Best Outdoor Gate Smart Locks

smart lock for outdoor gate

The best gate smart lock puts you in control of your home as you can choose who will access your residence. And the beauty of it lies in the remote access it grants because you can control the smart gate lock via a smartphone app from anywhere, so there are no more worries about losing keys.

Smart locks usually connect to your Wi-Fi network, making them accessible remotely like other smart home devices. The smart lock can even pair with your smart phone via Bluetooth and automatically locks the gate if the Bluetooth is out of range.

Since the market is full of these smart devices, we have rounded up the best smart locks for outdoor gates. We have also included a guide to choosing the best gate smart lock. So, keep reading this gate smart lock review for more information.

Best Smart Locks to Consider for Your Outdoor Gate

Eseesmart Fingerprint Versatile Smart Pod Lock – Best padlock Overall

The first thing about this Eseesmart padlock is it’s forged with Aluminum and stainless steel, making it boast a rugged construction. The shackle is made from cut-resistant stainless steel to make your home impenetrable.

Even more, security comes from this lock’s fingerprint keyless entry option. You can register fingerprints to unlock your gate in only 0.2 seconds. The padlock allows you to register up to 20 fingerprints and two administrator prints for a safer home.

This particular lock guarantees a keyless entry option. But it could be more versatile because it only has the fingerprint as its keyless entry option. You would be disappointed to learn it also lacks Bluetooth connectivity and cannot pair with your cellphone or voice controls.

But what it lacks in keyless entry options, it makes up for in unmatched rugged construction that guarantees security. It even boasts an impressive battery life that lasts 90 days after only 1 hour of charging time. You will charge the battery via USB.

The IP65 rating makes it a weather-resistant lock that performs phenomenally in dust and water. Outside of these features, there’s little going on with this lock. So, you may be disappointed if you’re looking for a fancy lock. But it’s still a great lock that will secure your outdoor gate. Therefore, it’s another worthy lock for you to buy.

Fingerprint Padlock with Key Backup – Best High-Strength Gate Smart Lock

This Prezlock Fingerprint Padlock boasts precision engineering enclosed in a heavy-duty body. Its body is constructed with heavy-duty alloy metal and Boron Steel for high-strength security. That makes it a smart lock you can trust to offer professional security.

Secondly, it has a fast biometric fingerprint as one of its precision engineering features. Unlike most fingerprint locks, this one has the industry’s latest secure algorithm logic technology to protect your biometrics. What’s more, this technology ensures your smart lock unlocks fast.

I love how practical the fingerprint sensor is in a wet environment. This versatile smart lock has an impressive IP65 weatherproof rating to perform efficiently in such adverse weather. You can store up to 100 fingerprints, and the padlock will unlock in 0.9 seconds with each registered fingerprint.

Because of its high-strength body construction, you can secure any gate with this padlock. The alloy metal and steel can withstand brute force impressively, making this padlock ideal for outdoor gates. But as you may expect from a padlock of this caliber, it’s versatile enough for other usages.

You can buy a padlock to lock your gym lockers (Smart locker lock), school, cabinet, toolbox, and public storage. Its usage surpasses what you may expect it to do. And it follows the logic that this padlock uses a battery to operate its fingerprint sensor.

The battery is easy to charge to ensure keyless entry into your home. It features a USB Type-C port to charge the advanced lithium-ion battery and get thousands of openings. The battery is advanced and long-lasting to give you a long-lasting biometric fingerprint operation.

If the battery runs out, the padlock remains locked. And you can use emergency backup keys to unlock your gate. For that reason, it comes with two functional keys for emergency entry. So far, everything about the padlock is great. But it lacks some features a smart gate lock shouldn’t.

First, it has no digital keypad or Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, your smartphone won’t be your key, nor will your Alexa and Google Assistant devices. But it’s a smart lock worth having, given its professional security and rigid construction.

Anweller Large Fingerprint Padlock – Best Security Padlock for outdoor gate

Anweller P10BF-L Large Smart Padlock reduces the hassle of mechanical keys by granting you plenty of keyless entry options. The first keyless entry option is its fingerprint unlock. You can register up to 20 fingerprints and unlock your gate in only 0.2 seconds.

