25 Affordable DIY Kitchen Cabinets to Base Your Next Project


FeastHome – Display your artistry by building the DIY kitchen cabinets on your own. It will save your budget in remodeling the kitchen. We provide you with many ideas for DIY kitchen cabinets. It is great for you who know how expensive store purchased kitchen cabinets can be.

If you are planning to do a remodeling the kitchen, this article would help a lot. FeastHome team have gathered all the best DIY kitchen cabinets that you can explore to get inspiration in designing your cabinets for the kitchen.

1. Sleek Shaker Style Cabinets

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

This shaker style cabinet does not look like a DIY product. Of course, it is not a piece of DIY furniture; we are focusing on remodeling ideas. With the right color and design, you can have such a stunning kitchen cabinet that enlivens your cooking space.

It has a classy appeal and a sophisticated look. However, to achieve this result, you need to have some advanced woodworking and painting skills and have someone give you a hand during the project. It is a great way to update your kitchen easily without wasting a lot of money.

2. Pallet Wood DIY Cabinets

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

It’s a kitchen cabinet made out of wood pallets. It is something you can build from scratch with a bunch of wood pallets and some advanced woodworking skills; you might be able to achieve this gorgeous rustic cabinet.

It is a great option if you are working on a budget. Pallets are friendly material for your DIY project because of its versatility. You can build some awesome things out of this material. Just be creative and make the most of it.

3. Upper Kitchen Cabinet from Plywood

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing plywood as the material for the kitchen cabinet is an inexpensive way to build an upper cabinet for the kitchen. This wood material is quite affordable yet beautiful. It is a perfect idea for you who need an extra cabinet on a tight budget.

4. DIY Pull out Drawers for Kitchen Cabinet

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

For a kitchen cabinet that has much left out storage space, this idea can make the furniture more functional. This DIY drawer is functioned as a wooden insert that you can pull out every time you need it.

The fact that it is not hidden would be something interesting for the kitchen. Therefore, you need to remove the cabinet door first. Then, install all the inserts as many as you need to store your kitchen stuff.

5. Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets with a Tide Line

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

Two tones are always better than one tone. That will also be good advice in interior design including the kitchen. The paint scheme is the highlight of this kitchen cabinet even though it is quite common. Well, it also offers a fantastic twist to the entire kitchen design.

I am talking about the tide line. It is a unique application of color to the cabinet. You may want to consider this fun DIY touch in painting your kitchen cabinets. It is one way to elevate your kitchen to be extraordinary. Pick the right DIY kitchen cabinets to paint for a perfect look.

6. DIY Remodeling Cabinets with Brass Fixtures

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Having brass fixtures, as part of interior decoration, has never been a disappointment. However, the real brass material has been out of the home decor option. Today, there is a new generation of brass, which is better than the original brass material.

Check out this fancy kitchen cabinet. It is covered with cream color with a satin effect. It goes against the brass fixtures on the knobs and handles. That gives a gentle contrast. It would be a great DIY remodeling idea to make your kitchen fancier.

7. DIY Cabinet with Faux-Cycled Barnwood Door

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

The charm faux-cycled barnwood would always be a winner in any room including a kitchen. Having this element to be the DIY kitchen cabinets doors would be a massive thing to be added into the kitchen. If you like to have rustic characters dominate the attention in your kitchen, have this one.

The reclaimed wood material seems to be the right one to be a part of your DIY project. Do you want to have a stunning rustic charm inside your kitchen? Change the cabinet doors with this Barnwood door that is 100 percent DIY made.

8. Simple Farmhouse DIY Cabinet

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

If you are into a farmhouse style, you need to build this cabinet for your kitchen. It seems like a rustic or farmhouse style is so friendly to DIY projects. The wood look of this cabinet will add a spark to your kitchen.

It is simple and easy to make. It comes with two front doors to store all the kitchen stuff. The small space of the countertop would be very helpful for you to prepare the food. You will only need a few materials and everyone would be able to build it within a week.

