Solved! Don’t Use Your electric Stove for Heat

electric stove for heat

In the dead of winter, if you find yourself in a heating emergency, it’s tempting to turn on the electric or even gas oven. Especially when the temperature outside is well below freezing. You may let the oven run all day in an effort to warm up your home. But that’s actually a really bad idea. Here’s why you shouldn’t use your stove to heat your house.

An electric oven Uses a Lot of Electricity

Another reason why using a stove for heat is a bad idea is that they tend to use a lot of electricity and trip your circuit breaker. This is because electric ovens have to work harder than other types of ovens (like gas ovens) to generate heat. As such, running an electric stove for long periods of time can actually end up costing you quite a bit of money in utilities. If you’re already struggling to pay your heating bill, using an electric stove is only going to make things worse.

1. Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ovens produce carbon monoxide when they’re turned on, and this gas can be deadly if inhaled. That is especially true for natural gas-burning appliances. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home, and never leave your stove on with the oven door open.

2. It’s a fire hazard.

oven fire

Your stove is designed to cook food, not heat your home. When you use it for extended periods of time, as you would need to in order to raise the temperature of your entire house, it puts stress on the appliance. This can lead to wiring problems that could result in a fire and not to mention the lingering smoke smell. Make sure you have a smoke detector installed on the floor where the oven is being used to prevent fires.

3. It’s not effective.

Even if you manage to avoid a fire, using your stove as a heater is simply not effective. Stoves give off heat primarily through convection, which means that the hot air rises while the cold air stays down near the floor. That might be fine if you’re just trying to warm up one room, but it won’t do much for heating your entire house.

4. It wastes energy.

Another problem with using your stove as a heater is that it’s extremely inefficient and wastes a lot of energy. Ovens are designed to be used for short periods of time at high temperatures. When they’re left on for hours at low temperatures, they use far more energy than they would otherwise. Not only is this bad for the environment, it’s also bad for your wallet. You’ll end up paying a lot more in heating costs than you would if you just used a space heater or called a repairman to fix your furnace!

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There are Better alternative emergency heat sources

Finally, it’s important to remember that you can use an alternative heat source. If you’re looking for extra warmth during a cold snap and your heating system isn’t working properly, try using and electric space heater instead of turning on the oven to heat.

Space heaters are designed specifically for heating small areas. They’re much more efficient than stoves when it comes to generating warmth. Plus, they won’t put you at risk of starting a fire like using the stove would.

You can also use heating sources without electricity

You can even heat your home without using electricity. If you have a barbecue propane tank lying around you may be able to use a portable propane heater to heat you home. That is option is best used for space heating. Additionally, if you have a fireplace you can use a wood stove or start burning wood right in there.

Wear warm clothing to conserve body heat during a heating emergency

If you’re looking for ways to stay warm during a heating emergency, wearing warm clothing is a great option. Warm clothes will help trap body heat, which will help keep you warm even when the heating system isn’t working properly.

Some warm clothing options include sweaters, jackets, hats, and gloves. Make sure that your clothes are made of materials that will keep you warm, like wool or fleece. You can also wear multiple layers of clothing to help trap more heat.

TIP: Don’t forget to drink plenty of warm liquids like tea or hot chocolate. These drinks will help keep you warm from the inside out.


So there you have it—four good reasons why you shouldn’t use your stove to heat your house! If you find yourself without heat this winter, don’t panic! Just grab a space heater and snuggle up under a blanket until help arrives. Your home (and your wallet) will thank you for it!

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