17 Ideas for Designing a Sophisticated American Kitchen Style

american kitchen style

Although it’s alluring to give your kitchen a European design, opting for an American kitchen style isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, America is noted for its own unique characteristics and charms. However, how does an American kitchen look like?

A kitchen that combines traditional elements with contemporary design details is what most of us consider American style. An American-style kitchen usually employs high-quality yet practical materials in its design.

If you are interested in applying this style to your kitchen, I’ve arranged some of the best kitchens with American style that you can look to. So, let’s check this out!

What is American Kitchen Style?

American Kitchen Style

An American-style kitchen is characterized by simple, clean lines and open space. This is the type of kitchen that comes to mind when you imagine grandma’s classic 1950s kitchen in the TV sitcom Leave It To Beaver. Some may call it “old fashioned” or “quaint”, but American-style kitchens are making a bold return to the scene.

In recent years, more and more homeowners are adopting the classic look for their homes in order to bring a sense of nostalgia to an otherwise modern space.

But once you start looking around, you’ll notice that nothing is ever quite what it seems. The definition of American-style kitchens is not a strict one. In fact, American-style kitchens may incorporate styles from any location or era.

Some of the basic characteristics that are often used to describe American-style kitchens are free-flowing layouts and high cabinet placement in order to maximize space while keeping the room visually open.

Though this may seem to be in direct contrast to the clean-lined look, it’s not. In fact, the open space created by high cabinet placement is far from cluttered and is often a great way to showcase your favorite kitchen appliances and decorations.

Why Should Choose an American-Style Kitchen?

American-style Kitchen

Here are some of the reasons:

  • The American style is a natural extension of European design. It fosters creativity and an “anything goes” attitude, enabling you to blend traditional cabinetry with newer trends as they arise. The American style is adaptable, ever-evolving to meet the needs of your family.
  • The look can be easily achieved through well-designed cabinetry. The American-style cabinets are made with large, open storage spaces that are both stylish and functional. The hinges and pulls are always accented in nickel or brass, in a traditional “farmhouse” style.
  • The feel of the American kitchen is also one that is comforting, warm, and welcoming. Countertops are typically made from a variety of materials, ranging from granite and quartz to butcher block and wood.
  • The color palette of the American kitchen is quite large, including colors that some may consider “unusual.” Yet, one thing remains consistent: the use of natural materials. These materials include wood, stone, brick, and putty.

American Kitchen Style Design Ideas

These are some of the design ideas that can help you get started with American style kitchen design:

1. American Kitchen Style with Craftsman Appeal

american kitchen style

This American kitchen is rich in wooden elements. The cabinetry, center island, and dining table are all made of wood with the typical craftsman-style appeal.

On the other hand, the black countertops deliver a nice contrast within this space. You can’t go wrong with the unique tiles’ arrangement in this kitchen’s floor as well.

2. American Kitchen Style with Dark Cabinets

american kitchen style

The stripped walls and backsplash in this elegant kitchen have made a great backdrop for the dark brown cabinets. The oversized refrigerator and range hint at the typical American kitchen.

Besides, the black marble flooring applied in this kitchen has made this space looks even more elegant.

3. Cozy Kitchen with Dining Area

american kitchen style

This spacious kitchen presents a cozy feeling with its minimal color palette. This kitchen only incorporates warm white and light brown colors across the room.

With an extra countertop and a few stools, this kitchen also has a comfortable dining area for a quick meal in the morning.

4. Modern-Traditional American Kitchen Style

american kitchen style

This American kitchen style is where modern and traditional feelings combined perfectly. It features grey-tone walls and countertops blended with dark wood storage and floors, creating an elegant traditional kitchen with a modern flair.

5. Sleek, Contemporary America Kitchen

american kitchen style

If you want to infuse a more contemporary style into your American kitchen, you should look at this idea. This modern kitchen looks sleek and open with its minimalist design.

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The contemporary kitchen cabinet is blended well with the grey wall behind it. Then, it would be best if you didn’t miss the extended wooden table mounted to the countertop, providing an extra surface in this kitchen.

6. American Kitchen Style with Ample Storage

american kitchen style

This American kitchen features ample storage solutions for the homeowner. Combining two shades of grey, the cabinets offer adequate space to store your stuff and deliver a style to the rest of the room.

7. Spacious Kitchen with Save-Saving Storage

american kitchen style

This is another great example of an American kitchen that provides adequate storage solutions. Instead of presenting an extra surface only, the center island doubles as a save-saving storage solution with some drawers in it.

You can also see some stools set around the island to give you a comfortable area to have your quick meal.

8. Modern Kitchen with an Open View

american kitchen style

This open-floor kitchen has an open view feature thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that let you see the natural world from inside your home. The large center island in this space hints at an American kitchen style.

This kitchen also features a dining area that allows you to enjoy your hot meal right after it’s cooked.

9. Simple and Sleek Kitchen

american kitchen style

This American-style kitchen looks elegant with its all-white interior, which is combined with a sleek wooden floor. This spacious room has everything you need in a modern kitchen, from the large refrigerator to stove range.

The three silver pendant lights over the island add a contemporary feeling to this kitchen.

10. American Kitchen Style with Natural Materials

american kitchen style

With its L-shaped cabinet and large island, this kitchen is super functional for any homeowner. This kitchen design can be easily applied to a small space as well.

One of the best elements in this kitchen is its flooring which has its own unique style to complement the room in the best way.

11. American Kitchen Style with Matte Finish

american kitchen style

Expect for its flooring, all the elements presented in this American kitchen are in matte finishes. White subway backsplash is only applied behind the sink and the stove. Instead of the usual island, this kitchen features a white wooden table with two chairs.

12. Warm Kitchen with Ample Countertops

american kitchen style

Warm and cozy are two words that will come to your mind when seeing this American-style kitchen. This kitchen makes a good area for cooking together with other family members with ample storage and countertop.

The spacious island in the center and a pair of pendant lights introduce an American kitchen style to this space.

13. Two-Tones America Kitchen Style

american kitchen style

This kitchen is primarily designed in two colors: cream and natural color of American mahogany. The island, which comes in bold cream color, looks so impressive in this kitchen. It also has two stools for entertaining.

On the other hand, the cabinets behind the island look so tough and dependable.

14. Modern Minimalism

american kitchen style

This kitchen is all white except for the dark flooring, which creates a beautiful contrast within the space.

With its minimalist design, this kitchen looks trendy without too much effort. It also features a multipurpose island that comes with a storage solution.

15. America Kitchen with Warm Wood Elements

american kitchen style

The all-white backdrop in this kitchen makes it possible for you to bring an element into the room. Here, the wood elements present a warm appeal to the rest of the space. This kitchen also features a comfortable dining table beside the island.

16. Kitchen with a Mix of Materials

american kitchen style

This kitchen looks elegant with its white countertop and dark cabinetry. There are some materials incorporated in this kitchen, from wooden to granite to stainless steel. With minimal decorations, this room still boasts its charm in its own way.

17. White Kitchen with Eye-Catching Floor

american kitchen style

You cannot underestimate the role of this natural stone flooring in this kitchen. It has been able to make the kitchen looks more alive with its all-white interior. Instead of one large island like the other ideas, this kitchen features double islands.

Those are a few ideas to incorporate American kitchen style into your home space. Now, you can get started to create a stylish American kitchen in your home. Good luck!

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