The 8 Best Gas Powered Snow Blowers of 2022

The Best Gas Powered Snow Blower

We may all have a different favorite winter pastime activity, but we can probably agree that we would rather be doing other things (e.g. reading a book, spending time with family, or relaxing by the fireplace) than removing snow pile after snow pile from our decks and driveways during the winter months.

If you live in an area that expects 6 or more inches of snowfall each year, investing in a gas-powered snow blower might be one of the most cost and time-effective decisions you can make.

The 5 Best-Selling Gas-Powered Snow Blowers

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best-selling gas-powered snow blowers on The list is automatically updated once a day.

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Most gas-powered snow throwers rely on a combination of an electric starter and gasoline power to effectively deal with heavy snowfall over rough terrain and large areas. While gas snow blowers demand more maintenance than their electric counterparts, they are tougher and provide more power.

The 8 Best Gas-Powered Snow Blowers:

To help you choose the best gas snow blower for your snow removal needs, we list and review the 8 best gas-powered snow blowers currently on the market:

1. Briggs and Stratton 1696619 – Dual-Stage Gas Snow Blower (27-Inch)

Briggs and Stratton 1696619 - Dual-Stage Snow Thrower (27-Inch)
Dimensions56” x 29” x 43”
Clearing Width27 inches
Clearing depth20 inches
Engine250 CC
Weight189 pounds


  • Dash-mounted chute rotation
  • Excellent quality, durability, and craftsmanship 
  • Durable steel components 
  • Two reverse speeds
  • Friction disc drive system with multiple speeds
  • LED headlights 


  • Laborious assembly can take long
  • Moving it around when switched off
  • Synthetic oil is a little more expensive 
  • No power steering

The Briggs & Stratton 1696619 Elite Series Dual-Stage Snow Thrower, with a 250cc snow series engine, was designed to clear a 27-inch wide clearing path and a 20-inch depth with ease and efficiency.

With a push of the electric start button, you can begin making quick work of heavy snowfalls with the aid of the friction disc transmission. The freehand control allows you to drive the snow thrower with one hand while using the controls with your other hand, eliminating some of the usual hassles of operating a snow thrower.

Meanwhile, the dash-mounted chute rotation and the on-panel chute deflector make the job even easier.  Other features include the single LED headlights (which allow you to work at night) and the steel reversible skid shoes (which require less effort to maneuver it through diverse types of snow conditions). It comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a durable steel frame.

2. PowerSmart DB7622H Gas Snow Blower

Dimensions33” long x 22” wide x 28” high
Clearing width22 inches
Clearing depth16 inches
Engine212 CC
Weight154 pounds


  • Versatile control panel
  • 180-degree chute rotation
  • 40-foot snow throwing distance


  • Inflatable tires can be punctured

If you are looking for a compact gas snow blower, which packs a lot of punch, then look no further than the Powersmart DB7622H. Electric start 212 cc engine allows you to put this machine to work with the press of a button.

For even easier maneuvering and more control, it also gives you the option to choose between a variety of speeds with 4 forward and 2 backward gears. No matter how deep the snow is or how slippery it is outside, a simple adjustment of the skid shoes to have more clearance when you need it.

The snowblower is also equipped with 10” steel augers who make short work of any snow, which comes their way. The aggressive 13” inflatable tires, alongside the 180-degree adjustable chute, will allow you to maneuver the blower with confidence and ease even in the deep snow. Last but not least, this machine has the capability of clearing 22-inch width and 16-inch deep.

3. Husqvarna ST224 – Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower (24-Inch)

Husqvarna ST224 – Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower (24-Inch)
Dimensions58.5” long x 40.5” high x 24” wide
Clearing Width24 inches
Engine208 CC
Weight198.6 Pounds


  • Electric starter
  • Capable of clearing large areas
  • Works on all surfaces due to adjustable skid shoes
  • Adjustable handle
  • Heated grips
  • LED headlight
  • Friction disc transmission


  • Slightly bulky and heavy

The Husqvarna ST224 is a two-stage snow thrower that comes in a dark orange design. It is well equipped for dealing with up to 12 inches of snow and has a 24-inch clearing path.

It features a 208cc Husqvarna engine, an electric start, a LED headlight that allows you to work at night, 180-degree remote chute rotation with a remote deflector, heated grip handles, 12-inch improved performance ribbon augers, friction disc transmission, an aluminum gearbox, 15-inch tires, and a 2.7-liter fuel tank.

4. Brute 1696666 – Single Stage Gas Snow Blower (22-Inch)

Brute 1696666 - Single Stage Snow Thrower (22-Inch)
Dimensions22-inch wide x 12.5-inch deep (height)
Clearing Width22 inches
Engine205 CC
Weight170 pounds


  • Serrated auger
  • Capable of clearing large areas
  • Adjustable handle
  • LED headlight


  • Slightly bulky 

With its 205cc Brute engine, the Brute 169666 single-stage snow blowers are well equipped to deal with light to medium snowfall and features the innovative patented SnowShredder™ serrated auger.

