17 Tasty Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas You Need to See

orange kitchen wall decor

FeastHome – Dealing with orange kitchen wall decor could be full of excitement. Orange is the color of joy that brings so much energy into your interior atmosphere. This color is the result of the power of red and the joy of yellow.

This highly versatile and chic color would be a great addition to your kitchen design. Many kinds of decor can spice up your kitchens such as framed artworks, posters, stickers, and some decorative items.

Below is the list of ideas to guide you in designing and decorating with orange colors. Choose one idea among these wall decors that meet your style.

1. Repurposed Old Doors for Appliances Holder

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

It is one of the most interesting DIY elements to be added to your kitchen wall. It is very useful to hold all the kitchen stuff for your cooking. Have these chic doors right beside the cooking area to give an efficient flow while making some delicious food in the kitchen.

The combination of yellowish-orange and white pops the wall. The lines that are created by the door’s design offer a chic texture to the wall. The yellow can be as orange as you want.

2. Burnt Orange Accent Wall with Painting

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Hanging an artistic painting on the wall would instantly upgrade the value of the interior design. As you can see in this kitchen, the painting looks outstandingly shining on that orange accent wall. The color of burnt orange connects with the painting’s color.

The painting feels more special being placed on accent wall, which is the focal point of this open room. Because of the burnt orange accent wall, the white ceiling and farmhouse flooring get together pretty well.

3. Orange Fruit Wall Decor

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

This wall decor features an orange falling into the water bowl. The orange becomes the center of the wall art making it perfect to fresh up the atmosphere around the cooking area. The texture of the water looks amazing from this point of view. It is like having the wall decor in 3D.

4. Perfect Orange Color Scheme for Kitchen

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

This color scheme could be a great idea to apply to your kitchen. The burnt orange becomes the main color of this kitchen. As you can see, even though this kitchen is small, the orange scheme makes it more cozy and comfortable.

5. Orange & Apple Fruit Wall Decor

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Do you want to have something that stimulates the appetite near the dining table? This fruit wall decor might do the work. The combination of apples and oranges looks so iconic. It would make a perfect wall decor in your dining room.

You can also have this kind of decor near the cooking area. It brings a touch of nature and health into your kitchen design. It looks so fresh and healthy on the wall. Looking at this picture while eating the food could make you think about how important being healthy is.

6. White Kitchen with Glossy Orange Cabinet

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Design

That glossy cabinet in this white kitchen elevates the quality of this area. The glossy effect adds fanciness to the entire design. The brightness of the white gives other colors a chance to pop significantly. The retro elements in this kitchen seem like being in the right place.

7. Fruits in Ice Blocks, Wall Decor Idea

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

It is a unique choice of fruit images for a dining room’s wall decor. The owner is not going to let the tasty orange accent wall in this room left plain and empty. It is added with fresh fruit wall decor. The concept of the strawberry, lemon, and tomato image would refresh your mind.

8. Black Stickers for Orange Wall

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Having some black stickers decorating the orange wall would offer an interesting contrast. The boldness of the orange gives the dark stickers a great impression. It shows the utensils you need to keep the kitchen flow runs well.

It is a simple idea to bring attention to the wall. You can even make the orange wall more personal by changing the ‘The Ymkers’ into ‘your family name’. The wall decor will not mess your wall up.

9. Jumping Fish in a Bowl, Wall Decor

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Having a small fish jumping around the frame to frame on the wall of your kitchen or dining room will be so exciting. If you like this kind of art on your orange wall, you should have this wall decor. The orange color of the fish matches the background color of this room.

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If you go with the white background on the picture, you will brighten up the dining room immediately. The catchy ideas of this small fish are to jumping around. The image of the bowl with water inside looks fantastic on the wall.

10. Orange Kitchen Cabinet Design

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

This kitchen does not have a lot of space to shine. The orange color on the lower kitchen cabinet brings a lot of energy into the mix. You do not need a kitchen island to handle the center of the room. Such a small dining table in the middle of the kitchen would provide all the things you need.

11. Stunning Small Orange Cabinet

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Design

You can do many things in your kitchen area when you have the right amount of space. For those of you whose house has a kitchen with very limited space, this small open cabinet would be a great piece of furniture to have.

It does not take a lot of space in your small kitchen. The bold orange color looks stunning especially when the sunlight hits through the window. The black dining furniture set appears so stunning right beside the orange cabinet.

12. Attractive Orange Retro Kitchen Design

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

The entire design of this kitchen promotes a warm and cozy atmosphere for cooking. This kitchen uses two kinds of countertop, wood, and metal. The wood countertop provides more richness, warmth, and depth of color. The metal gives an industrial and quality feeling.

The kitchen island with a metal countertop has a matching color with that large refrigerator. Although that fridge is quite sophisticated and new, the whole style of this kitchen has a retro feel. The energetic color of orange has successfully brought back the old days.

13. Orange Statement Wall in the Kitchen

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Having a statement wall in a room would give a nice accent effect to the interior design. It could be the only wall the matters in the room. As you can see, there is only one side of the wall that has an orange color.

The oranges on the dining table, a light fixture above it, and an orange pan on the stove support the color. Well, one wall is enough for a color like orange to cheer up the entire space of the kitchen. The gray color gives up space entirely to be dominated by a single orange wall.

14. Orange Kitchen with Luxurious Wood Cabinets

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

This kitchen has an orange wall that is accentuated with luxurious wood cabinets. The wood pattern of the kitchen cabinet set looks fantastic over the orange wall. It is just so contrast but in a good way.

The boldness of the orange wall makes the furniture feels more important without making the orange color feels left out.

15. Orange and Lemon Fruit Wall Decor

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Orange juice and lemon tea will provide you with many health benefits. It tastes sour-sweet, which is perfect for a dessert or a healthy snack time. It seems like a great idea having this kind of image on the wall of your dining room. It helps to build up the appetite during the mealtime.

16. Decorative Mural on Orange Wall

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Adding a little bit of artistic mural on the wall is an alternative way to decorate your orange wall. Instead of having it empty and plain, a mural would create instant attention to the wall. As you can see, it matches some of the elements around it.

The mural offers such vintage style decor to the kitchen wall. That is just what this kitchen needs to fulfill the theme.

17. Wall Decor on Burnt Orange Wall

Orange Kitchen Wall Décor Design

Accents with dark colors are suitable for a bold color like orange. This burnt orange makes a perfect background for the whole elements of this dining room. Some dark brown elements and black wall decor items look pretty impressive and impactful in the room.

That kind of wall decor is available in many stores online at a cheap price. You can fill up the frames with some black and white personal photos of yours and loved ones.

The white ceiling and window blinds are just balancing the color scheme. However, white existence in this room is very important to keep the orange and dark elements together.

After exploring the whole ideas of orange kitchen wall decor in this page, you now have the time for deciding which one meets your style. All of those tasty ideas are guaranteed to be warm and energetic.

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