9. DIY Cabinet for the Fridge

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

This idea of the DIY cabinet involves making use of the space above the refrigerator. Some extra space above the fridge would always be available in most kitchens. In the picture, you could see that available space on the fridge can be filled with two sections of a single cabinet.

The structure of the cabinet covers the whole refrigerator. The cupboard would secure the items and make it an ideal cabinet. You can pick this one of the easiest DIY kitchen cabinets plans as one of the DIY projects.

10. DIY Pullout Drawer for Cabinet

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

It is an ideal idea for your kitchen cabinet if you are planning to store your stuff in style. The pullout systems would complement the efficiency of your cooking flow. You should choose to have this system in some of your cabinets only if you have patience in doing the project.

You can achieve this kitchen cabinet design by fixing two equal size shelves that are equipped with siding hinges on the end. That would allow you to use the cabinet space freely. You can get the full tutorial from ana-white website.

11. Painted Cabinet to Refresh the Kitchen

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Refresh your kitchen just by simply painting the cabinet. If your kitchen never experiences a renovation for a long time, probably, this is the right time to have a little bit of refreshment. For a contemporary or modern style of kitchen, you should choose the neutral color.

12. Wooden Kitchen Cabinet with Natural Wood Color

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

Wood is the best material for furniture inside the best. This kind of material would never lose its appeal. Wooden furniture can represent the coziness and elegance you should have in your house. Well, this kitchen cabinet shows you the result of building the cabinet by yourself.

This kitchen is covered with the natural brown color all over the space. The natural color of the wood seems to be the main attraction of this kitchen. After you have built the kitchen island, you should leave the cabinet just the way it is. Maybe, you can have it well furnished first.

13. DIY Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

If you are currently having a problem with the hinges of your kitchen cabinet, you may want it to be fixed right away. I guess you do not need to call a carpenter and wait for him to show up. Well, you can make the hinges yourself by learning the simple technique.

You need to prepare the supplies like the toothpicks or bamboo skewers, and glue. For the tools, you will use a screwdriver, hammer, and utility knife. The first thing you should do is to remove the original screws of the hinges.

Then, apply the glue with toothpicks. Long story short, the original screws would be reinstalled at the end. You can see the full tutorial at the Instructables website.

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14. Small One-Wall Kitchen Cabinet

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

This DIY project would let you design your kitchen cabinet custom. You can creatively design your version of the kitchen cabinet according to the size and style of your kitchen. Beautifying a kitchen is very important to set the right mood around the space.

You will leave the kitchen sparkling with class with this one-wall kitchen cabinet. The design is simple and classic. It has a simple door structure that looks like wainscoting for walls. The wooden countertop makes a perfect balance between the upper and lower cabinets.

15. Small Stand-Alone Kitchen Cabinet with Two Doors

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

This is an ideal kitchen cabinet idea for your small or minimalist kitchen. This DIY plan is very simple and easy to make. It does not cost a lot of money for the material. With your minimal budget, you can still have a stylish stand-alone two-door kitchen cabinet like this one.

However, this cabinet does not have a drawer but it has two doors for the storage. I guess that is adequate to store some of your kitchen utensils or appliances. You can install a countertop with that color that matches the design scheme. Do not forget to paint the cabinet for a more impressive look.

16. Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinet

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen cabinet design is just classical. The natural wood material offers a classic cottage charm to the kitchen. For homeowners who love to incorporate an English cottage style into the kitchen, the custom cabinet belongs to them.

This DIY cabinet is made out of white pine wood. It has a special finish, which is a mix of brown stains and yellow hues. The under-mount sink plays an important role that blends the wooden cabinet with a black granite countertop.

17. DIY Rotating Shelves for Cabinet Interior

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

One option you could go for a DIY project of kitchen cabinet is having some rotating shelves inside. It is a great way to reface the cabinet from the inside. It would freshen up the interiors and improve its functionality.

Besides rotating shelves, pullout drawers can also be a great option to apply. There is one DIY pullout drawer idea above.

18. DIY Mix-and-Match Option for Cabinet

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

It is a practical and cost-saving rehabbing idea for you to overlook. The designer of this kitchen replaced the base cabinet with a new DIY one while leaving the original glass upper cabinet doors. That changes the entire look of the cabinet.

