17 Inviting Blue Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Pick


FeastHome – To make a trendy kitchen, you might need to know how to add some blue kitchen wall decor into space. Blue is a color that can bring classic and calming feel into a room. A shade of blue exists to fit every style and mood you want to bring into your kitchen interior.

There are a number of blue colors you can consider as kitchen decoration, such as teal, navy, turquoise, cobalt, light blue, and sapphire. Let us explore all of the decor ideas for your blue kitchen.

1. Blue Wall Decor in Rustic Dining Space

Kitchen Wall Decor

This rustic minimalist dining room has a small potted plant as a centerpiece on the table. You can use small flowers, succulent, or a small bonsai tree to decorate the tabletop. However, do not leave the wall empty if you think the room is being too minimalist to be comfortable.

Therefore, you can hang some white blue wall decor with a related theme. There are three items on the wall. The first one has an image of a cooking tool. Then, the second one is filled with inspiring words. The third frame has an eating tool.

2. Clocks and Keys Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

To deliver some antique charm on the wall, some old decorative keys and clocks would be a great idea as wall decor. That would bring an exclusive antique feel around the dining room. The rustic wooden table used in this dining room connects with the main decor.

The keys and clocks wall decor really set the mood for eating. Moreover, some letters say ‘EAT’ is seen there as well. The word speaks to the people to enjoy the meal. You can install this wall decor on the wall in the kitchen area with letters that say ‘COOK’.

3. Blue Wall Accent for Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Wall Decor

That is the only blue wall in this kitchen. It has a built-in single wooden shelf to dress up the vertical space. Instead of having an upper kitchen cabinet, you can leave the wall space-full to be filled with wall decor.

It would avoid the small space in this kitchen to be cramped. The single shelf can be filled with some small cacti, a leaned painting frame, some of the kitchen utilities. You can also use it as the storage or holder for your spice jars.

4. Dark Blue Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

Blue is not always a cooling or soothing color. This shade of blue would bring as much calmness and elegance as you need. It is recommended not to leave the dark blue wall in your kitchen empty or plain because it would give a gloomy feeling to the kitchen that would ruin your mood in cooking.

Therefore, you can fill the wall up with all the tools, appliances, utensils, and ingredients related to your cooking. A couple of wooden boards would make some useful shelves to accommodate all your kitchen stuff. Do not forget to add a little bit of greenery for a natural accent.

5. EAT, Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

Kitchen Wall Decor

For your modern farmhouse kitchen, it is a great idea of wall decor to have. This rustic decor will complement the farmhouse style in this kitchen. The word ‘EAT’ relates so well in both the kitchen and dining room.

There are few other matching items such as that large wooden fork and spoon. A simple gray wreath on a small chalkboard frame will catch the attention within this set of the decor. Whether the wall is light pale blue or gray, it is a great choice of color for this theme.

6. Inspiring Blue and White Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Wall Decor

This blue wall in the kitchen has an open cabinet filled with antique plates, cups, and other appliances. The color of the wall decor blends well to the bold blue color. Most of the plates and cups are colored blue and white which has some artistic value on it.

That beautiful armchair emphasizes the mid-century style of this small kitchen. The white glossy kitchen cabinet creates a comfortable atmosphere around in a narrow space.

7. White Minimalist Kitchen with Red and Blue

Kitchen Wall Decor

The amount of red color in this kitchen is more impactful than blue. However, the smooth and light blue in this kitchen accompanies the neutral white color to harmonize the atmosphere. It is installed right below the white kitchen island.

The blue color matches that small fridge on the background cabinet. In this case, red does not get along really well with light blue but it creates a stunning contrast between the two colors. Red will keep dominating on top of white or blue.

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8. Modern Glossy Blue Kitchen on a Budget

Blue Kitchen Wall Decor

It is a fantastic combination of metallic grey and glossy blue. The result looks so fancy from this point of view. With a little touch from the light fixture, this kitchen would turn into a stylish kitchen with an ideal blue shade combination.

Actually, this kitchen is not as fancy as it looks. It is a kitchen remodel idea on a budget. This kitchen shows you that a glossy blue cabinet could give a pleasing result in high quality.

9. Navy Blue Kitchen Wall

Blue Kitchen Wall Decor

Navy blue is one bold shade you should aim to choose for your kitchen. It gives such a strong impression around the cooking area. White is the perfect pair for this blue shade. This combination will improve your mood in the kitchen.

Add some decorative items on the navy blue wall like that artistic gold frame. It goes straight to the focal point elements in this kitchen.

10. White Wainscoting under Blue Wall

Kitchen Wall Decor

It is another classic concept of an interior. You can copy this kitchen color scheme if you like it. The combination of white and bold blue will deliver a fantastic charm to the kitchen space. Some black accents complement the mix in a stylish way.

The mirror on the kitchen wall might not be necessary but the frame design gives an antique vibe to this classic space.

11. Sunburst Wall Decor on Bold Blue

Blue Kitchen Wall Decor

If you like to go bold on your kitchen wall, the navy is always the best choice of blue shade to choose. The level of bold owned by the navy will complement other elements inside the kitchen.

As you can see, this kitchen is well lighted because of the window’s size and position. The white ceiling also reflects the light from the window. It offers brighter light to be enjoyed in the kitchen during the day. That sunburst decor on the navy blue wall looks amazing.

12. Beautiful Ocean Blue Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Wall Decor

This stunning blue cabinet looks fantastic paired with white and black elements in this kitchen. The ocean blue seems to be the perfect shade for this farmhouse style cabinet.

The cabinet adds some beach feeling to the room. Some black appliances really lowering down the brightness from blue and white elements in this kitchen.

13. Blue Accent Wall with Floral Wallpaper

Kitchen Wall Decor

Check out that fantastic flower art painting on a blue wall. In fact, the blue wall makes a beautiful background for the flower petals. This white kitchen is filled with a bunch of colors but that real focal point of this kitchen is definitely that accent wall.

That green and wood brown kitchen island seems out of place but it does give a unique charm to the kitchen atmosphere.

14. Slate Blue Kitchen Island

Kitchen Wall Decor

This slate blue island looks gorgeous in this elegant kitchen. The kitchen itself seems luxurious and it is got dominated by dark wood material. The kitchen island, without a doubt, becomes an astonishing focal point in the center.

15. Small Dark Blue Accent Wall

Kitchen Wall Decor

A little bit of blue wall is enough to accentuate this beautiful kitchen. Sometimes, blue can be impactful in a room. The boldness seems to be the key to making an impact in this white kitchen. The dark blue accent wall on the back becomes a complementing background for the wall shelves.

16. Blue and White Kitchen Combination

Kitchen Wall Decor

Blue and white seem to be the safest combination you could go within your kitchen. You will achieve the cool and soothing atmosphere you would want for your kitchen. Some light fixtures would make a significant effect to elevate the look of this kitchen.

Right beside the blue and white kitchen, there is a simple dining room with a matching wall art print on the wall. It pictures a slice of lemon or citrus the goes inside the water.

17. Antique Blue-Patterned Kitchen Backsplash

Blue Kitchen Wall Decor

This kitchen backsplash is beautifully patterned. Thanks to the antique ceramic tile with an artistic pattern. Having this blue kitchen-wall decor right above the stuff could really complement your good mood during the cooking.


Blue is a fantastic shade of color to choose from for your kitchen. This color has many things that it can deliver. It prompts the feeling of relaxation, grandness, quite, and expansiveness. So, having some blue kitchen wall decor ideas would be a great thing, right?

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