10 Best Ways to Install New Kitchen Backsplash: Easy Tips to Follow

install kitchen backsplash

FeastHome – Kitchen upgrade is one of the best ways people can choose to increase their house value. However, to avoid spending a lot of money you can choose to tile a backsplash.

Installing new kitchen backsplash for full – scale can cost very high. But, tiling a backsplash can be a good choice to take.

There will be a lot of advantages that people can get from applying the kitchen backsplash. The applying process will only need a couple days to accomplish.

Moreover, it only costs for about $5 per square foot that almost everyone will afford it. In remodeling your kitchen backsplash, you can do it without moving any appliances.

Here are the best ways to install new kitchen backsplash to upgrade the look of the room.

1. Focus on the Focal Point

install kitchen backsplash
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Every time you intend to upgrade your kitchen, focusing on the focal point of the room is one of the best ways you can choose.

If you only have limited budget to buy expensive tile to upgrade your kitchen, you can put them above your stove only.

Otherwise, you should use tiles with lower cost to rest area of the kitchen. But, if you have more budget and afford to buy the similar expensive tiles for all of the parts of your kitchen, you need to remember to use different pattern or color around the cooking area of the room.

It is important to avoid boredom and gives certain character to the kitchen.

2. Enlarge the Room Visually

install kitchen backsplash
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If you only have kitchen with small space, you can wrap the backsplash in the whole area of the room to create the feeling of visual continuity. As result, your kitchen will look more spacious than its actual size.

You can pick up tile made of crystal marble with colors such as deep purple, lilac, black, and gray. The tile choice will not only make your kitchen looks larger but have fancy look to increase your house value.

You also need to pick up tiles with suitable size that will not look too big or too small for your kitchen.

3. Plan Ahead

install kitchen backsplash
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Planning is one of the most important things in every home design. You also need to plan ahead before deciding to install new kitchen backsplash.

Before the installing process is started, don’t forget you check the walls carefully to make sure that there no thin silver or other small items left while the tile chosen will meet your cabinetry.

You can easily do it by holding the tiles against the wall at the lowest part of the backsplash area. After that, be sure that you move the tiles based on your own preference patterns till you reach the top of the wall.

4. Accentuate

install kitchen backsplash
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Another thing you should consider well when you want to apply kitchen backsplash is the accentuate. If you only have small budget to upgrade the look of your kitchen, it will be better if you use more expensive handmade ceramics or glass tiles to give certain accents to the cheap backsplash tile you have.

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You can pick up ceramic tiles that come with flower patterns and solid colors to create beautiful accent to the kitchen backsplash.

5. Mix and Match

install kitchen backsplash
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One of the best ways to install new kitchen backsplash is by doing mix and match. This is one of the greatest ideas to improve the appearance of your kitchen and makes it more unique.

If you have solid counter in your kitchen, then picking up colorful and complex backsplash can be the best choice to do. For instance, you can combine metal and glass tile to create new modern look of your kitchen.

Moreover, the smart combination of the tile will easily catch people’s eyes and make it the center of attention. With a less attractive counterpart, the unique backsplash can save the look of your kitchen.

6. Make a Grid

install kitchen backsplash
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It can be very hard to create complex patterns. If you want to do it easier, you can try to use your pencil to lay out all of your kitchen backsplash installation plan.

Skim the whole are where you intend to put the tile on by using white thinset. Make sure you let it dry to make it work well.

In this way, you will be able to have perfect surface where you can lay out your plan. Also, it will allow you ideal surface that you will use to set up the tiles.

7. Rotate

install kitchen backsplash
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Another best way to create expensive look of kitchen with less budget is doing rotation. You can change the orientation of the field tile to do it.

For instance, if you want to create modern look for your kitchen, you can rotate the tile vertically. Meanwhile, if you want to create a focal point with low cost, you can lay the tiles diagonally.

8. Try Mastic

install kitchen backsplash
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Though thinset is better product, but mastic is easier to apply. It is pretty much different with thinset that requires you to combine it correctly during the application process as well as knowing how it can work well for your kitchen.

9. Cover the Thinset

install kitchen backsplash
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To create unique look for your kitchen, you can put the mastic or thinset behind tiles made of glass. In this way, you can change the appearance of the tile since it is shown through the glass.

You can pick up glass tile with translucent pattern to bring light to your kitchen and create airy feel around it.

10. Complement

install kitchen backsplash
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Applying tiles with the same color can create uninteresting visual to your kitchen. Moreover, it can cause you to spend a lot of money to get perfect same color for all of your kitchen areas.

Instead applying the same colors and patterns of tiles, you can use the ones with complementary colors. It will make your kitchen looks more interesting and avoid boredom

Installing new kitchen backsplash can be very tricky. The wrong way to install the item will cause you to spend huge budget. It needs tricks to make the installation process works successfully without you have to lose a lot of money.

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