Its fourteen high-performance serrated surfaces will make quick work of all the snow on your driveway or sidewalk with its advanced ice chopping and snow removal power. You can easily rotate the chute from left to right (up to 200 degrees) and adjust the distance snow is thrown from the snowblower handle.

5. Poulan Pro PR100 Gas Snow Blower

Clearing Width21 inches
Engine136 CC
Weight33.57 pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store away


  • Small motor
  • Clearing height is low

The Poulan Pro single-stage snow thrower promises to make quick work out of any snow clearing job with its powerful 136cc Poulan engine, which provides 7.11 foot-pounds of torque.

It relies on durable rubber augers to propel itself forward, gathering snow and throwing it through the cute. It is best suited for clearing moderate snowfall (up to 6 inches) from smaller areas, paved areas, 2-4 car driveways, and sidewalks.

The controls are large and easy to operate while wearing gloves, while the ergonomic handle and rubber over-mold bail arm ensure your comfort. The quick-release folding functionality also ensures your convenience when storing and transporting the unit.

6. Remington RM2140 Boulder Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Remington RM2140 Boulder Single-Stage Snow Thrower
Dimensions21” x 13” X 30”
Clearing Width21 inches
Clearing depth13 inches
Engine179 CC
Weight90 pounds


  • Electric start
  • Powerful engine for heavy snowfalls
  • Starts easy


  • Limited clearance for engine power

The RM2140 with its 179cc OHV POWERMORE® engine is the most powerful single-stage blower offered by the Remington Company. Starting the motor up is an effortless process that can be done via an electric push start when plugged into an electric outlet. A recoil start option is available as a backup when you do not have access to an electric outlet.

Although the RM2140 is a single-stage design it can cope with slightly larger snowfalls than the other single models offered by Remington. 

Clearing a patch of 21” wide and 13” deep is a simple task with the auger-assisted drive system on the RM2140. The reversible polymer shave plate scrapes the patch clean on every pass. The EZ Chute™ rotation enables you to direct where you want the snow to be thrown and keep it out of others’ harm.

Steering the snowblower is straightforward through the durable 7-inch rubber tires with a Deluxe Diamond tread that prevents it from getting stuck in the snow. 

The 0.53-gallon fuel tank will enable you to remove the snow for an extended period.

7. Ariens Compact Track 24 Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens Compact Track 24 Two-Stage Snow Blower
Dimensions24” x 26.4” x 42.6”
Clearing Width24 inches
Clearing depth20 inches
Engine250 CC
Weight224 pounds


  • The deflector chute range is not adjustable. 
  • Heated handles would be great 
  • The reverse speeds are a little slow. 

Ariens Compact track 2-Stage comes with the 223cc Ariens AX engine that generates 10 feet/pound torque. It is straightforward to start with a 120-volt electric start button. It is driven by 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds to enable you to adjust snow throwing to accommodate various conditions 

Traction is supplied via the Track Sno-Thro that is driven by a solid axle with a 5 ½ “wide directional track drive. This will enable you to clear a patch of 24” wide X 20” deep clearing your driveway, sidewalk, or slippery sloped pathways in the shortest possible time.

The auger housing is 24 inches wide and can clear a path through the snow using its 11-inch steel, serrated augers, and a 12-inch 3-blade impeller. Its 20-inch housing allows you to clear deeper snowfalls.

Working in the dark is enabled through the in-dash halogen headlight

8. Troy-Bilt Two-Stage 208cc Electric Start Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower

Troy-Bilt Two-Stage 208cc Electric Start Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower
Dimensions49” x 33” x 25”
Clearing Width24 inches
Clearing depth21 inches
Engine208 CC
Weight186 pounds


  • 4-Year limited warranty/ lifetime warranty on the chute
  • Push-button electric start with recoil as backup
  • All-wheel drive system 
  • Airless X-Trac tires
  • Heated grips
  • In-dash headlight


  • Relatively small wheels

Troybilt’s 208cc OHV electric start engine delivers reliable power in all weather conditions. The six forward speeds and two reverse speeds make it straightforward to clear snow from your driveway and patios throughout winter. 

The self-propelled drive features a two-stage cleaning system with augers to break up difficult ice and a high-speed impeller to clear the snow. Snow is thrown 180° of via the chute that can be controlled from the remote crank chute control on the control panel. 

There are other controls on the control panel such as the clutch lock that can be operated with one hand while the Touch N’ Turn™ trigger-controlled power steering allows for rapid direction change with your other hand. Controls are easy to operate even when wearing gloves. Since the grip is heated to will not have to wear thick gloves when operating the snowblower. 

The X-Trac tires are airless to reduce maintenance requirements but produce excellent traction.

12” serrated steel augers will break up the snow to create a 24” wide X 21” deep clearing path

To accommodate the shorter days experienced during winter or when you are working late, there is an automatic headlight. 


