9 Fascinating Ideas for Practical U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen

FeastHome – From various kitchen layouts that people can choose, there is no doubt that u-shaped kitchen can be considered as the most practical option. With this kitchen layout, people can find the space for storage or kitchen appliances compared to other layouts.

You might consider this layout for your large kitchen. Here an article about large kitchen if you need ideas for decorating large kitchen. This layout even will work greatly in the small kitchen as well.

You can still find enough space between the banks to move around. For making sure that this layout can work as you wish, you have to consider about the size as well as level of lights so you can decide on the style, look, and color of the kitchen. Here are some fascinating ideas which can be tried.

Smart U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Design

U-shaped Kitchen

You can feel free to create the U-shaped kitchen when there is large space available. For this purpose, you might use the peninsula unit. It will be a great combination with the smart design features which can be found from the conventional cabinet unit on the wall and one window.

The peninsula will play the role as the continuation of the storage as well as worktop space. There is no need for the third wall in this design. It is actually a great way for defining the kitchen in an open plan areas without covering the kitchen from the view.

Minimalist U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen

Although the U-shaped kitchen can be very functional and efficient, it is better for people to think minimal about the design. In this circumstance, you can try to apply all white design in the kitchen.

You can use two kitchen islands and one floor to ceiling kitchen cabinet unit for one wall only. All white surfaces which can be found in the kitchen will give the compact design impression of U-shaped kitchen for opening up the space in the kitchen.

Bold Style

U-shaped Kitchen

It can be created by combining kitchen units with dark wood material and the bare walls in white. If you are able to minimize the use of the cupboard, there might be space which can be spared for placing table and chairs.

Space Solution: Small U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen
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Maybe right now your kitchen is still in galley layout. You want to make it into U-shaped kitchen but it does not mean that you have to rebuild it totally.

You can turn the current kitchen into U-shaped layout simply by adding the third wall which is short enough. It can be used for storing the kitchen appliances.

The challenge is for making sure that the kitchen will not feel cramped after the addition. It can be done by using the white color as the dominant scheme in the kitchen but it should be combined with the wood for adding the warmth.

U-Shaped Kitchen for Breakfast Station

U-shaped Kitchen
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There is no doubt that U-shaped kitchen layout can really be more functional. Usually the kitchen can only be used for preparing the foods for instance but the worktop can be extended for making breakfast station.

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The third side can be used as breakfast bar. This way, the kitchen can be more functional not only because it can be used for other activities as well but also because this layout can open the kitchen space into the room center because there is no wall.

This is a great idea which people can apply when they want to integrate the kitchen and the living area in the house.

Unique Decoration

U-shaped Kitchen

You might think that for using the U-shaped layout in the kitchen, there will be specific space requirement which cannot be compromised.

You do not think that this type of layout can be applied in the kitchen with long and narrow space. Try to create very shallow U shape by fitting one or two kitchen cabinet units at the right position at each end of the main storage bank.

Although it is shallow, this method actually will provide clear separation between the kitchen area and the living area although there is no wall. The division can be brought further by using the material for kitchen cabinet which is completely different from the material used in living area.

Small U-Shaped Kitchen Design: Window Décor Ideas

U-shaped Kitchen

lovehomedesign comThe central part of the U-shaped window can be varied but it will be interesting if it is the window. With wide window as the central part of the layout, the kitchen space can be filled with light.

You can try to apply matte finish on the kitchen cabinet unit and it will be shown off with the light from the window just like the glazed tiles as well as rich wood material in the kitchen.

Wood can be used for the worktop and the floor so the kitchen can offer the coziness and warmth. The area around the window actually can be decorated further by placing glass items in the same color and plants.

Color and Pattern Use: Wooden U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen

If you are worried about the kitchen space which will look cramped after installing the U-shaped layout, the wall units should be replaced with open shelves for opening up the space.

At the same time, you can make the kitchen look attractive by applying contrast paint on the wall. Pop color can be used for the accessories, linen, and small appliances stored in the kitchen.

Character Addition of Small U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen
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You might find it challenging for creating U-shaped layout in the kitchen when there are windows and chimney breasts. In fact, if you handle it properly, both can be made into design features in the kitchen naturally.

For this purpose, you can try to integrate the cooker hood, oven, and hob into the chimney. Around the window, you can install perfectly fit wall and base units. This way, the kitchen can get its character and charm.

Many ideas can be considered if you want to make U-shaped kitchen layout. Sometimes it can be challenging but the right step can create a huge impact for kitchen decoration. If this article is helpful, do not forget to share it to others who want to bring U-shaped kitchen into their home.

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