Cool Blink Camera Mounting Ideas and Locations

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Blink Camera Placement ideas

The proper security camera setup is critical to keeping your property secure and safe. While it’s a given that you mount your Blink doorbell camera at the front door, Others not so much. When creating an optimal home security system, you must consider all the best practices for mounting your Blink cameras outdoors and indoors.

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Outdoor cameras are great for monitoring entry points and providing a comprehensive view of your property. To make sure that you are not violating any privacy laws or infringing on your neighbors’ rights, mount your outdoor cameras in locations that give you a clear view of areas like walkways, porches, driveways, and garages without pointing them directly at another residence or area where people may feel uncomfortable being watched.

Additionally, be aware of any common blind spots around your property. Consider finding creative ways to cover those spots with cameras. Keep reading for more blink camera mounting ideas.

Mounting blink camera outdoors, how about a tree?

Mounting a security camera on a tree can be an effective way to cover any blind spots that you may have around your property. Trees provide a great vantage point for cameras. They can be mounted up high, allowing the camera to capture a broad view of the area below. When choosing which tree to mount the camera, look for tall and stable enough to support its weight without swaying too much in windy conditions.

Note: Ensure that your camera is facing away from any neighboring properties or areas with people passing that are private to remain compliant with privacy laws.

When mounting the camera on the tree, make sure you use screws, as these will have less impact on the tree’s health over time. You should also avoid placing the camera too close to tree branches or leaves, as this could block its view of the desired area and reduce efficiency.

Lastly, consider adding camouflage to hide the camera within its surroundings better and make it less noticeable to potential intruders. You can do this by wrapping fabric around it or painting it green; ensure that it does not cover vital parts like the lens or vents.

Overall, mounting a security camera on a tree effectively improves visibility and monitors your property’s entry points. Just take into account proper placement and camouflaging measures to maximize its effectiveness while still maintaining legal compliance standards and respecting your neighbors’ privacy rights.

Think of the possibility of using solar panels to power your camera someday

The best practice for mounting security cameras with solar power is to ensure that the camera is placed in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight during the day. That will allow the camera to receive enough energy from the sun to power it and keep it running efficiently.

When selecting the position for your camera, pick a spot free from any trees or other objects that could block its view or interfere with the amount of sunlight it receives.

Moreover, consider the orientation of your camera relative to the sun. Avoid sun glares, but aim for the best lighting and visibility.

When setting up a solar-powered Blink security camera system, you will also need to ensure that there are no shadows cast onto your camera by nearby trees or taller buildings. Clouds can cause your camera’s view to become obstructed, resulting in decreased visibility and reduced effectiveness of your system. To ensure this does not happen, try positioning your cameras in areas with clear line-of-sight access to direct sunlight for most of the day.

The Best settings for a blink outdoor camera are as follows:

A place at an optimal distance with the blink sync module, where the camera can capture clear footage, motion detection, and the ability to withstand extreme weather.

Ensure you install them on stable surfaces, so they don’t move when exposed to strong winds or extreme temperatures.

It’s also vital to check their condition periodically once you have determined where to place your security cameras. Both Physically and via the blink app to monitor battery life and connection strength.

Finally, always remember to use quality materials when installing solar-powered security cameras. This will help protect them against harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow while ensuring reliability over time.

Blink outdoor Cameras Placement indoors

Regarding placing cameras indoors, there are a few essential factors to remember. If you monitor an apartment or house, consider mounting cameras in these locations:

At the front door entranceways.

Back door entrances.

Mount your blink camera in common areas like living rooms and dining rooms

Bedrooms with Outdoor access

Our daughter’s room has a sliding glass door that leads to the deck. So, we have a camera facing the glass door with the appropriate visibility zone settings. But not only do we have a camera indoors, we also have one in the backyard facing the deck and the playground. We can watch the kids playing and monitor that point of entry.

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If you have a garage, It is the best place to add blink outdoor camera

Garages are essential areas of our homes and properties. Still, it is no surprise that they can benefit significantly from the addition of security cameras. Not only can they help to keep your vehicles, tools, and other items safe, but they can also give you peace of mind by allowing you to monitor who is entering or leaving the garage.

Not only can you open the garage to receive package deliveries from Amazon or Walmart, you can watch the whole thing live on your blink Camera. When combined with a smart garage door opener or controller, security cameras can provide an even higher level of protection.

One great way to use a camera in your garage is by placing one at the entrance point of your garage door opener or controller. This will provide a clear view of anyone coming in and out, allowing you to detect any suspicious activity before it happens. Whenever your garage opens or closes, you’ll get a notification on your phone wherever you may be. Adding a blink Camera to the mix is icing on the cake and gives you that warm and fuzzy about home safety. Check out our post on the best smart garage door opener controllers.

Put the camera near or next to High-Value items in the garage.

In addition to tracking who is entering or leaving your garage, security cameras can also monitor its interior area. Placing one near any valuable items, such as tools or expensive machinery, will allow you to stay aware of their whereabouts and condition at all times, meaning you will never forget where you place that tool last.

When setting up security cameras in your garage, it is vital to ensure their placement does not violate local ordinances or laws regarding privacy rights. Cameras should never be placed in locations where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. This includes restrooms, bedrooms or changing rooms.

Finally, consider camouflaging measures when installing security cameras in garages. That helps ensure maximum effectiveness while respecting the privacy rights of others surrounding you. Two popular methods for hiding cameras include mounting them on shelving fixtures or disguising them among everyday objects like plants or light fixtures. You can even buy exceptional cases explicitly designed for concealing cameras if desired!

Following these simple tips when installing cameras in garages will ensure your property remains protected while maintaining legal compliance standards and respecting your neighbors’ privacy rights.

Placing a Blink Mini camera in the toddler or baby room

A Blink Mini camera is a great way to keep an eye on your baby or toddler. That means you can watch your little one while they sleep, play or hang out in their room. It is a wired camera, so it will always have power and be reliable.

Outdoor Blink Cameras are the perfect choice for home monitoring indoors and outdoors. Its small size and discreet design make it easy to blend into any environment. At the same time, its advanced features provide reliable security coverage day and night.

The camera can detect motion up to 20 feet away and alert your phone or other smart devices when movement is detected. Additionally, it has a perfect viewing angle that allows you to monitor larger areas with fewer cameras.

Not only does the Blink Outdoor Camera provide surveillance coverage, but it also helps deter potential intruders with its built-in alarm system. This alarm can be triggered remotely from your phone – meaning you can set it off even if you’re not home – or when the camera’s sensors detect motion.

Fun Fact about the Outdoor camera

Blink Cameras also have a built-in light that activates when motion is detected. This ensures that intruders are scared away before entering your property and helps you see what’s going on in the dark more clearly. As a bonus, the LED light provides illumination for added safety around paths or stairs leading up to your home or garage during nighttime hours.

In addition to its excellent security benefits, the Blink Camera also comes with two-way audio. You can communicate directly with anyone on-site without having to be there physically. The camera pairs easily with Alexa-enabled devices so that you can use voice commands to access live feeds or playback events recorded on the cloud storage service provided by Blink (sold separately). And since it runs on 2 AA batteries, you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way of installation. A battery-powered setup is an excellent option for renters too!

Final Words

Overall, the Blink Outdoor Camera offers unbeatable performance in terms of security monitoring for indoor and outdoor use. With its wide viewing angle, low power consumption, and easy setup, this camera is sure to become an essential part of any home security system!


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