How much gas does a snow blower use?

Just like with cars and lawnmowers, results may vary here, based mainly on how much horsepower your snowblower has. The general rule advises that the consumption should be about 0.5 lbs of gas per 1 horsepower.

What is a single-stage gas snow blower?

A single-stage snow blower simply means that all the action happens in one stage. The auger catches the snow from the ground and propels it out of the chute to the side you navigated the chute towards. A single-stage snow blower is not usually recommended for regions with heavy snowfall as it usually has less capacity to clear more than 6-8 inches of snow.

What is a two-stage gas snow blower?

As the name implies, a two-stage snow blower divides the work between the auger and the chute. In this case, all the auger does is collect the snow from the ground, puts it through another part of the blower, called an impeller, which in turn is responsible for driving the snow out of the shoot.

What gas does a snow blower use?

The best gas to use in your snow blower will most likely be listed in the owner’s manual, but if that isn’t available you should be safe with the widely available 87 octane fuel.

What is the most reliable snow blower brand?

There are several reliable snow blower brands, which include Briggs u0026amp; Stratton, Husqvarna, Powersmart and Snow Joe.

What to Look for When Buying a Gas Snow Blower

When choosing which gas snowblower to purchase, there are several things to consider: the annual snowfall in your area, the terrain you will be dealing with, and the size of your yard or lawn. If you plan to clear snow when there is little or no sunlight, be sure to purchase a gas blower with an LED headlight.

Tracks vs Wheels

Another detail to consider is whether you want your snow blower with wheels or with tracks. The vast majority of snow blowers have wheels, but most importantly, an engine powers the wheels on a snowblower with 2 stages so you do not have to constantly push or pull on the machine.

The great advantage of the tracks in snow blowers is that you will have an even easier time navigating it on a hill or a steep driveway because these grab the snow just like the tank’s ones. 

Both options have pros and cons that will influence your purchase decision.



  • Wheels are easier to maneuver even when the motor is not running
  • Wheels are faster 
  • Wheels are less expensive


  • Wheels generally generate less traction on slippery surfaces
  • Wheels are difficult to maneuver on gravel



  • Tracks provide increased traction on uneven surface and inclines
  • The track provides more stability on slippery surfaces
  • Tracks enable you to set a fixed plane slightly higher than ground level


  • Snowblowers with tracks are generally in the higher price bracket.
  • Snowblowers with tracks are generally slower than snow blowers with wheels
  • Snowblowers with wheels are easier to maneuver when the motor is not running than snowblowers with tracks.


When it comes down to the price it is not only essential you know what your budget is but calculate very carefully how much work you will be doing with the snowblower and for how long. Sometimes the costs may vary by $100 and sometimes it could be a $1000 difference. Make sure you do not buy a machine you do not really need as much and overpay needlessly.


Do also note that gas snow blowers typically require more maintenance work than electric models. Be sure to add stabilizer to the gasoline to stretch fuel use and avoid engine corrosion, empty the tank before storing it away after the snowfall ceases, and inspect the spark plugs and tires carefully each year before the snow starts piling up

Drive systems

Most 2-stage snowblowers use the straightforward friction wheel drive to propel them.  

A Friction disc is a flat disc surfaced with friction material on one or both sides, such as a clutch disc. The friction is between two parallel flat plates or sets of such plates. Friction disc clutches help prevent additional friction from rotating or moving parts

The Friction Wheel Assembly, used on many self-propelled snow throwers and some other self-propelled devices, operates on the principle of two intersecting circles (or drive discs) positioned at right angles to each other. One disc is positioned horizontal and one vertical with the bottom edge of the vertical disc positioned standing with its center over the exact center of the horizontal disc.

While the horizontal disc is rotating, the vertical disc positioned in the middle of the horizontal disc should remain stationary.

When the vertical disc is moved away from the center it will start spinning. Moving in opposite directions on from the center of the horizontal disk will create either forward or backward movement. When the vertical disc is in the exact middle of the horizontal disc, the neutral position is engaged and should not create any movement.

A hydrostatic transmission (HST) exists any time a hydraulic pump is connected to and dedicated to one or more hydraulic motors. Versatility is achieved by making either or both the pump and motor(s) variable displacement. The result is a continuously variable transmission (CVT). An HST is suitable for snowblowers because of the stepless way in which the HST’s speed ratio can be changed. 


Gas snow blowers can be divided into single-stage blowers (which only feature one auger, the corkscrew-shaped paddle that pushes snow into the blower) and dual-stage blowers (which feature an auger and an impeller that breaks down large chunks of ice and snow, so that the blower can push snow of out the chute more smoothly).

While single-stage blowers are perfectly capable of handling less than 4 inches of snowfall; you will probably need a dual-stage blower for more demanding tasks.

.With the right gas snow blower and proper maintenance, you can look forward to owning a worthwhile investment that will allow you to spend most of your winter doing the things you cherish most.

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