Black Galaxy Granite Countertops Problems

Black Galaxy Granite Problems

Black galaxy granite is one of India’s most popular granite variants. Experts widely use this type of granite to make kitchen countertops and tiles.

However, although many people use this type of granite, many people still argue about the black galaxy granite problems.

The average problem is related to the characteristics of this black galaxy granite. For example, a surface with black lines that make people pros and cons about the existence of these lines.

Some say it can spoil the appearance, but some say it is very beautiful and aesthetic.

Some Points About Black Galaxy Granite Countertops Problems

To perfect the interior of your home, you have to be smart in choosing each element that will fill every corner of the room.

One of them is the kitchen and tiles elements. Maybe, the idea of black granite could be the right idea.

However, this material has some major problems that need to be carefully examined.

#1. Has Black Lines

Black Galaxy Granite Countertops Problems

On the granite surface, you can sometimes find black lines. However, this black galaxy granite does not always have a black line.

Well, the line is often the pros and cons. Some like the existence of these lines, but some don’t.

Usually, the presence of these black lines is on a certain block. However, this is the nature of this black galaxy granite.

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The line can be vertical or horizontal. The line can also be thick or thin. Nearly 20-30% of high-quality black galaxy granite slabs have these lines.

These black galaxy granite problems are not up for debate. Because again, this is the nature of this granite variant.

If observed, these black lines will look beautiful and become the hallmark of this black galaxy granite rock.

#2. Has White Lines

Black Galaxy Granite Problems

Not only does it have black lines, but another black galaxy granite problem is the presence of white lines on the granite surface.

These white lines are also the same as the black lines, which can be one-way or multi-directional. Of course, this is because it is the nature of this rock.

Maybe some people feel that black and white lines on the surface of this black galaxy granite will be a big problem, especially when it comes to beauty.

It is reported that the black galaxy granite with white lines is a type of lowing-quality black galaxy granite, so it is not suitable for export.

So, it is only used in the domestic market. Although it is difficult to export black galaxy granite, it is still widely used as a countertop material.

These black galaxy granite countertops can be the best choice for you to beautify your kitchen elements.

#3. Prone to Cracks

Problem with Black Galaxy Granite

The next black galaxy granite problem is prone to cracks. Many people think that black galaxy granite is very susceptible to cracking.

So, it is not recommended to be used as material for countertops or floors.

However, in reality, it is not so. You must know how it is. The cracks found in this granite material can be caused for several reasons.

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For example, due to poor rock processing. It can trigger the easy cracking of this granite material.

Furthermore, granite cracks can also be triggered due to broken blocks. Then, damage can also be caused by mishandling by workers to poor packaging and transportation.

If cracks appear at the corners, they can be trimmed. However, nothing can be done if a crack appears in the middle.

#4. Galaxy Variety

Black Galaxy Granite Countertops

A black galaxy granite kitchen is a great idea to make your home interior even more awesome.

However, the often misaligned variety of galaxies makes many people question it. So, what does misaligned galaxy variation mean?

So, the concentration of galaxies is more in a certain area, and there are fewer or no galaxies in the granite.

This is what often becomes a black galaxy granite problem. Then, if the galaxy variation is high, the rock is considered inferior or of low quality.

So, everything should be in tune and good. Because if everything is in harmony, it will be able to provide good furniture finishes, especially for countertops.

A kitchen with black galaxy granite can certainly be an ideal choice for you.

#5. Mergeable Lines

Some Black Galaxy Granite Countertops Problems

Another black galaxy granite problem that people often discuss is the lines that can be combined.

You will not be able to see it directly on the granite surface. However, you can see it when you take a closer look at the rock.

However, this is a minor problem compared to the black and white lines on the granite surface.

These mergeable lines are colorless and will not change the color of the granite surface or its pattern. So, it can be said that this will not have a big effect.

Maybe this problem will only be felt by people who are easily sensitive to small things.

Because for them, the beauty of this material is very important to optimize the beauty of the interior home. Especially for the kitchen.

#6. High Price

Problem with Black Galaxy Granite Countertops

Not a few people think that the price of this black galaxy granite is high.

So they are reluctant to use this granite and tend to use other materials for the base material for countertops and tiles. However, is it true?

This black galaxy granite problem is not entirely true. Of course, every good and quality product will have a proportional price.

Shouldn’t this be true? Of course, the better quality of this black galaxy granite will follow the price offered.

However, the price is not to dry your wallet. So, you can still make countertops and tiles using this granite.

It will give amazing results for your best interior home. Then, are you interested in trying this black galaxy granite for your interior?

Some of these black galaxy granite problems can be said to be not too bothersome.

Because in reality, this granite material can still provide perfect beauty for both countertops and tiles. So, you can keep using it as you wish.

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