The 5 Best Propane Heaters of 2023

The Best Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are an ideal choice in many environments. We have reviewed all of the very best options available. Given that they are so versatile, they can be used in different ways. Here, we highlight the very best propane heaters. There is something to suit all needs. 

We review only the very best products so it is often tricky to pick one that is the best. In this case, it was relatively easy as we have already done extensive research to seek out the winning options. 

We take you through the very best propane heaters in various categories, give you advice on what to look for when selecting a propane heater, and answer a few frequently asked questions. 

The 5 Best Propane Heaters:

After studying the features and benefits of hundreds of options and looking at all the consumer feedback on the models, we have come up with the definitive list of the very best propane heaters. Here are our top picks in each category. 

1. Best Indoor Propane HeaterDuraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Heater

Dimensions13.07 x 24 x 23.4 inches
Weight28.6 pounds

If you are looking for an indoor propane heater, this is a popular choice and highly rated by most customers. The first thing that impresses me is the stunning appearance. It looks like a real fireplace. The beauty is that there is none of the stress or hassle of a wood-burning fireplace. The flames are realistic and can even work without heat just to create a cozy mood on the nights that it is not that cold. 

The 3D flame technology is comforting and impressive. The heater pushes out 5,200 BTU so is enough to heat a medium to large area up to 1000 square feet. The technology allows you to create the flame look, including color and size, to your liking. You have that homely fireplace effect without the hassle of wood, no mess, and no odors. 

Another benefit is the technology and design do not deplete the humidity in the room. This is an issue with certain heaters but not a problem you will have with the Duraflame DFI-5010. It boasts a digital thermostat which helps to maintain a comfortable temperature while saving on running costs. 

Safety features are all there and it even has a cool-touch exterior which makes it safe for pets and children. An added luxury is a remote control that allows you to keep things just perfect without getting up. 

2. Best Propane Wall HeaterRinnai FC824P Vent-Free Propane Gas Heater

Rinnai FC824P Vent-Free Propane Gas Heater
Dimensions3 x 10 x 20 inches
Weight39.1 pounds

If you are looking for a propane wall heater, this one should be top of your list. Propane well heaters are safe, reliable, end economical to run. They take up very little space in your home or office and look good. The Rinnai stood out for several reasons. 

It is extremely compact and has a sleek sophisticated look that will fit in with any room. It produces a formidable 22,000 BTU allowing it to heat a space as vast as 1,000 square feet. It uses forced air to circulate heat making it fast, effective, and economical. Despite this, it makes little to no noise. 

If you have children or pets you will be comforted by the fact that it has a cool-touch exterior. It also has all the other necessary safety features. Included in the price are all the mounting brackets needed to attach the unit. It is a vent-free design so mounting will not require professional assistance (and extra costs) and is an easy job. 

It is user-friendly and has an easy and reliable electric starter. The quality is exceptional so you can expect this heater to give you many years of comfort. 

3. Best Portable Propane HeaterMr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

Dimensions7.7 x 13.4 x 15 inches
Weight9 pounds
ColorRed and Black

The Mr Heater Brand comes up often in our reviews and this is no surprise. They have an amazing reputation for affordable products that are practical and reliable. The F232000 MH9BX Buddy was our winning selection for the best portable propane heater. It ticks all the right boxes. 

Firstly, it is lightweight and compact which is obviously important when looking at portable heaters. It can be adjusted according to your needs but will deliver up to 9,000 BTU. This should be more than enough to warm most areas. It is ideal for rooms up to 225 square feet. 

It is exceptionally versatile and can be used outside as well as indoors. This makes it handy to have around for when the cold kicks in. What is critical is that it is reliable and dependable. It is well made so is therefore durable. This is also important when you move the heater around. 

In its class and price range, it is a top-seller and receives a massive amount of positive feedback from happy customers. 

4. Best Garage Propane Heater Mr. Heater Convection Heater

Dimensions16.7 x 15.9 x 21.8 inches
Weight13.4 pounds

In the best propane garage heater section, we have another winning product from the popular Mr. Heater brand. Garages are traditionally cold and difficult to warm so extra power is often needed to keep you comfortable while you work on your projects on those cold winter evenings. This model delivers fantastic heat quickly and effectively. It is a champion garage heater. 

It does not have the best looks but this is not important in a garage environment. It is built for performance and perform it does. With a maximum output of an impressive 80,000 BTU, there is no way you will go cold. This incredible power allows you to heat an area as big as 2,000 square feet. 

The design, durability, and power make this unit highly versatile. It is great in the garage but also ideal for job sites and outdoor use. You can expect as much as 14 hours of use from a 100 lb. Propane tank. No electricity is required meaning that you can use it wherever you need quick effective heat. 

It comes with everything you need including a  P.O.L. Tank connection as well as a 10 ft. hose. It is built not only for performance and heat output but also for safety. It is CSA certified and has all the safety measures you would expect from a quality propane heater. 

Although it has great power it makes barely a whisper so you will not even know it is there, apart from the warmth. It is also odorless. 

5. Best Portable Outdoor Propane Heater WASAKKY Portable Outdoor Patio Heater

Dimensions34.2 x 18.4 x 18.25 inches
Weight38.5 pounds

If you entertain outdoors in the colder months you will want a powerful outdoor propane heater to keep your guests warm. The  WASAKKY 48000 BTU Portable Outdoor Patio Heater is an excellent choice. This popular heater looks good and is built to handle the outdoors. 