It is as if the cabinet has been changed entirely. DIY projects should always be as cost-saving as possible. That is why this practical option is ideal for your DIY kitchen remodeling.

19. Shaker Style Update for Flat Cabinet

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

For a European style of a kitchen, this shaker style cabinet would be a nice one to add to the mix. Upgrade your flat-front cabinetry and make it more interesting with this shaker-style idea. It gives a kitchen a clean, classic appeal without spending a lot of money.

For the record, shaker style is one of the most popular ideas for cabinetry for a quite long time. It would be a great addition to strengthen the classic style of your kitchen.

20. Special Drawer Organizer for Cabinet

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Improving the functionality of your drawer would affect to the elevated efficiency of the kitchen. This custom-made feature for drawers can be a great idea to have in one of your cabinet drawers in the kitchen.

This drawer is equipped with utensil organizers and a built-in cutting board. This wooden drawer organizer is available in some stores at a reasonable price. However, you can also choose to save your budget by making it on your own.

21. DIY Cabinet Organizer for Hanging Pans

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrade the functionality of your kitchen cabinet by installing an organizer for the utensil and appliances. This cabinet organizer to hang pans and utensils can be a great idea for your DIY project. It would get the countertop and backsplash out of the clutter.

You can keep all the pans safe and well organized right under the countertop. With the pullout mechanism for opening the cabinet, taking things would be a lot easier and cooler.

22. DIY Work Bench with Sink

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

It is one of the elements for fun outdoor mud kitchens. There is nothing wrong about taking it inside the main kitchen. It would be as functional as the outdoor space. You need a bunch of wood planks and the structure’s concept.

This DIY workbench is equipped with a stainless metal sink that complements the natural charm of the wood planks. It is packed with a shelf to store some stuff. Right under the counter, there is an extra open shelf for storage space.

23. Teak Wood DIY Kitchen Cabinet

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to have a small kitchen cabinet with a simple design and natural light wood charm? You will be looking for this small DIY cabinet. It is made out of teak wood that lights up the entire cooking space. In the picture, the cabinet is designed for bathroom vanity.

However, it is quite flexible to be placed in the kitchen as part of the cooking flow. That dark wood countertop has a strong wood appeal to give character to the entire design of this cabinet.

24. Rustic Small Kitchen Cabinet

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

For a rustic kitchen style, having this pallet kitchen would complete the architectural theme of the space. The galvanized sink plays an important role to keep the entire design together. It makes a perfect focal point for the rustic kitchen too.

This small kitchen cabinet has a door on the side instead of on the front. It is a unique system to use storage in the kitchen.

25. Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

It is another idea to do DIY kitchen cabinets makeover on a budget. There is no more chance for the veggies and fruits supply to clutter all over the counter. You can make it better organized and you will be easy to find anything you need to prepare the food.

This idea of an organizer comes with four pullout compartments. The one at the bottom would be the biggest compartment for the fruits and veggies.


How do you make a stunning cabinet on a budget?

Use lighter colors, replace the cabinet doors, change the lighting, use artwork, add window treatments, and hide all the small appliances.

Should cabinets go to the ceiling?

It is according to the concept of your kitchen design. The three main points to consider are the ceiling details, ceiling height, and aesthetic preference.

How do you measure for kitchen cabinets?

You should begin by making a general sketch for the kitchen, measuring the height of the kitchen, and the width of each wall. Then, you can start finding the measurements of existing cabinets. All of the measurements will be the blueprint for installing the kitchen cabinet.

Which is the best plywood for kitchen cabinets?

Here are the two best plywood grades: MR (moisture resistant) grade and BWR (boiling water resistant) grade. The former is interior grade plywood, while the latter is an exterior one.

Should kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

Light-colored kitchen walls can have dark-colored cabinets. As to define your cabinets against the walls, combine dark walls and light-colored cabinets.

Those DIY kitchen cabinets would spruce up your kitchen without wasting many budgets. If you have a skill in woodworking and time to do the projects, all the ideas above will be a great inspiration to begin the DIY project.

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