Fireplace Ideas for Apartments

fireplace for apartment

Do you live in an apartment without a chimney but want to add warmth during the cold months? I have found electric fireplaces to warm apartments and eliminate the need for a chimney. The best fireplace for apartments will bring the coziness you desire without filling the whole living space with smoke or gas smell.

Electric fireplaces even provide the ambiance of a traditional wood fire. And that’s true because they feature high-intensity LED screens that display a real flame. Some units also have built-in Bluetooth speakers to produce the crackling made by burning wood.

I have rounded up some fireplace ideas for apartments. Most electric fireplaces I’ve reviewed are wall-mounted. But you can also find freestanding units that are ideal if you’re on the move more frequently. So, read on for more information!

Electric Fireplaces for Apartments

PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace

electric fireplaceelectric fireplace

I’ve noticed that PuraFlame fireplaces heat apartments efficiently while complimenting home décor. And that’s because this brand has various electric fireplaces such as wall-mounted, freestanding, and recessed.

This Fireplace is recessed for a clean design. But I think this saves apartment space, which is more important. Besides its elegance, the electric fireplace has high-intensity LED lights that provide the same ambiance as a wood-burning fireplace.

It allows you to set up one of two ember beds: A log set or crystal stones. Also, you can choose from four flame options. But the four flames vary from yellow to blue flames. I love the yellow with a little blue flame because it provides the same ambiance as a wood-burning fireplace.

The electric fireplace has 750 and 1,500W heating options to cater to your heating needs. You can plug it into a standard wall outlet and warm an apartment with sufficient energy. And you can control it from the comfort of your sofa with the included remote control.

This electric fireplace is ideal for an apartment because it requires no chimney and is powerful enough to warm your indoor space. The thermostat will maintain your selected heat setting to keep you comfortable throughout the winter night. This unit also has a timer to retain heat for a given duration.

Touchstone 80004 50-Inch Electric Fireplace

electric fireplaceelectric fireplace

The Touchstone 80004 50-inch electric fireplace is an excellent addition to your apartment or any room in your home. As an electric fireplace designed to be easy to install, you can install it into a fireplace cutout or onto a wall for an accent-wall look.

The faux logs and crystals add a realistic touch to the fireplace. If I want to transform a traditional wood-burning fireplace into something more contemporary, I will install this electric fireplace in my home. 

Even if you have an apartment with no chimney, you can still install this unit onto a wall and make it look like a traditional wood-burning fireplace. And the best part is you can heat your apartment with powerful energy without any apartment interior redesign.

The electric fireplace has realistic LED flames that create an inviting atmosphere in your apartment. What’s more outstanding is the electric fireplace’s usage all year round. You can turn the heater on during cold months and warm the apartment.

But in summer, you can turn off the heater and let the realistic flames create the ambiance of a fireplace. Therefore, it is a versatile electric fireplace for any apartment. I also love that it’s a cool-touch fireplace that makes it best for pet lovers.

Also, it is a unit you want if you have children because it prevents them from getting burned. You can plug it into a wall outlet or hardwire it into your apartment’s electrical system. But I find the latter ideal for permanent installation.

If you live in an apartment and want to stay warm without burning pets and children, this cool-touch electric fireplace will serve you better. Besides, it plugs easily into a standard wall outlet, allowing you to move it to another room that requires heating the most.

Touchstone 80024 50″ Stainless

electric fireplaceelectric fireplace

The Touchstone 80024 50-inch stainless electric fireplace is sleek and, quite frankly, looks modern and will complement any apartment indoor décor. Moreover, the stainless steel finish gives it a clean and contemporary look, and I’m pretty confident this unit will look great in your apartment.

The 50-inch size is perfect for larger apartments and will make the electric fireplace a focal point in your living room. Aside from the enormous size suitable for larger apartments, this electric fireplace has the technology to transform any apartment into a cozy residential space in cold months.

The fireplace has introduced a new concept, the AudioFlare, that combines sound and three flame colors for a more realistic traditional wood-burning fireplace. Besides the flame displays, the unit has a log set and crystal hearth to create natural wood-burning scenes.

