17 Stunning and Bright Yellow Kitchen Island Ideas

yellow kitchen island

FeastHome – As the heart of a house, where all the foods are well-prepared there, giving the vibrant looks with yellow kitchen island ideas is a good choice you can have. The color is linked to optimism, cheerfulness, and also positivity.

But, how could you enlighten your kitchen without making it too tacky and overwhelming with yellow? Let’s see on how to do it through these stunning ideas of yellow kitchen styles.

1. Classic Yellow Kitchen Island

yellow kitchen ideas

Yellow, although best known as a color of joy and energy, can also lend a calming effect to space. Opt for the Laguna yellow for the wall and the backsplash to add a spacious sensation to the kitchen.

Pick the industrial style in lamp and chairs for a classic touch. The broken white cabinetries complement the other colors to add up a luxurious style.

2. A Little Touch of Gold

yellow kitchen ideas

Yellow can present a solid statement such as the range between those white cabinetries. It pops and cheers up the neutral theme in the kitchen. To add a modern and minimalist touch, pick a kitchen island with broken gray countertops and some tiny floating shelves.

The whole scheme looks perfect with the accentuation of baby blue as well as the pop up of green and orange.

3. The Ultimate Sunshine

yellow kitchen ideas

Try making an airy space for your yellow kitchen using some big windows right above the sink. The cabinetries in bumblebee yellow spice up the kitchen and make it looks more spacious. This is an easy and effortless way to turn your basic kitchen into the unique one.

While yellow take the bottom part of the kitchen, color the upper area with broken white or cream. It lessens the sharpness factor brought by the bright yellow.

4. Yellow Kitchen Bright Industrial Style

yellow kitchen ideas

The yellow glimpses in some corners flair the kitchen built in industrial style. Those are such the dramatic effects among the appliances dominated in dark grey color. The unfinished wall is painted in black color to add a rustic atmosphere.

5. The Good Old Time

yellow kitchen island

Present the old style atmosphere using this vintage yellow kitchen idea. The cabinetries in beige color warm up the atmosphere and there is a little French feels from the ethnic tapestry, wooden backsplash with marble counters and some armless bar chairs.

6. Mellow Yellow Kitchen Island

yellow kitchen island

Known as the energetic color, turns out that yellow can lend a sentimental atmosphere.

The kitchen comes in old school style with white subway tiles in the backsplash and hexagonal pattern flooring. And the yellow splashing in the custom cabinetry warms up the nuance to make it more rustic.

7. Friendly Place

yellow kitchen ideas

The energetic yellow in the kitchen set contrasts the wood flooring and black countertops. It is funny pop that enlightens the kitchen so it won’t feel so boring. Don’t forget to add a big window to enhance an airy atmosphere and you will get a more spacious kitchen.

8. Homey Family Retreat

yellow kitchen island

To cheer up a muted kitchen, you could splash some appliances in golden yellow; such as cabinetry, floating shelves, armchair, and the countertops of the kitchen island. You will get a homey space that also is functioned as a family retreat. A colorful tapestry also warms up space.

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9. Ultra-Modern Yellow Kitchen Island

yellow kitchen island

The bright yellow livens up the ultra-modern kitchen dominated by stainless-steel appliances. It makes a predictable kitchen becomes more alive and whimsical. You can also pick some industrial-style lamps to enhance a retro sensation.

10. Relieving Corner

yellow kitchen island

Make your kitchen feels more relieving with the combination of white and bright yellow color. The yellow cabinetries framed with white countertops and surrounded by a white wall. The white window blinds accentuate a sleek atmosphere to the dry kitchen.

11. Going Freer

yellow kitchen island

You can combine some neutral colors with the sunshine and it still makes the kitchen look fresh and neat at the same times. There is no color that dominates the kitchen because some colors come in balance.

The wall uses the white color while the kitchen islands and cabinetries keep neutral in grey. The backsplash is made up of the natural stones and the yellow lightens up space in the floating cabinets.

12. Shiny Sunshine Yellow Kitchen Island

yellow kitchen ideas

This is the best example of an energetic kitchen and if you really want the spirit of sunshine to brighten up space.

The lacquer yellow dominates the theme and it pops out in the custom kitchen set. Meanwhile, the use of white in the counters and the backsplash neutralize the atmosphere, make it not too overwhelmed.

13. A Perfectionist Kitchen

yellow kitchen ideas

Some people prefer to have some spaces that are so sleek, proportional, and exclusive. Yellow can also represent luxury in glossy appliances surface, combined with silver color and white. It also represents the ultra-modern atmosphere in this organized kitchen.

14. Mustard Sunshine

yellow kitchen ideas

The contemporary kitchen features the mustard yellow domination in all the kitchen set and kitchen island appliances. It combines perfectly with the grey countertops and the wood flooring warm up the atmosphere, balancing the bright hue so it won’t become too overwhelmed.

15. Soft and Warm

yellow kitchen ideas

If you don’t like a hue that is too shiny, you can still go for the yellow kitchen. The kitchen uses the mute yellow to cover the wall and complements with the white kitchen set and appliances. The bright tone makes the place looks more spacious even though it is actually tiny.

16. A Glimpse of Happiness

yellow kitchen ideas

If your question on how the small thing can make the dramatic change, this kitchen is the embodiment of the answer.

Without the yellow glimpse in the left side, the kitchen remains a regular, spacious kitchen that is too flat. You can also add a vast door in front of the table to make the kitchen looks airier.

17. Vast and Whimsical

yellow kitchen ideas

A vast and the industrial-style kitchen can pop the cheerfulness through the touch of yellow in the kitchen set and in the backsplash. The subdued gray and the rich dark wood material on the table complement the yellow hue so the kitchen provides you an artsy look.

And those are how you create positive vibes in the yellow kitchen. It pops up and gives you ultimate happiness without being too overwhelmed.

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