How to Set Braeburn Thermostat

how to set braeburn

Braeburn thermostats are not as fancy as other smart thermostats but keep our indoors comfortable and reliable. What’s more, I’ve had the chance to use this thermostat since its debut in 2011 while facing only a few issues. More often, I rectified some of those issues using the onboard settings. But I sometimes had to rely on a technician’s help to resolve some problems. Other times, I had to set my Braeburn thermostat myself.

Setting your Braeburn thermostat may look intimidating at first. But you will soon realize how easy it is to set your thermostat. I have written this guide to help you set up your thermostat. So, read on for more information

Setting the Braeburn Thermostat Time and Date

I find it straightforward to set the time and date; follow the steps below:

Press The Date/Time Button

Braeburn thermostat has a date/time button on the keypad. Also, it has up and down arrow buttons. Once you press the date/time button, you can adjust the time by pressing the up/down arrow button. The thermostat allows you to adjust the hour first. Then you will press the date/time button to set the minutes and the day of the week.

Fan Button and set temperature on Braeburn Thermostat

I love how my Braeburn thermostat controls my space while keeping the heating costs to a minimum. And that’s because I can choose from 4 fan settings: Auto, On, Circ, and Prog. I press the fan button repeatedly to toggle through the fan settings.

The Auto mode turns the fan on only when my HVAC is running. But the On setting runs the fan throughout. The Circ setting turns the fan on at intervals of 24 minutes. At the same time, the Prog setting relies on my thermostat programs to turn on the fan.

To adjust the temperature, Press and Hold the Return Button

My Braeburn thermostat shows the current temperature differential setting when I press and hold the Return button for 4 seconds. I can then use the up and down arrows button to adjust the temperature to my preferred levels. This works on most braeburn thermostat models.

Program Braeburn Thermostat on a schedule

I recommend you program your thermostat based on the weather, so check your weather forecast. Programming a Braeburn thermostat is hassle-free and takes a minute or two. You will follow the steps below to program your thermostat:

Press the Prog Button 

When you press this button, your Braeburn thermostat enters the programming mode. You can then set it to heat or cool your indoor temperature. On a toasty day, you want to choose the Cool Mode. And your thermostat will keep the indoor temperature cool. The same rule applies if you want to keep the air inside your home hot when the weather is cold.

Press the System Button

When your Braeburn thermostat enters the program setting mode, you can set it to Heat or Cool the indoor air by pressing the System button. 

Then you will turn the temperature up or down by moving the switch into the correct position. You can press the up or down arrow button to adjust the temperature setting. 

Press the Program Button

You can set a mode for when no one is home. Your Braeburn thermostat will turn your HVAC off to conserve energy. Besides, you don’t need to control your home temperature when one is home to enjoy it! The Away Mode saves heating and cooling costs. That’s why you want to set it.

Press the Day/Time Button

Pressing this button allows you to set the temperature for days of the week. When you know the weather in your area, you can customize the temperature for each day. But if you’re unsure of the weather, you can leave the thermostat on the default setting.

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Once you press this button, use the up/down arrow to select the hour or minute you want to set the temperature. Also, you will use the up or down arrow buttons to adjust the temperature setting. 

Press the Prog Button

When you press this button, you will select the Unocc Mode and set the temperatures for when your house is unoccupied. You will use the arrows to set the time and temperature according to your schedule. Your Braeburn thermostat will conserve energy when your home is unoccupied.

Press Return

You will press this button after programming your Braeburn thermostat. This button will save your programs to ensure your thermostat executes your set commands.

How To Reset Braeburn Thermostat

how to reset braeburn

If you can’t program your Braeburn, there’s a good chance it has malfunctioned. Resetting it will resolve the problem. You will follow these steps to reset your Braeburn:

First, you will locate the reset button. For some thermostat models, this button is on the control panel. You can also find it on the sides of some thermostats. 

Press and hold this button for 4 seconds. The recessed reset button will require you to press it with a pen or something similar, like a small object. 

Your Braeburn thermostat will enter the reset mode. The thermostat will take a few minutes to reset and display a message for the entire period. 

You can configure your Braeburn thermostat as you like after the reset. You will set the time and date again and program the unit afresh.

Common Troubleshooting tips for Braeburn Thermostat

A Braeburn thermostat may have some common problems. But you don’t need to worry since the issues are easy to fix. Here are common problems and how to troubleshoot them:

  • The thermostat displays an incorrect temperature – Place your Braeburn in a central location representing the room’s temperature. Thermostats are strategically located in your home; if the issue persists, you may have to contact customer support.

  • The thermostat won’t turn the HVAC on/off – Set the thermostat to the correct mode to control the HVAC as expected. Check out the program instruction in this guide.

  • The thermostat doesn’t respond to temperature changes – Check to see if you’ve correctly connected the thermostat with the HVAC unit. Also, check if the wiring is secure or if the Braeburn thermostat batteries are seated correctly.

  • Braeburn isn’t controlling the HVAC on time – Check the set time and schedule. You may need to reset the schedule to control the HVAC system on time.


Braeburn thermostat is reliable for the most part and is an easy-to-use device. It will regulate the temperature in your home if you set it. I also love how straightforward it is to set the time and date, and I can choose from different fan settings. I can also program the thermostat to meet your specific needs.

With its various features and options, the Braeburn thermostat can be tailored to fit your preferences and help you save on energy costs. Whether setting it for the first time or making adjustments, following the simple steps outlined in this guide will be helpful. Visit Braeburn official pages for thermostat manuals and instructions.

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