasized.

15. White Kitchen with a Few Tints of Turquoise

farmhouse kitchen style

If you want to add pops of colors to your farmhouse kitchen, please do. But you might not want to go overboard as it can overlap the style. Hang curtains in your favorite color like these turquoise curtains will be enough.

16. Try an Apron Sink

farmhouse kitchen style

Besides the rustic look provided by the exposed-beamed ceiling and kitchen island, the apron sink, which is one of the significant features of a farmhouse kitchen, boosts the style well.

17. Grey Subway Tiles

farmhouse kitchen style

The gray subway tiles that act as the backsplash of this kitchen create a well-worn look, which is perfect for this white farmhouse kitchen.

Now you know that creating a farmhouse kitchen style is not that hard. You only need to use neutral colors and materials and do not forget to add a few rustic looks like wrought-iron lights, exhaust hood, or sconces. A barn door will also work well.

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