How to Clean and Care Cambria Quartz to Keep It Pristine

How to Clean Cambria Quartz

Cambria Quartz countertop is naturally stunning. But what’s more important than an adorable appearance is that it is super easy to maintain—of course, you will love this one.

Cleaning Cambria Quartz is completely simple, and it won’t take the whole day.

Cambria maintenance is made easy because it is non-absorbent so that it won’t absorb any spills.

The countertop is also stain-resistant, so you can let food debris and colored spills linger without worries. Best of all, it doesn’t require expensive store-bought cleaner since a soft cloth will do.

How to Clean Cambria Quartz the Right Way

How to Clean Cambria Quartz the Right Way

Cambria quartz doesn’t require a complex cleaning or high maintenance, according to the marketing materials.

This explains why a quartz countertop is ideal for high-traffic areas or if you live with kids and pets. The less time it takes, the more time you can spend quality time with your family.

The easy-care Cambria countertop shouldn’t be exposed to solid alkaline, acid, abrasive cleaner, and oxidizers—these chemical products are corrosive and potentially erode the surface of your quartz.

You can use mild soap or clean water instead.

A question pops in your head: How to clean Cambria quartz the right way?

If you are a new Cambria quartz owner and need more insights into the cleaning process, the following step-by-step instructions will help you out.

  • For daily cleaning, prepare a soft cloth to wipe the entire surface of the Cambria quartz countertop.
  • Wet a soft cloth with clean water and squeeze to remove excess water.
  • Wipe clean the surface to remove any spills and stains.
  • Wipe again using a soft dry cloth.

That’s how to clean Cambria quartz and keep the countertop looking good all the time. Clean the surface after each use and avoid harsh chemicals as they can damage your precious countertop.

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Besides, this product doesn’t require polishing or sealants to maintain its pristine condition.

How to Care for Cambria Countertop

How to Care for Cambria Countertop

Now that you know how to clean Cambria quartz, it’s time to figure out how to care for this countertop product.

Fortunately, Cambria maintenance is extremely simple, making it the perfect choice for busy homeowners or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with tricky chores.

Cambria quartz countertop boasts easy-care convenience, in addition to its exceptional beauty and durability. And when it comes to maintenance, here are main points to take into your consideration:

  • Make It Simple

Take it easy. Harsh chemical and heavy-duty cleaner are not necessary for Cambria quartz cleaning. Rather use a soft cloth and warm water to remove hard water stains on Cambria quartz.

Alternatively, use soapy water by mixing mild soap and warm water as your homemade, powerful cleaning supply.

As a stain-resistant product, you can expect a hygienic surface without putting in some extra effort.

Not to mention you don’t have to rush wiping any spills because it won’t absorb deeper. This means you can do something else like having a good talk with relatives or relaxing before doing the chore.

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Cleaning Cambria quartz from wine spills or oils is easy as pie. Get a soft damp cloth, wipe down the affected area, and wipe again using a dry cloth.

Now your countertop will shine like new. Since it is not chemical proof, be sure not to use chemical quartz cleaner when cleaning.

  • No Polish, No Seal

Care Cambria Quartz

Cambria products are made from natural quartz stone, which has natural beauty.

Natural stones like granite and marble need regular long-term maintenance like polishing and sealing to keep them in good shape. It also helps prevent stones’ surfaces from staining.

You may be tempted to polish your Cambria quartz to keep it looking good all the time. Maintaining the pristine look of your Cambria countertop is so much simpler.

It is not recommended to polish or seal your countertop, which means maintenance becomes more effortless and cost-efficient.

Cleaning Cambria quartz is undoubtedly simple, and maintaining the stone is even easier.

Without routine polishing and sealing, you can simplify the home maintenance budget and focus on self-improvement.

  • Avoid Direct Heat

Pretty much like all-natural stones, Cambria quartz product is not heatproof. This means you have to avoid direct exposure to heat as it potentially damages the stone.

Anytime you want to put a hot pan or pot onto the surface, be sure to use a hot pad to protect the countertop.

It is also necessary to get a few accessories to complement your kitchen space.

It could be a metal trivet if you have a modern kitchen or wooden trivet for farmhouse flair. Besides protecting the stone surface, it also easily cleans the stone.

Cleaning Cambria quartz after placing a hot pan is quite similar to regular cleaning. Use a soft cloth to wipe clean the surface after each use.

It is also important to avoid rapid temperature changes that damage the stone surface.

  • Handle with Care

Take Care of Cambria Countertop

A minor knife slip will not scratch Cambria stone, but it doesn’t mean the countertop is scratch-proof.

A forceful hit on the surface may cause damage, not to mention the edges are prone to chips. Cambria quartz countertop is durable, but handling the surface with care will make it last longer.

Additionally, it’s important to note that surface markings are visible, especially on monotone designs.

However, surface markings are less visible if you choose a multicolored design stone surface. Also, the stone is not seamless, so that you may find minor seams in the products.

  • Avoid Using Scrub

Not least of all, avoid using scrubs when cleaning your Cambria quartz. Harsh scrubs are abrasive and will gradually erode the surface.

Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe clean the surface and maintain its condition.

Overall, how to clean Cambria quartz is a piece of cake. It neither requires harsh chemicals nor scrubs pads to clean spills and food debris.

Polishing and sealing are also unnecessary so that you can save your budget and time. Do the cleaning project the right way and keep your Cambria countertop in its best condition.

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