Can You Paint Over Corian Countertops?

Can You Paint Over Corian Countertops

Corian countertops are a classic type of countertops and can offer extraordinary beauty.

However, the most often debated until now is when someone wants to renovate the countertops. Then, can you paint over Corian countertops?

Many people want to renovate their kitchen without the help of their workers or others.

However, is it possible to do it alone to beautify the countertop’s appearance? If so, then what kind of preparation is needed?

Corian countertops have a beautiful appearance, so you do not have to doubt it anymore.

It is very common sense that many people like to use this countertop as an element of the beauty of the kitchen. You might even be one of them.

What Exactly are Corian Countertops?

What Exactly are Corian Countertops

Corian was the first made by DuPont in 1967. Corian is made of acrylic polymers, and alumina trihydrate (ATH) derived from bauxite ore.

This polymer is then mixed into a liquid form and chemically reacted to be poured into certain molds.

Then through the mold, solid and hard castings are formed. This material is ideal as a countertop.

Besides being beautiful, this material has a really solid surface so that it won’t cause many small holes as a nest for germs and other bacteria.

It will definitely be more hygienic and easier to clean. You can also apply cool coloring for this good countertop.

For example, panting Corian countertops white. White is a color that is perfect for those of you who like neutral colors.

Can You Paint Over Corian Countertops?

Can You Paint Over Corian Countertops

You can change the color of your Corian countertop. For example, when you are bored with the same kitchen theme, you want to do a little renovation.

You can remodel some parts, such as the countertop. Then, can you paint over Corian countertops?

Of course, yes. You can paint or change the entire Corian countertop well and easily. Even with just simple steps, you can do it yourself.

However, if you are unsure, it is highly recommended to seek professional help. This is important to avoid mistakes.

In addition, the countertop is also very easy to use, and you do not need to throw it away to change to a new countertop.

As long as it can be renovated, why change to a new one. Better save your money for other purposes. That’s right, isn’t it?

How to Change The Color of The Corian Countertop?

How to Change The Color of The Corian Countertop

The answer to the question, can you paint over Corian countertops, of course, is yes. However, how to change the color of the Corian countertop?

You need to figure out how to do it and follow the instructions well. Make sure everything is safe, and you can handle it.

1. Degrease

To change the countertop color, you have to start by doing an intensive cleaning on Corian. This is very important you do make sure that you do not paint over the dirt or dust that sticks.

Of course, you will only lose if you do that, right?

If necessary, you can use degreasing soap when cleaning the countertop surface. You also need to use a nylon scrubbing item to protect it from scratches, stains or other damage that could occur.

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If there’s anything better than that, maybe you can use it too.

2. Flushing

After you do degreasing, next, you can do the rinsing. Do not also forget to use a clean cloth to remove the remaining soap.

Because the remaining soap is still there, it can interfere with the color of the Corian countertop.

You have to make sure every corner of the countertop is clean properly. However, if you are still hesitant to do this rinse, you should entrust it to a professional.

You can count on them to rinse or paint Corian counters.

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3. Sand

Although it is very easy to answer this, can you paint over Corian countertops question with a yes? It is not that easy for you to repaint the countertop.

You must pay attention to so many steps and do well. For example, the step after rinsing.

It would be best to prepare some equipment such as fine-grained sandpaper complete with a belt sander, eye protection, nose to mouth to carry out the sanding process.

Sand it gently to avoid indentations on the surface of the Corian countertop.

4. Vacuum

Do not answer yes to this. Can you paint over Corian countertops question if you do not know the next step after sanding?

The next step that you should do is perform a vacuum cleaning to help remove excess dust from the previous sanding process.

If you feel that it is not optimal to clean the former sandpaper, then you can use a wet and dry cloth.

Use gently and do not damage the Corian countertop surface. Thus, you can easily answer the question, can you paint Corian countertops with yes.

In additional information, you need to wait for approximately 24 hours to paint the Corian countertops surface properly.

Of course, you want to get optimal results, right? So, you need to do this information well.

5. Paint to Corian

Paint Corian ountertops

The last step is to apply paint to the Corian countertop. Make sure you get the best color before. Match the theme of your kitchen.

After you finish applying the paint, do not touch the surface immediately. Instead, you have to make sure it stays dry first.

Avoid using a dryer; let dry naturally. If you really want to add the next layer, make sure the previous layer is completely dry.

Note: The paint smell can get overwhelming for some. Read our post on how to get rid of pain smell for some tips.

Now, what do you think? Can you paint over Corian countertops? Or maybe you need a professional? need more tips?

Not difficult to answer the question, can you paint over Corian countertops. Anyone can do it. It is just that if you do not want to bother, you need a professional. This will also make everything efficient.

Don’t you want it too?

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