26 Amazing Small Kitchen Island That Works Wonders



– Limited floor space in the kitchen would work for a small kitchen island. For those of you who are stuck with small kitchens, you are in for a treat in this article. We are giving away numerous ideas to make your small kitchen as functional as those larger kitchens.

Well, just because your kitchen has a very limited space does not mean that you do not have the power to own the functionality and features that the larger kitchens out there. In other words, it does not mean that you can have a kitchen island as part of your cooking flow.

Here is the list of small kitchen islands that can work wonders in your cooking space.

1. Square Kitchen Island in Eclectic Kitchen

Small Kitchen Island

Let us begin with something eclectic. This small island has a square countertop that acts as an extra food-prep space in the kitchen. You can have a nice plant as the centerpiece when space is not used.

This pink and white eclectic kitchen seems to be located in an interesting space. That makes this kitchen has tons of personality.

2. Coastal Kitchen with Unique Small Island

Small Kitchen Island Design

This small kitchen island with stools seems to be out of this world. It is a combination of rustic wood and stainless steel material. That is an unusual combination for a kitchen island. However, that looks uniquely fantastic as the center of this coastal kitchen.

The open plan accepts this island’s existence. It also doubles as a dining table with that a modern stool on each side. The stainless steel countertop would be a complement to the kitchen because it is durable and easy to clean.

3. Small Blue Island in Modern Cottage Kitchen

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

The island in this kitchen becomes a stunning centerpiece of the space. The blue color gives an enchanting vibe all around the space. Pairing that shade of blue with white countertop and cabinet is the right move.

This kitchen has a mosaic tile backsplash that applies a cool character to the cabinet space. It also matches the rustic grain of the flooring. The stainless steel appliances naturally join the blend with its grayish charm.

4. Rustic Wood Kitchen Island in Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Island

Check out this calm small kitchen. Even though it has limited space, it is still able to manage its calmness. With the addition of that wood island, the existence of the wood flooring becomes more obvious.

This kitchen comes with many storage spots since the cabinets stretch up to the ceiling. The crisp white tiles add a little freshness into the mix while the rustic kitchen island naturally becomes the focal point of the space.

5. Contemporary Kitchen with Freestanding Island

Small Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island right in the center is the number one priority when designing a kitchen space. Larger kitchens would like to have the island built-in in the middle of the space. Therefore, it remains in the center no matter what.

However, a small kitchen has very limited space. Therefore, space needs to be flexible at some point. That is why it needs a piece of flexible furniture like a freestanding island. For some designers, the freestanding kitchen island was necessary for a small kitchen that needs to free up space sometime.

6. Super Slim Kitchen Island for Narrow Space

Small Kitchen Island Design

For a galley kitchen that has limited floor space, this is a kitchen island you need. The number one feature of this island is the wheels. This slim kitchen island adds dimensions and extra food-prep space to your narrow flooring space.

Your galley kitchen can be much more functional and effective with this kind of island. There is a space under the island counter. You can use that shelving as recipe book storage to support your cooking.

7. Tiny Island in Transitional Kitchen

Small Kitchen Island

It is a stylish transitional galley kitchen design that has a tiny island in the middle. The island becomes the right proportion for the kitchen. It does not take up a lot of space on the floor. However, it offers enough amount of counter space you need during the cooking.

The wood tone of the island blends well with the wooden floor since there are no other elements that connect to the flooring.

8. Blue Elegant Countertop for All

Small Kitchen Island Design

This eclectic U-shaped kitchen has an elegant blue countertop installed for both island and cabinet. The cut edges of the island countertop seem like a perfect move to save a bit space wasted by the oversized countertop.

It can also become a nice dining space instead of the traditional dining table. The dark countertop would set a warm mood to your cooking activity.

9. Small Antique Style Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island Design

The kitchen design in this Cedar log homes matches with the entire interior style of the house. This house has traditional slate flooring for the entire space. That defines the base of the kitchen interior design.

