17 Inspiring Monochrome Kitchen Wall Décor Designs


FeastHome – A monochrome kitchen wall decor is an element to consider when decorating a cooking space. Monochrome decor comes from a combination of black and white colors. It has been a popular color palette for decades.

You see monochrome style often in bathrooms, living rooms, or bedrooms. Having a monochrome scheme in a kitchen could also make it stylish. You can benefit from the monochrome scheme from a mix of surface finishes and some texture. Let us explore these inspiring monochrome decors.

1. Stunning All-White Open Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

This open kitchen is filled with a crisp white color with a black accent. It has been decorated with a unique light fixture that hangs down from the high ceiling. It adds some industrial style to the scene. The black accent comes from the appliances and round dining table set.

This monochrome kitchen has succeeded in bringing a peaceful and soothing atmosphere into the kitchen. Do not bother installing more windows because it would make the kitchen too bright.

2. Wooden Flooring in Monochrome Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

In such a neutral kitchen, an element of wood would easily become the focal point of the space. In this case, the wooden flooring and countertop play an essential part that bonds the white color and black accent together.

A little bit of industrial vibe comes out of the white ceiling. The industrial light pendant would steal people’s attention around the kitchen. Some part of the floor space is occupied by the checkered carpet, which strengthens the black accents.

3. Minimalist Kitchen with Monochromatic Approach

Kitchen Wall Decor

This is the result of a kitchen remodeling of an old apartment. The designer used a monochromatic approach in designing such a stylish kitchen. The black and white color is in the right portion. The black color takes control of the furniture and decor.

The white color is already filling up the entire interior structure. It seems like the monochromatic style is applied to the entire house interior. Check out the monochrome kitchen-wall decor. The typo artwork blends well with the minimalist design.

4. Updated Classic Monochrome Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

This classic kitchen features wood flooring, white cabinets, and marble countertops. Those three elements make a complete combination of a classic style kitchen. A monochromatic approach is what this classic kitchen needs in order to be updated.

The beautiful flooring made of wood adds warmth to the kitchen space design. To make a comfortable cooking space, you have to make sure that the amount of light is enough. Having many windows will be beneficial to brighten the space during the day.

5. Black and White Kitchen with a Twist

Kitchen Wall Decor

This idea shows you another way to integrate black elements into the white kitchen. Instead of using glossy or semi-gloss black paint, you should aim to paint the furniture with a matte black color. It gives the black furniture a unique look that does not go over the top.

Over the stove, you can see a decorative motif that adds more value to the scheme. The accent wall makes an outstanding monochrome kitchen-wall decor for space. That would make a nice twist to this black and white kitchen.

6. Country Kitchen with a Modern Twist

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

The modern twist that we are talking about is that black subway tile. For a country kitchen, a subway tile backsplash is not a matching element. Black and white paint on the wall goes together in harmony. The bold black wall stands side by side with the white wall.

The oak wood countertop does not seem to be out of place in this kitchen. The element defines the country style. The wooden element makes the monochrome scheme becomes a part of country charm.

7. All White Kitchen with Marble Accent Walls

Kitchen Wall Decor

Many people like to add colors to their kitchens. They want the kitchen to be more energetic and exciting. Some other people believe that colored walls are not favorable. That is why white-colored walls become popular for the kitchen.

The point of an All-white kitchen is to get you easily change the mood and look of your kitchen just by adding colors from decorations and accessories. In this kitchen, the marble wall becomes the center of attention. It has some natural splashes of black that makes a stunning wall decor.

8. Fish Scale Kitchen Backsplash

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

This Moroccan style element is a trendy wall decor to be integrated into a kitchen. It has an impressive charm to add texture to the mix. It also complements the white countertop and cabinets of this kitchen.

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The black color is applied below the countertop of the kitchen island. It sets its own focal point in the middle of the kitchen. Some appliances and dark wood floors give some elements with bolder colors a base to shine.

9. Traditional Monochrome Kitchen Design

Kitchen Wall Decor

Check out this elegant cooking space. It comes from traditional monochrome kitchen design with a white background and black accents. For a nice and neutral contrast, some brown elements are added into the mix.

Some light fixture is added as part of the wall decor. It gives some dramatic effect to the wall color.

10. All-Marble Kitchen Design

Kitchen Wall Decor

It is a fantastic idea to have in a kitchen. Since the material used in this kitchen is expensive, you can call this kitchen as a fancy cooking space. As you see, the entire space of the kitchen is filled with marble material.

Starting from the kitchen island, there are no other kinds of material on it besides the shiny metal faucets and sink. One the counter above the cabinet, there is a metal element as a kitchen hood for the functionality of a kitchen flow.

11. Marble Accent Wall in Luxurious Kitchen

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

The marble accent wall in this kitchen strengthens the luxury that this kitchen already has. That modern dining chair set stunningly adds colors to lower the brightness a little bit. The glass wall adds more light to hit the marble accent wall and make it shines better.

The splashes of black accents on that wall become more obvious because of the light. The white cabinet with seamless texture really smoothens the whole wall space.

12. Black and White Flooring for Kitchen

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

Look at this kitchen. The flooring is some you do not see often in many kitchens. It is white ceramic flooring with black lines as the accent.

The flooring itself makes a perfect base for the rest of the elements in this Kitchen. As you can see, the black wood takes over the middle space with the kitchen island. White color becomes the main scheme of this bright kitchen.

13. Monochrome Design for Small Kitchen

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

If you only have a small space for a kitchen and you do not want it to be too bright, you may need to explore this one. The design of this small kitchen looks so slick. That brass pendant decorates the entire space pretty well.

A monochrome design will make this tiny space of the kitchen more stylish and well designed. The white kitchen island also acts as a breakfast bar by adding a couple of stools.

14. Minimalist Black and White Kitchen

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

The main color of this kitchen is not completely white. It has a grey hint that does not look too bright. This minimalist kitchen does not have anything on the wall. Therefore, a grey hint really helps a lot in maintaining the light, especially during the day.

All of the furniture in this kitchen is black, leaving the kitchen with only having two colors.

15. Modern Monochrome Kitchen with a Futuristic Touch

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

When designing a busy space, the layout is going to be an essential part of it. Before applying the design, you should plan the layout first. This modern kitchen has a futuristic touch on the kitchen island. The s ergonomic design really stands out in this open kitchen.

The pendant lights right above the island look enormous. That definitely draws attention. Having those elements as part of this monochrome kitchen makes space more glamour and elegant.

16. Monochrome Kitchen with Extended Bar

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

The extended bar is useful for a kitchen. It adds extra space for a breakfast nook. Therefore, you can have a full space on the kitchen island countertop. Above the extended bar, there is a decorative light fixture to provide more texture in the air.

17. Welcoming Open Kitchen Design

Monochrome Kitchen Wall Decor

As you see, the white color dominates the space. Everything in this kitchen remains light and simple including the dark brown cabinetry. The cabinet becomes an accentuated element in the space. A small portion of the black cabinet matches the dining tabletop.


Black and white is the best combination when it comes to interior design. However, this color does not give much. It becomes a perfect color scheme for the kitchen if you aim to have a minimalist style.

Designing monochrome kitchen wall decor could be challenging since you do not have a big chance to make it colorful. Well, it’ not going to be monochrome, when it is colorful.


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