The padlock’s advanced biometric technology makes this impressively fast unlock speed possible. With this modern fingerprint padlock, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your combination or keys.

You also have the option to use the mobile app called the eSmartLock APP. You can use this app to unlock the padlock remotely and authorize access to your home.

This is handy if you want to authorize family and friends to access your home.

What’s more, the app stores your data locally to improve security. You know well that data stored on the cloud can be hacked sometimes. Therefore, this smart lock prides itself on protecting your precious privacy.

It even features Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enabled device. When you approach the gate with your smartphone on you, the padlock will auto-unlock to grant you keyless entry.

However, it’s disappointing to see this smart lock lacks compatibility with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant devices. It would be great to unlock it by voice. But it has enough keyless options to make it one of the best smart padlocks for gates.

Thanks to its superior cut resistance, the stainless steel long lock beam is already challenging to cut. The keyless entry options provide enough security. But this smart lock goes the extra mile by featuring superior construction materials for even more security.

Moreover, the zinc alloy body is stronger and more durable to resist brute force. On top of this, the padlock has an IP65 weatherproof rating to withstand any adverse weather. You can charge its battery via a USB-C port to operate the padlock’s keyless entry functions.

If you’re looking for a durable, secure, high-security padlock, this one is a worthy option. The battery life indicator will indicate low power so you can charge the battery. The battery lasts nine months as it has an impressive 160mAh capacity.

Igloohome Smart Padlock – Best Padlock for Convenience and User Friendliness

Igloohome Smart Padlock promises to protect what’s important to you with perfectly balanced security and convenience. As such, it’s a smart lock that is made stronger and better to be safe and secure.

Although this Igloohome smart lock offers keyless entry options, it only grants two keyless entries. First, it offers Bluetooth unlock via an app. It features Bluetooth connectivity it uses to pair with your smartphone.

Once you’re within the pairing range, the smart padlock unlocks to grant you keyless entry.

Bluetooth keys provide fuss-free security as you will not fiddle with small digits, nor will you fiddle with fussy dials found on most padlocks. With your smartphone always in your hand, you have convenience at your fingertips.

Already this smart padlock delivers on its promise of balanced security and convenience.

Secondly, this padlock features a keypad. This smart lock would allow you to create and share PINs and temporary access codes because not everyone will have a smartphone paired with this padlock on them. You can create pin codes and share them with friends and family.

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You can use the igloohome mobile app to create and share the pin codes with visitors. The onboard algoPIN™ technology allows you to share the Bluetooth keys and passcodes via the app.

Aside from the secure keyless options, the padlock has a shackle made of hardened steel to withstand brute force and last longer. You can hit this shackle with a 15kN force, which will remain locked and unscathed. More security comes from the battery cover secured by a screw you can only remove with a Torx security screwdriver.

The Igloohome smart lock doesn’t require any Wi-Fi connectivity. You only need the pin code and Bluetooth connectivity to unlock your gate. However, it cannot work with Alexa devices. But it’s an incredible padlock for gates and toolboxes. Therefore, it’s another excellent buy.

eGeeTouch 4th GEN – Best for Commercial and Apartment Buildings, Airbnbs

eGeeTouch Smart Padlock is truly a game changer as it’s the latest upgraded version of its predecessor. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and can withstand weather conditions in any environment.

Aside from its weatherproof design, the smart padlock boasts patented multiple access methods that provide extra flexibility and convenience. First, it uses the eGeeTouch Manager App as a remote access controller. With this app, you can share permanent pin codes or create temporary ones and grant access to family and friends.

Your smartphone can also be the key you need. This smart lock pairs with smartphones and smartwatches and unlock when your devices are within range. The app also allows you to trace log history to know who accessed your facility.

But if you can’t find your smartphone, you can unlock the padlock with an NFC tag. It works with 200 fobs, making it a padlock to lock commercial buildings.

The padlock requires no mechanical keys to unlock. This boosts security because there aren’t any lock-picking cases. It also has no keypads meaning you don’t need combination codes to unlock the gate. 

The padlock provides all the security you need while remaining robust, rugged, and durable. The material quality is phenomenal and will withstand brute force. That makes this another smart padlock to protect your valuables.