The antique small furniture in the middle comes with the matching wood material. It connects directly to both flooring and the log ceiling. It is small yet it creates an established connection to the house’s interiors.

10. Compact Modern Kitchen with Oversized Countertop

Small Kitchen Island

Check out the countertop of the kitchen island in this modern kitchen. That is a clever option of a countertop dimension. The countertop becomes more useful in the kitchen. You can add a couple of stools to let people enjoy the meal right beside the kitchen.

The cabinetry has contrasting light beige and brown shades with a flat-panel touch latch that complements the compact and modern vibe in the kitchen.

11. Small Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

The butcher-block top material seems to be popular in the world of kitchen design. Therefore, it would be a great choice to add in the middle of your small kitchen. This L-shaped kitchen features crisp white cabinetry with marble countertop.

The butcher block island is movable. You can move it aside to the wall when you need the floor space free for a while. You can also move the butcher-block island closer to you whenever you need it.

12. Carrara Marble Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island

A nice kitchen update could work wonder in your cooking space. It comes with Viking appliances and a high-quality faucet. The fancy built-in kitchen island is something you should focus on. It is entirely made of Carrara marble.

With that beautiful centerpiece and waterfall style, the marble island has become the highlight of this kitchen. That dark concrete flooring is the reason why this kitchen looks so fantastic.

13. Lovely Small Kitchen Island with Butcher Block

Small Kitchen Island Design

Inspiration for your timeless kitchen remodel is right in front of your eyes. This kitchen has recessed-panel cabinetry combined with beautiful white subway tile backsplash. The refrigerator also presents itself in style with that built-in cabinet that has two drawers in the bottom.

In the middle, a lovely small island comes with various kinds of storage. You can store the little things in the drawers and the shelves on the bottom. There is even a holder for the towels. A small kitchen island with storage has a useful butcher-block countertop.

14. Victorian Kitchen Idea with Matching Island

Small Kitchen Island

It seems like this kitchen space is big enough to have a mid-sized island. Instead, it has a nice small island to make the cooking space remains spacious. This Victorian-style kitchen has everything to support the theme.

The kitchen island has a shiplap style cabinet door that matches all the cabinet doors in this kitchen. That is what makes the island part of the set. That green tile backsplash steals the attention away from the island.

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15. Reddish Table as Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

This simple table could be your functional kitchen island. It comes with a simple design that offers more on the function not on beauty. It still looks attractive with that slatted bottom. It looks perfectly fit in this kitchen.

You can use the slatted bottom to store some of the utensils and cookware to declutter the kitchen counter.

16. Small Kitchen Island IKEA

Small Kitchen Island

It is a creative hack of kitchen island products from IKEA. This brand always comes up with a functional product with a simple design. This small island can be a great way to upgrade your kitchen without wasting a lot of money.

This is a functional kitchen island made out of two IKEA islands. It is a better option instead of having just one. Double furniture offers enough extra space for cooking.

17. VADHOLMA Black Oak Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

It is a great option of small kitchen island with seating IKEA you can consider to add in the middle of the kitchen. Its design comes with seating or stools. With the stools, you can also use a kitchen island to enjoy breakfast and coffee or tea time in the morning.

The freestanding island comes with a nice shelving space. The black base color and the oak countertop become a perfect pair to match with the cabinet. You can paint it with the color you like to match the color scheme of your kitchen.

18. Small Kitchen Island with Sink

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

For some people, the installation of a small kitchen island with a sink is not necessary since they only use it for extra counter space. However, the sink would elevate the value of the kitchen island. You can only install it on a built-in kitchen island.

Consider the needs of the sink on the island before you decide to have it installed.

19. Stylish Black and White Kitchen with Compact Island

Small Kitchen Island Design

This small kitchen with island layout has a strong contrast between white and black. Well, it is always beautiful looking at the classic combination of color. The compact kitchen island comes as a solution for extra cutting space. It is part of the cabinet set, which stays comfortably in this small kitchen.

