How To Install Amazon Smart Thermostat

amazon thermostat installation

An Amazon smart thermostat can be connected to the internet and power source via a C wire adapter, allowing you to control your heating and cooling system remotely. Of course, you will manage the Amazon smart thermostat via a mobile app on your smartphone.

The smart thermostat app allows you to control the temperature from anywhere. At the same time, the smart thermostat learns your schedules and control the temperature accordingly. And this results in energy savings in heating and cooling systems.

But you will install the smart thermostat first, then control your heating and cooling system conveniently from anywhere. Here’s a guide for you to install Amazon smart thermostat.

Amazon Smart Thermostat Installation

Amazon thermostat

It would be best if you had an hour for the installation since most customers take about the same duration. You can set up the Amazon thermostat or any thermostat by following these step-by-step instructions:

Switch off the Power to the Thermostat

This is the first thing you want to do during installation. You will go to your home’s circuit breaker box and turn off the thermostat system’s primary power switch.

Take a picture of your thermostat configurations

You want to take a picture of the wiring of your old thermostat so you know how to wire it back if you decide to leave it to control your HVAC system.

Also, this will ensure you know how to wire your Amazon smart thermostat wires to the correct terminals like the r terminal switch. You must ensure the wires are configured correctly for this to work!

Remove Your Old Thermostat’s Faceplate

Once you remove the old thermostat device faceplate, replace it with the new Amazon smart thermostat faceplate.

Check if Your Wiring Connections Have a C Wire

amazon thermostat c wire

You will see wires bunched up if you remove the faceplate and wire cover. Look for a wire labeled c. That should be your c wire.

If you don’t have the common wire, you can look for an unused one for your c-wire. You can check behind the wall for any unused wire.

Note: You can install a c wire adapter if you find no unused wire or use another thermostat without a c wire

Once you’ve found the common wire, head to the HVAC system’s control panel and look for the same labeled wire.

Label the Wires Before the Connection

Amazon smart thermostat comes with stickers in its packaging. After removing the old faceplate, check the electrical wiring connections and remove the wires. Then use the stickers to label the wires. Ensure you don’t have the labeled wires fall back into the wall. And a word of caution, don’t touch the exposed wire ends, and label all the wires.

Check C Wire Voltage

As you want to replace your old thermostat with a new Amazon smart thermostat, you want to ensure the power supply via the c wire stays the same. Use voltage indicators to check the voltage and it should read 24V, smart thermostats like your Amazon smart thermostat are low-voltage smart home devices requiring only 24V. So, ensure your Amazon smart thermostat is compatible with your c wire power supply and that no high voltage is supplied to the Amazon thermostat.

Place the Amazon Smart Thermostat Faceplate on the Wall

Pull the labeled wire through the middle of the wall plate. You may need to pull the labeled wires fall Amazon smart thermostat wires through the wall plate hole one after another.

Also, you will use the level to make sure the wires are pulled through the wall plate straight. Before you connect the wires to the Amazon smart thermostat, use a pen or pencil to mark the holes on the wall plate.

Drill on the Spots You Marked on the Wall Plate

Use a drill with a 3/16-inch bit to drill holes in the spots you marked. Then you will press plasterboard anchors into the holes you made.

Install the New Trim Amazon Plate

The trim plate will help you cover the holes made by your previous thermostat. The trim plate may also protect any color paint so your Amazon smart thermostat looks neat in its installation place.

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Place the Amazon smart thermostat Wall plate on the wall

The Amazon smart thermostat has screws included in the package. Use the screws to install the wall plate on the wall.

Connect the Amazon smart thermostat to the electrical wiring

You will connect the thermostat wires ensuring all labeled wires are connected to the Amazon smart thermostat. At the same time, you will pass the wires through the matching slots in the wall plate.

You want to gently tug one wire after another after sliding them into the correct terminal, especially the c terminal. Then you will close the wire cover afterward.

Close the wire cover on the wall plate

After you have connected the thermostat wires and even used the wire nuts to connect the wires, you will close the wire cover of the wall plate.

Attach the Amazon smart thermostat to the wall plate

You will align your new thermostat faceplate with the wall plate. Then you will press the faceplate gently into place. You will hear a click sound when you have attached the Thermostat successfully.

Switch on the Power to the Thermostat

Head to the circuit breaker box and turn the power back on; your thermostat will be powered and ready to control the HVAC system. But only once you set it up first.

You should check your thermostat display to see if it says “SEt.” Sometimes, the thermostat display may show the temperature of your HVAC system. Either way, it shows the thermostat works and can control various HVACs, such as heat pumps and an outdoor HVAC system.

Connect the smart thermostat to the Alexa app

When your smart thermostat is on, you will open the Alexa app and tap the More button at the bottom of the Alexa app. Then you will press Add a Device, located in the top-left corner of the Alexa app.

The Alexa app instructions are clear. Following these instructions should be straightforward. Scroll down the Alexa app and select Thermostat since you want to add your thermostat to control the HVAC.

When you select Thermostat, you will select Amazon because it’s the brand you have working to control your home temperature. These steps will need wi fi network because the set-up requires connecting the Alexa app to the internet.

The App will ask if you’ve installed an Amazon thermostat already, and you will say Yes. You can then set automatic actions such as schedules and control your temperature remotely via the mobile app.

Even better, you can have your smart thermostat connected with temperature sensors, which will automate the climate your old unit may need to do.

After you have set up the thermostat, set the temperature to cool mode and see if the outdoor HVAC unit turns on. If it turns on, it shows your device is working efficiently.

The device allows you to adjust the heat or control the temperature and have cold air blow from your heat pump. Therefore, your home needs a smart thermostat installed. If you can’t install this device on your own, you can consult an HVAC service company to do the work.

What Amazon smart thermostat can do

You can set schedules, and your temperature control device will adjust the temperature automatically. For example, set the thermostat to switch the cooling system off while away from home.

The thermostat will stop the HVAC, thus saving energy. At the same time, you can adjust the temperature remotely via a mobile app, provided the thermostat is firmly connected to the HVAC and receiving enough power via the c terminal.

The Amazon smart thermostat can, therefore, improve the living condition of your home. But to control your indoor climate temperature, install this device before setting it up. If you encounter any problems with your thermostat, visit their support page for fixes to common problems.

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