5 Things to Know about Tan Brown Granite Countertops Kitchen

Colors of Tan Brown Granite

Tan brown granite countertops kitchen becomes one of the most popular granites with a brown shade available in the market.

This brown granite has an overall incredible look, even if you look at it from a distance. That’s why people like to use it for countertops in the kitchen.

What to Know Before Using Tan Brown Granite Countertops Kitchen?

Tan Brown Granite Countertops Kitchen

Brown granites come in various colors and mineral spectrum, so sometimes, it can be difficult for people to choose the suitable one for their remodel.

However, tan brown granite has attractions that make it one of the popular brown-shades granites.

1. Tan Brown Granite Origin

Tan Brown Granite Origin

Tan brown granite is originally from the southern region of India. Although this granite comes in dark shades, it appears with an obvious color scheme that attracts those who enter the kitchen.

The overall look of this stone offers a stable mineral content.

However, most of them show a larger shade of light brown or red minerals with the combination of darker brown or black for its background.

Tan brown granite serves as a dynamic stone for different cabinet colors and lighting conditions in the kitchen.

2. Colors of Tan Brown Granite

Colors of Tan Brown Granite

Tan brown granite features two main colors: black and tan brown, and those colors appear as flecks.

The black color serves as a backdrop while the brown minerals spread on it. Hence, when people look at this granite from a distance, it might look dark brown.

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However, they discover the complexities and variety of colors in this granite stone once they come closer.

Besides the combination of black and brown colors, you can often see gray flecks on them too. Various brown shades appeared in the tan brown granite, creating a coppery look with this durable natural granite.

The stone’s surface also comes with quartz dots that create a good light reflection when the stones are made into tan brown granite countertops kitchen.

That’s why kitchen countertops from tan brown granite offer a sparkling look.

Besides its high durability, tan brown granite offers various characters, interior and exterior projects especially those with light brown shades.

Red and light brown shades will look more stand out when used in a kitchen with good lighting instead of dimmer light.

3. Cabinets to Match with Tan Brown Granite Countertops Kitchen

Cabinets to Match with Tan Brown Granite Countertops Kitchen

Tan brown granite becomes one of the popular choices for kitchen countertops because it matches well with numerous cabinet colors.

To create a statement in the kitchen, combine tan brown granite countertops with either white or cream cabinets.

This combination will surely draw attention since the surface of the countertops provides nice effects and exudes a contemporary feel.

If you want to create a more modest look in the kitchen, you can combine tan brown granite countertops with darker cabinets such as cherry or maple woods.

The combination of darker colored cabinets and tan brown granite countertops kitchen offers a clean and beautiful appearance.

Darker colored cabinets such as black can also be paired with this countertop to make the brown shades look more stand out.

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Not to mention when you install white aluminum sink because it will make this tan granite countertop look even more striking.

The strong contrast look created by the walls and the tan brown granite used as kitchen countertops and other kitchen features will add a unique character to this room.

4. Costs of Installing Tan Brown Granite Countertops Kitchen

Costs of Installing Tan Brown Granite Countertops Kitchen

Before deciding to install tan brown granite for your kitchen countertops, it is important to know how much it costs.

Granite stone is a fairly popular option to be used as kitchen countertops, and mostly they are available at moderate high-end prices in the market.

Tan brown granite price that comes in 2 cm thick slab costs around $30 to $40 per square foot.

Meanwhile, if you want to go for a slightly bigger size, you can choose a 3 cm tan brown granite slab available at a price between $45 and $55 per square foot.

5. Strengths and Weaknesses of Tan Brown Granite Countertops

Another important thing you need to consider before buying a tan brown granite countertops kitchen is its strengths, architectural features and weaknesses.

This review will help you know whether applying this granite countertop goes well with the overall look of your kitchen or not.

  • Strengths
Strengths of Tan Brown Granite Countertops

At least, there are two primary strengths of using granite countertops with tan-brown color in the kitchen.

First, it emerges nice character in the kitchen with good lighting. As the surface of the tan brown granite countertop reflects the light, it will attract eyes that look at it when entering the kitchen.

Next, when used as kitchen countertops, tan brown granite look great to be paired with numerous cabinet colors.

From dark to bright-colored kitchen cabinets, all go well with tan brown granite countertops. Each of them even offers a different design look that looks amazing in the kitchen.

  • Weaknesses
Weaknesses of Tan Brown Granite Countertops

On the other side, tan brown granite countertops kitchen also has some weaknesses. The darker color of its slabs makes the fingerprints left on them look more obvious.

Hence, you need to clean the tan brown granite surface more often to make sure it remains clean and sparkling.

When you fail to choose the cabinet colors to pair with these granite countertops, you will end up having a boring look in the kitchen.

It is because you might use too many brown looks in one room. Hence, you need to wisely select and match the colors between the granite countertops and kitchen cabinets.

Since tan granite comes with high durability and a sophisticated look, its price is higher than other kitchen countertop options.

So, it is important to prepare the budget first when you are convinced to use tan brown granite countertops kitchen.

Each kitchen countertop offers a different appearance and feels to the kitchen.

However, if you want to have a dramatic look and add sparkles to this cooking area, you shouldn’t skip the strong personality offered by tan brown granite countertops kitchen.

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