The black marble countertop defines the calmness and elegance that this classic kitchen has.

20. Rustic Worktable for Cottage Kitchen

Small Kitchen Island

There is no need to spend more budgets on having a real kitchen island. Instead, you can opt for an alternative like this one. It would be much more affordable than a kitchen island since you can build it with used planks as a DIY project.

This worktable has its rustic charm quite powerful in the middle separating itself from the other elements. There is no problem with that as long as the worktable becomes useful in the kitchen.

21. Diner Counter for Kitchen Apartment

Small Kitchen Island

You can describe this kitchen island as smart furniture. Primarily, it serves as a dining area but having it right in the middle of cooking space, it would make a perfect worktable for the kitchen too.

If you have a small living space in your apartment or condominium, you should consider having this smart design for the kitchen space.

22. Skinny Built-in Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island

Unlike the previous kitchen island idea, which is freestanding, this one is a built-in option for a slim or skinny kitchen island. It will save a lot of space on the floor. It is a perfect option for your longish narrow kitchen.

It has a different feature with the other small island. This one does have a small countertop, but it is longer than others are. Longer means more space for you to use as a work area.

23. Cool Kitchen with Open Glass Walls

Small Kitchen Island

The open glass wall allows a lot of light to get into the kitchen, which means space would be bright during the day. It is a good feature for this kitchen since the room needs the energy of the outside. It also offers a spacious atmosphere to the kitchen.

Look at the metal table in the middle. It has a blue countertop that adds colors to space as well as the stools. With those thin designs of the structure, it makes space airier. The feeling cramped would be far away from this small kitchen.

24. Farmhouse Kitchen with Sleek White Island

Small Kitchen Island

If you are planning to add a piece of sleek furniture in the middle of your farmhouse kitchen, have a look at this kitchen. The slime shape with a simple design on the island adds a clean charm in the center. Above the island, a beautiful chandelier goes straight to the white island.

The chic carpet pattern blends well with the hardwood floor. That makes a perfect base for the white and slim kitchen island.

25. Amazing Kitchen of Craftsman Home

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

This kitchen would go directly to your favorite design list. An artisan home in Seattle inspires the design of this kitchen. It has a double-bowl sink with tile countertops and multi-colored backsplash tile.

The eclectic kitchen island design blends in significantly with the flooring, kitchen doors, and other furniture on the background. The farmhouse charm that it brings to this modern kitchen makes it become the modern farmhouse cooking space to consider.

26. Small Worktable as Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island Design

This small kitchen island table would work wonders in the kitchen. It can double as the dining table and worktable for the kitchen. Stools and chairs could be nice seating to add to the small kitchen. When the cooking is finished, clear up the countertop and serve the food on the same surface.

This way would save a lot of space in the house. You do not need a dining space anymore. It is a great idea for your apartment or condominium to save up some space for other uses.


What is the ideal smallest size for an island?

It can vary in size and shape, but if you are looking for the very minimum size that is ideal for an island is about 40 by 40oo inches of dimension. If you go smaller than that ideal dimension, you should have the freestanding or the portable kitchen island.

Can you have a kitchen island in limited kitchen space?

You definitely can. You already see in all of the ideas above. It is according to your creativity and needs.

What is the best color for a small kitchen?

For a small kitchen, you should aim for a bright color shade as the main scheme. That kind of color could make the small space spacious and more comfortable. Then, you can choose bold or dark colors to accentuate the bright ones.

How do you add more space to a small kitchen island?

You can do many ways. Some of them are making the drawers work harder, keeping things off the counter, and opting for a small island.

Does IKEA sell kitchen islands?

Yes, it does. IKEA has an attractive collection of kitchen islands with a simple design, which is the characteristic of the brand. You can even have the island at an affordable price.

This amazing collection of small kitchen island ideas would be a great inspiration in designing your small kitchen. Save up some space and make it more functional with those ideas above. From modern to traditional style, the small island would always be helpful for the kitchen.

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