The built-in Bluetooth speaker produces the crackling sound of burning wood. But I’ve found the speaker to create a relaxing personal space because the audio quality is superb.

If you’re looking for a fireplace idea for an apartment, this electric fireplace is a worthy consideration. As you might expect from a well-designed unit, it boasts two heat options: 750 and 1,500W heat outputs. And this gives you room to customize the warmth in your apartment.

Touchstone Sideline Infinity Wi-Fi-Enabled Electric Fireplace

electric fireplaceelectric fireplace

One outstanding feature of the Touchstone Sideline Infinity electric fireplace is its Wi-Fi connectivity. That tells you it has a mobile app you can download to a smartphone and adjust the heat setting from anywhere.

But you can also control it from the comfort of a sofa with the remote control. What’s more, Wi-Fi connectivity means you can pair it with a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa and command it to set a particular heat output.

You have 750, and 1,500W heat settings since this electric fireplace only have two heat settings. The voice control compatibility is handy when selecting one of these heat settings when your hands are full.

I love that this unit allows users to breathe easily without smoke from burning wood choking the whole apartment. It has realistic LED flames whose speed you can adjust. And in summer, you can enjoy the flames while turning down the heat, making this another versatile electric fireplace.

This is the best electric fireplace for you if you want to convert your apartment into a smart residential space. It has additional features that set it apart.

The Best Fireplaces Options for Apartments

ethanol fireplace

Aside from electric fireplaces, you can keep apartments cozy with the following options:

  • Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Unlike standard gas fireplaces, a bio-ethanol fireplace uses liquid ethanol as fuel, making it an option during a power outage. What’s more, it’s ventless, thus requiring no chimney. Here are other features that make bio-ethanol fireplaces an excellent option:

  • Clean Burning: the liquid ethanol burns cleanly, producing minimal emissions and no soot or ash. And this makes a chimney a non-requirement.

  • Ventless Design: Since these fireplaces emit no soot, they require no chimney hence the ventless design.

  • Portable: You can quickly move this fireplace to a new apartment when moving to a new building.

  • Safe: because of zero-emission, bio-ethanol fireplaces are safe for indoor use.

  • Energy Efficiency: Liquid ethanol is a renewable heat source. And this makes it sustainable. What’s more, it burns cleanly to give more heat.

  • Elegance: one thing with bio-ethanol fireplaces is they’re aesthetically pleasing and compliments any home décor.

  • Cost-Effective: These fireplaces are more affordable than traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

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Bio-ethanol fireplaces are ideal during power outages in winter. They also burn cleanly, produce more heat, and are energy-efficient. Therefore, they are alternative fireplace ideas for apartments. However, one drawback is the limited heat output that lasts as long as the liquid ethanol doesn’t run out.

Water Vapor Fireplaces

water vapor fireplace

Also, ventless water vapor units use water vapor to warm an apartment. Also, they use LED lights to create the illusion of a fire in a traditional wood-burning fireplace. These fireplaces offer incredible alternatives if you live in an apartment and want to stay warm during winter. Here are features that make them a worthy consideration:

  • Ventless Design: Since there’s a good chance your apartment has no chimney, you want a fireplace boasting a ventless design. Water vapor fireplaces warm apartment spaces without producing smoke. That’s why they don’t need a chimney.

  • Customizable: You can adjust the flame color with a remote control. Also, you can adjust the flame brightness. And this allows you to create the ambiance that enlightens your evening mood.

  • Energy-Efficient: These fireplaces only use electricity to create the illusion of wood-burning flame. Since they don’t use electricity to produce heat, they remain more energy-efficient. Also, the consumed electricity doesn’t produce heat, making them more energy-efficient.

  • Safe Indoor Usage: Water vapor that produces heat doesn’t leave any smoke, gas, or fumes in the apartment. And this eliminates any suffocation. Therefore, these fireplaces are safe for indoor use.