It has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 7,000 lock/unlock cycles. That translates to over two years of keyless functions. You will charge the battery via a USB port. However, this smart padlock doesn’t include a USB cable.

It’s not as fancy as most smart locks, but it works efficiently. But it would be great if it worked with Alexa and Google Assistant devices. Nonetheless, it’s a gate smart lock you can bank on to secure your home. Therefore, it.s a worthwhile investment.

Features to look for in outdoor smart locks for gates

smart home features

Every time you set out to buy smart devices for your home, you want to ensure it has the essential features. Here are the vital things a smart lock should have:

More Keyless Entry options

Smart locks with more keyless entry options are more versatile and are harder to bypass. Besides, they reduce the need for a mechanical key to open the gates.

First, you want to ensure your smart locks have a touchscreen keypad. The keypad allows you to input pin codes for keyless entry into your home. But here’s the catch: the keypad should feature anti-peep technology for improved safety.

Second, ensure the door lock has a fingerprint sensor. The sensor should be sensitive to scan fingerprints in less than a second. Usually, the fingerprint scanners take 0.2 seconds to open the lock. Also, the door lock should store more fingerprints to allow more family and friends to access your home without a physical key.

Since your door lock secures your gate and you want to open it as fast as possible, it needs to open up without keys while remaining safe. IC cards will provide keyless entry. A door lock with an IC card also makes keyless entry possible. So, look for a door lock with IC cards.

Note: Voice control is an excellent feature to have when you have a smart lock installed as long as it only lock the gate and does not unlock it. In theory, it may sound super easy to unlock your front door or gate smart lock using voice control, but it’s not the best practice for home security.

Wireless Connectivity

A smart lock can grant even more keyless entries depending on its wireless connectivity. First, look for Wi-Fi connectivity. This ensures the door lock connects to the internet. As a result, you can remote lock your gate.

Wi-Fi connectivity also allows you to pair the lock with voice assistants. Such devices can be controlled through voice commands. That makes access to your home via voice commands possible; you only have to tell your virtual assistant to unlock the doors.

Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair the door lock with your Apple watch and smartphone. The result of this is a lock that automatically locks doors when you’re approaching the gate.

HD Video Camera

Some smart locks are ideal for outdoor use especially when they feature an HD video camera. That’s because these smart locks also feature motion sensors. If you have such a device installed, you can monitor the area in front of the gate and get real-time alerts.

These locks are easy to install, allowing you to view the recorded video of someone who tried to access your residence. Their HD camera is clear even at night, especially with the vision capability.

You can even live stream what’s happening in front of the camera. Therefore, opt for devices with a camera unless you already home smart outdoor security cameras such as the Blink outdoor camera.

Weather-resistant housing

Water-resistant smart locks are also ideal for outdoor use. They withstand the dust and water elements in the outdoor space. Smart locks rated IP65 and above withstand these elements better.

Ensure you install a weatherproof lock for optimal performance under all weather.

The Power Source

Before you have smart locks installed, check to see their power source. They mostly use batteries. But not all batteries are rechargeable. Buy a device with rechargeable batteries if they run out.

You can boot the batteries via a USB-C from a power bank. If you install these locks, you will gain keyless access to your home if the batteries die.

Ease of Installation

Lastly, check if your preferred gate padlock is easy to install. Most people can handle the installation work. But a few opt for professional assistance. If you do the installation by yourself, opt for an easy install.


Can You Install a Smart Lock on Outdoor Gates?

Yes, it is possible to install smart locks on outdoor gates. Smart locks designed for outdoor use are available in the market, which are weather-resistant and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

These locks are typically battery-operated and can be connected to a home automation system or controlled using a mobile app. Some smart locks have features like keyless entry, remote control, and integration with virtual assistants like Alexa.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the lock is compatible with the type of gate and that the installation process is done correctly for maximum safety.

Can I Use These Smart Locks as Smart Locker Locks?

Yes, you can use these Locks in multiple ways, such as Smart Locker locks to secure your locker at the local gym, your storage unit, your Garden shed doors, and even your fence gate.

Do You Need The Smart Features?

You need smart features like motion sensing and compatibility with other smart devices to control your home effectively. The more advanced features your lock has, the better it will secure your home. Therefore, opt for smart locks that are more robust.

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