Pros, Cons, and Designs of Rough Edge Granite Countertops

Luxury style

The kitchen is an important and special place at home. Without this room, you’ll never have the best dishes you cook by yourself.

Hence, choosing a countertop from granite becomes a great task too. One of the popular styles that exist is rough edge granite countertops.

What does it mean with the rough edge? We know that the edge will influence the style of the countertop itself.

A rough edge is sometimes called chiseled, where the edge of the countertop is ragged. Here are some reviews regarding this countertop style.

Pros of Rough Edge Granite Countertops

Pros of Rough Edge Granite Countertops

1. Bold style

Among the styles, rough edge granite countertops stand bold and different. Some people go for the unique style more, and it becomes a perfect option you can pick.

It also stands out for its natural theme kitchen. So, pick this one if you want a bolder design; the rough edge one can beautify your space.

2. Perfect for rustic style

Though modern and minimalist concepts are quite popular, some people still choose the rustic style as decoration for the interior and exterior.

Rustic style is classic with some touches of rust-brown. For the kitchen, it’s good to have rough edge granite countertops to balance the concept.

Rough edge style makes it look like a classic countertop that has been used for ages. While reality, it’s a new one. It perfectly fits the rustic concept.

The rustic, rough edge is a good choice for your interior is a farmhouse. It adds a decorative purpose since the farmhouse has a natural and earthy vibe.

3. Natural

Compared to bullnose and beveled, chiseled or rough edges are known as natural look. It’s like you move the stone from outside to your kitchen.

Because of this reason, the countertop is drawing attention as well. Whatever the situation is, the stone is mesmerizing.

4. Using a clear coat

Because of its roughness, manufacturers produce this rough edge granite countertops with coats. It’s not always a sealer, but sure it’s covered by the liquid coating.

The coating for the granite has a particular purpose, to shine the stone naturally. The coat’s color is clear or transparent to make the stone bolder.

5. Cheaper price

The most exciting fact about rough edge countertops is the price. In the market, it’s sold the cheapest among other styles. It’s because there’s no special treatment for edge formation.

Choose the rough edge to save your money if you want a natural replacement.

Cons of Rough Edge Granite Countertops

Cons of Rough Edge Granite Countertops

1. Abrasions

You have to consider the possibility of abrasions that might happen. When someone touches the rough edge granite countertops, some little parts might cause some mess in your kitchen.

It would dirt your kitchen floor and, more dangerously, the food you place on the countertop itself.

2. Cleaning

Since it’s rough, you will have to spare your time cleaning the countertops. Especially when you don’t put sealer on the surface, you have to take care of the cracks.

It will mess your kitchen if you’re too lazy to clean up the mess, and cooking activities won’t be fun anymore.

3. Not suitable for modern concepts

It might not be suitable for modern concepts as a rough edge on granite countertop. The style is so classic and perfect for rustic themes only.

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For minimalism, it’s too outstanding and overpowering, especially if the size of the countertop is large.

4. Less aesthetic

Compared to other styles, rough edge granite countertops are less aesthetic.

They are not finished well, and manufacturers will let the edge rough as long as the size of the top is perfect for selling. If your kitchen has an aesthetic theme, this one isn’t right for you.

5. Resealing

A big task for you is waiting once you choose this style. For about every 1 to 1,5 years, you have to reseal the surface of the granite, especially the rough edge part.

Resealing is needed to prevent the dirt from cracking and absorbing the water.

6. Hard to resell

Some homeowners usually resell the stuff when they plan to replace it with the new one.

Countertops aren’t the exception. However, you might find it hard to resell the rough edge granite countertops. It’s simply because not many people are into this style for their kitchen.

Designs of Rough Edge Granite Countertops

  • Natural rough

Natural rough

This style of granite countertops is the most popular one. The edge is rough naturally, but it’s neat and less cracked.

The edge shows natural veins of granite which is spectacular compared to the surface itself. Though it appears naturally, it’s coated.

  • Laminated rough edge

Laminated rough edge

This example shows the laminated rough edge granite kitchen countertops.

It looks shiny because of the laminate material and saves you from cleaning many times because of the crack. The granite is simply beautiful, with big and dark dots on the surface.

  • Luxury style

Luxury style

As you can see, the center of the edge is rough. However, the top part is neat and creates a luxurious vibe.

It’s neat and fits the minimalism or modern concept. However, this one is sold like a tile placed differently for the existing countertop.

  • Pure rustic

Pure rustic

If you are into pure rustic concepts for the kitchen theme, you should consider these rough edge granite countertops.

The form is a half-moon and perfect for a large kitchen. You can use this countertop too for your private bar at home with some chairs around.

  • Raw edge

Raw edge

Another style of a chiseled edge granite countertop is raw edge. The cutting isn’t that neat, and the result is quite amazing.

The top surface looks nice with coating, while the edge is raw and looks more natural. However, it might crack if you run into it.

  • Polished


Do you want to have a chic rough edge countertop? This polished one is a great choice because you can see the surface and the edge have the same shade.

It happens because they’re polished using the material for granite. The natural cutting is fine too.

Though quite unusual, rough edge granite countertops are trendy among kitchen interior improvement projects.

Natural touch is more popular nowadays with farmhouse and rustic concepts. Choose this style to have a more beautiful countertop.

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