With a maximum power output of 48,000 BTU, it is sure to keep your friends and family warm and cozy. It is also a leading option for outdoor restaurants, bars, and events. It radiates heat and can warm an area as large as 16 feet in diameter. 

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The stainless steel construction looks attractive but also gives the heater durability. It is still a good idea to cover it when not in use but it is made to last. It has sturdy wheels so can be moved to wherever it is needed. 

The ignition system is reliable and easy to use. Minor assembly is required when you unpack the unit but this is a fast and simple task. They ensure safety, the heater has tilt protection and auto shut off. There is an optional sandbox that you can purchase to make the base heavier and the unit more stable. 

Reviews on this product are very positive and it is a top seller. 

What to look for when buying the best propane heater

When deciding on the ideal propane heater for your needs there are several critical factors to consider. Before making your choice, give some thought to the following:

Intended use 

As you can see from the above, there are propane heaters that are designed for different environments and uses. While some are quite versatile it is best to get one that suits your needs. Consider if you want one that is for a specific room, portable, for outdoor or garage use or other purposes. 

It is best to get one that is specifically designed for the use you intend. If you want one that is able to work in a range of environments then you need to find one that is up to the task. You will be more satisfied with your purchase if it is effective for the way you plan you use the propane heater. 

Heat output

Once you have established the above, it is critical that you look at and understand the heat output. There is no point in spending money on a heater that will not warm the intended space. You will just be upset with your choice. 

BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the main measure of the heat output of propane heaters. The higher the number the larger the area it can heat. This calculator will help you work out the ideal BTU for the size of your area. 


Any device that creates heat is going to come with some risks. Fortunately, modern propane heaters are perfectly designed to minimize these risks. When used correctly they are extremely safe but one always has to take note of the threat. 

The features that you need to ensure safety will depend on where and how you intend to use the propane heater. 

The basics are:

  • Tip-over protection – This will ensure that the heater turns off if the unit is knocked over.
  • Overheat protection – Even a well-managed heater can get too hot for safe use and it should have some form of shutting down when it gets too hot.
  • Oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) – As a heater burns, even the best ones some gasses are emitted and some are depleted. A good safety measure is ODS that will shut the heater down if oxygen levels start to fall near to levels that might be dangerous. 
  • Cool-touch exterior – This is handy if you have children or pets, or even clumsy family and guests. It ensures that one can contact the heater without being harmed. 

Design and looks

If you want a practical garage heater purely for functional use then the appearance is not highly relevant. However, you do not on that looks unpleasant, especially if it to be used indoors. There are several designs and the is sure to be one to fit in with your home style. 

Consider if you want a more traditional-looking heater or one that is more modern. Some are sleek and stylish, some are more traditional. A few indoor heaters have a classic fireplace look. 


In most cases, one needs to consider the budget. Fortunately, there are many cost-effective propane heaters that do not cost a fortune. Those with great power added features, and an exceptional build might cost a bit more but they are worth the investment as they will perform well and last a long time. There are still several quality propane heaters that won’t break the bank. 


This is something you should be prepared to pay for but is often a feature even on budget heaters. The workmanship and the quality of the materials the manufacturers use will impact the durability. 


The warranty provided gives you some indication of the faith the company has in its products. A decent warranty will give you some peace of mind when investing in a propane heater. 


Here are the answers to some of the questions that popped up frequently while we were researching the best propane heaters. 

Do propane heaters come with a propane tank?

No. You might find some on special where a tank is included but generally, it is something you need to purchase separately. 

Do all propane heaters use the same size tanks?

No, they do not. While the larger ones have a standard connection and will all fit a range of tank sizes, some of the smaller ones might use a different size tank. It is best to check first before investing in a tank. 

How long will a 20lb tank last?

This will depend on the design of the heater and how you use it. It naturally uses more propane on full heat than on a lower setting. The average you can expect is between 9 and 15 hours of continuous use. 

Are all propane heaters suitable for indoor and outdoor use? 

No, some are specifically designed for one or the other. Many are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors but not all of them. It is important to check first.

Can I use my outdoor propane heater if it is windy?

Some handle this better than others depending on the design. Many models will not work too well if it is very windy and might shut off. 

How do I store an outdoor heater? 

Always store them upright. They should be stored out of the rain or at the very least under some sort of cover. Many models have specific covers that one can buy. This will extend the life of the product and ensure that it works the next time you want to use it. 

Can I leave my indoor propane heater on overnight?

This is not recommended. While the good heaters, particularly the ones we reviewed, have exceptional safety features, it is still not a good idea to leave them unattended. 

If it has tip-over protection and overheat protection, as well as an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) you could probably get away with it but it is not the best idea. A better idea would be to get one with a timer that shuts off after a few hours.  

Is there a risk of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning when using a propane heater indoors?

This is a common concern. Modern quality propane heaters have multiple safety features that make this risk minimal. One thing to note is that there must still be some form of ventilation. Do not use these products in an area with zero ventilation.

Although not essential, a Carbon Monoxide detector will give you an extra layer of protection and added peace of mind. 

Final thoughts

As you can see there are many different types of propane heaters and certainly something for all needs and budgets. They are safe and affordable, easy to use, and generate fast comforting warmth. Take the time to think about your needs and where you want to use the heater. You can’t go wrong with any of these winning options. 

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