Quick Guide On How to Connect Govee Lights to Alexa 

how to connect govee lights to alexa

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Govee smart lights, one of the top players in the LED lights industry. More specifically, we’ll discuss how to connect Govee lights to Alexa, enabling you to control your lighting setup with seamless voice commands. Let’s get started!

Why Govee Smart Lights?

Govee and other smart lighting products have revolutionized the concept of home lighting with their innovative LED light strips. With options to control light color, brightness, and effects, these lights are sure to simplify your life.

However, the real magic begins when you pair them with home assistants like Google or Amazon Alexa. Just being able to adjust your room’s ambiance without lifting a finger is itself a major benefit of smart home lights.

Getting Started To Connect Govee Lights to Alexa

Firstly, make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection. Please note that both Alexa and Govee devices work best on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Before you connect your Govee lights to Alexa, you need to set them up via the Govee Home app. If you haven’t already, download the Govee Home app from the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device and create a Govee account. This account will be your hub for controlling and customizing your Govee smart lights.

Connect Govee Lights to the App On Your Phone

After you’ve downloaded the Govee Home app and created your account, you’ll need to add your Govee lights to it. Here’s how you do it:

1. Open the Govee Home app and click on the “+” icon to add a device.

2. Make sure your lights are powered on, then select the model of your Govee lights from the list.

3. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the connection.

This Video Sums It up Pretty well:

Linking Govee Smart Lights to Alexa

With your lights connected to the Govee Home app, it’s time to link your Govee account to Alexa. 

1. Open the Alexa app on your device.

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2. Tap on “More” at the bottom right, then select “Skills & Games.”

3. In the search bar, type “Govee” and select the Govee Home skill when it appears.

4. Tap “Enable to Use” and sign in with your Govee account to link it.

Voice Commands and Controlling Your Lights

Congratulations, you’ve successfully connected your Govee lights to Alexa! Now you can enjoy the thrill of commanding your lights with your voice. Try commands like “Alexa, turn on the living room lights,” or “Alexa, set the bedroom lights to blue.”

Alexa lets you control on/off switches and colors, the brightness level, and various light effects, making your smart home experience more immersive.

A few more examples of Alexa commands to use with your Govee smart lights:

1. “Alexa, turn on/off the [name of your Govee light].”

2. “Alexa, dim the [name of your Govee light].”

3. “Alexa, brighten the [name of your Govee light].”

4. “Alexa, set the [name of your Govee light] to [color].”

5. “Alexa, change the [name of your Govee light] to [color].”

6. “Alexa, set [name of your Govee light] to [1-100]%.”

7. “Alexa, decrease the [name of your Govee light] brightness by [1-100]%.”

8. “Alexa, increase the [name of your Govee light] brightness by [1-100]%.”

Remember that for all these commands, replace “name of your Govee light” with the name you have assigned to your Govee lights in the Alexa app. See Govee’s documentation for more.

Note: To change colors and adjust brightness levels depends on your specific Govee model’s features and capabilities. Not all features may be available on all models.

Wrapping Up

Connecting your Govee bright lights to Amazon Alexa offers a great deal of convenience and personalization. Using simple voice commands, you can manage the ambiance of your home without even touching a light switch.  You may also like our post on connecting Wiz lights to Alexa.

Thank you for reading to the End!

Happy smart home living!

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