How Much is White Princess Quartzite Price?

Classic white quartzite

White princess quartzite prices have decreased for several years, making it more affordable for homeowners who want to remodel using it as their kitchen countertop.

Many people prefer quartzite slabs because it works well to make a statement in the kitchen and offers ten times more durability than marble countertops.

Quartzite is known to be one of the standout materials for kitchen countertops. Besides, it is available in various colors and patterns, so applying it in your kitchen will make it far from boredom.

It seems to be the perfect time to use this extremely durable natural stone in the kitchen as the price comes lower.

6 Varieties of White Princess Quartzite Price

White Princess Quartzite Price

Before heading to the nearest store and buying princess quartzite, it is important to estimate the price you need to pay for this material.

You can estimate the cost per square foot by measuring the square footage of stone required in this project.

Here are prizes that you can consider by its popular white quartzite types.

  1. Classic white quartzite

Classic white quartzite

Classic white quartzite is one of the best seller types in the quartzite lines.

This stone has an interesting look due to its strong grey vein that complements the almost perfect white background. When you place it under the good lights, this can create a sparkling look.

The classic white variety is a highly versatile option for kitchen countertops since numerous interior designers use this material in different kinds of kitchen designs, from traditional to modern designs.

That’s why choosing classic white type can be one of the best options if you plan to have a quartzite kitchen.

To make the stone look standout in the kitchen, you can install LED lighting under the kitchen cabinets.

This option will create a more dramatic look in the cooking area, which draws people’s attention once they enter your kitchen. ‘

Classic white princess quartzite price is considered the most affordable one. Installing this type per square foot requires you to pay $65.

It will be better to explore the stores first before getting one because classic white has many variations.

  1. Super white quartzite

Super white quartzite

Super white quartzite is a type that closely looks like marble. This variety requires less maintenance despite its marble-like appearance and is available at a lower white princess quartzite price.

If you don’t look at it carefully, perhaps you will mistakenly recognize it as marble stone.

It is due to the deep grey veins that can be seen obviously over the white background.

Super white quartzite is denser than Carrara marble, so it has a lower risk of staining. Not to mention, less sealing is required to protect its surface.

Super white variety can be easily found in the kitchen as many homeowners use it for top-of kitchen islands, countertops, vanity tops, and even bar tops.

Super white princess quartzite price ranges are available from $75 to $125 per square foot, including installation.

  1. White Macaubas quartzite

White Macaubas quartzite

If you want to create a more elegant or sophisticated look in the kitchen, white Macaubas quartzite works well for countertops.

This stone has an off–white background that offers long and straight veins in various grey shades.

This quartzite type is very popular, so many interior designers use it for kitchen remodel.

This stone can be easily discovered, especially in high-end homes, including kitchen countertops, vanity tops, wall cladding, and backsplash.

White Macaubas type is the most suitable option for homeowners who want to have a waterfall island.

Its long, straight veins of stone will pour over the edge, making an interesting waterfall effect in the cooking area.

If you are interested in this quartzite type, you must spend around $120 per square foot for Macaubas white princess quartzite price.

The price of this stone installation can be higher depending on how many stones you need to cover the kitchen countertops.

  1. Taj Mahal quartzite

Taj Mahal quartzite

The white background paired with light brown veins creates a unique Taj Mahal quartzite.

This stone is named after the famous monument in India because it has a similar color to the ones used in that iconic building.

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Taj Mahal is also popular among quartzite families because it has a marble look and offers extraordinary performance when used in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen.

However, this variety comes at quite a higher white princess quartzite price with $220 per square foot for the installation.

Don’t worry because the quality and look you get from this stone are worth the price. Install it on your kitchen countertops, and it will draw anyone’s attention as soon as they enter the kitchen.

  1. Fantasy brown quartzite

Fantasy brown quartzite

Fantasy brown quartzite becomes a great option if you add more color to the kitchen design.

This marble-looked stone has a white background with a combination of green, grey, and brown veins. You can create a focal point in the kitchen by combining this stone with white cabinets.

It also makes a nice centerpiece when installed in a wide kitchen island so that its veins look more obvious and beautiful.

With a wide variety of this stone that you can select, you can prepare a budget from $60 to $75 per square foot for this white princess quartzite price.

It is an average budget that you need to install this stone in medium size kitchen.

  1. Rarest quartzite

Rarest quartzite

If you want to have a truly unique countertop surface, it is possible to find it among the quartzite family.

Some of the rarest types of quartzite have a white or gray background but feature either blue or emerald veins. They will look great if you use them as accents on the kitchen countertops.

Another rarest type called medusa quartzite comes with long veins of orange, brown, green, and violet throughout the stone.

The uniqueness of its veins makes the rare white princess quartzite price come high, such as $250 per square foot for this type.

Typical quartzite cost

Super White Quartzite Common Problems

While princess white quartzite is known for its beauty and durability, it does have some common problems that you should be aware of. Here are a few issues that can arise with princess white quartzite countertops:

  1. Staining: Quartzite countertops are generally resistant to staining, it is not entirely immune. Certain substances like oil, wine, or acidic liquids can still cause stains if not promptly cleaned. It is essential to wipe up spills quickly and use appropriate cleaning methods to avoid permanent stains.
  2. Etching: White fantasy quartzite contains calcium carbonate, which makes it susceptible to etching when it comes into contact with acidic substances. Citrus juices, vinegar, and certain cleaning products can cause etching, leaving dull spots or marks on the surface. Using cutting boards and avoiding acidic spills can help prevent etching.
  3. Scratching: While white quartzite is a relatively hard and durable material, it is not entirely scratch-resistant. Sharp or abrasive objects like knives or scouring pads can potentially scratch the surface. Using cutting boards, trivets, or protective pads under heavy objects can minimize the risk of scratching.
  4. Heat damage: Quartzite slabs can handle moderate heat, but extreme or direct heat can cause thermal shock, leading to cracks or damage. Placing hot pans or pots directly on the surface without using trivets or hot pads can cause thermal damage.
  5. Availability and pricing: Although white quartzite is generally less expensive than quartz, it can vary in price depending on the location and availability. It is essential to check with local suppliers and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal.

It’s important to note that while these problems are relatively common, they can be mitigated with proper care and maintenance.

Regular cleaning, using cutting boards and trivets, and avoiding direct heat exposure will help preserve the beauty and longevity of your super white quartzite countertops or surfaces.

The unique color and patterns are the main reasons why people like white princess quartzite. Not to mention the more affordable white princess quartzite price to spend than marble.

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