  • Cost-Effective: Water vapor is a more affordable heat source than wood. 

If you’re looking for a fireplace alternative, water vapor fireplaces are an option you don’t want to pass. Besides, these fireplaces are safe indoors and provide sufficient heat without consuming more electricity. The only issue I find is they don’t produce real flames, which I understand.

How to Choose the Best Electric Fireplace for an Apartment

You will consider some features when looking for an ideal electric fireplace for an apartment. And that’s because the best unit for an apartment has to have some features. Here’s what I look for in an electric fireplace for an apartment:

Safety Feature

An electric fireplace is safe for indoor use because of its zero-emission performance. When I’m fast asleep in any room, the last thing I want is carbon monoxide because it can suffocate me to death. That’s why I look for zero-emissions heating solutions for apartments. And electric fireplaces are an incredible option.

Additionally, most electric fireplaces I’ve had the privilege to use have an auto shut-off feature that switches them off when overheating. And this prevents damage or, more importantly, accidents. When looking for an electric fireplace, ensure it has safety features.

Heat Settings

I also want to check the heat setting of an electric fireplace before buying it. I have mostly found these units to have two heat settings: 750 and 1,500W. But I have also found units with more heat settings: Low, Med, High, and No Heat (flame only). 

I recommend you opt for a unit with more heat settings because it allows for more customization. What’s more, the flame-only setting allows you to enjoy the ambiance of wood-burning flame without heat in summer!

Size of the Electric Fireplace Unit

Although not something I am strict on, I still want to check the size of the unit before buying it. I love bigger teams because they’re ideal for larger indoor spaces. You can choose a 50-inch unit for a medium-sized apartment. But if you have ample indoor space, I recommend a 72-inch electric fireplace. Besides, you will need more light from the illusion flame to light up the large apartment. So, go the extra mile and choose a larger unit for a larger apartment.

Easy of Installation

I also want to check the design of the electric fireplace to know how easy it is to install. Choose a freestanding electric fireplace if you want something you can use right out of the box. But if you love hands-on DIY, a recessed electric fireplace is what you want. Most units in this post are wall-mounted electric fireplaces.

I also want to check if I can plug my unit into a standard wall outlet or hardwire it into an electrical system. I favor units that you can plug into a wall outlet because they’re easy to get started after unboxing. Besides, they allow for easy relocation.

Cool Tech

You can also check if your preferred electric fireplace for your apartment has cool technology, like wireless connectivity. One unit with this feature is the Touchstone Sideline Infinity electric fireplace. You can find others like it, such as the Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set and Napoleon Allure Phantom 50-Inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace.

I love these electric fireplaces because I can control them via a mobile app from anywhere. Also, I can pair them with a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa and manage them through voice commands. If you want these amazing capabilities, choose a unit that grants you access to its cool tech.


If you live in an apartment with no chimney or gas lines during winter, you can keep it warm with the best electric fireplace. You want to choose an electric fireplace because it has zero emissions and requires no vent. That means you can warm your apartment without suffocating.

An electric fireplace is easy to install, especially if it’s a freestanding unit plugging into a standard wall outlet. You can also enjoy the ambiance of a traditional wood-burning fireplace since they give realistic flames from high-intensity LED screens.

I have reviewed some electric fireplaces for apartments and looked at alternative heating solutions. Therefore, keeping your apartment warm in winter or enjoying the ambiance of wood-burning flames is more convenient now. I hope you find the best heating solution for your apartment from this post.


Can You Have an Electric Fireplace in your Apartment?


Yes, you can install an electric fireplace in an apartment if it’s a wall-mount model. An electric fireplace is ideal for an apartment because it has zero emissions and requires no chimney. You can also have a freestanding unit which is more portable and easier to move to a new room or apartment.

Also, this makes them safe for indoor use. You can even use an electric fireplace in summer to enjoy the same ambiance if you turn off the heat. And this makes these heating options versatile. Therefore, you have more reasons to use an electric fireplace in an apartment. However, I recommend you check with the building management to see if you can use an electric fireplace in your apartment.

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