17 Alluring Black Kitchen Wall Décor Full of Sleekness


FeastHome – There is a bunch of dark colors to go with your kitchen but the black kitchen wall decor will not be the first one that comes to mind. Having a dark color in a room does not make the room gloomy or uncomfortable. Dark colors like black would be a great accent color to balance the brightness.

Black is like the darkest scheme you can get for your interior. You cannot choose to paint a room black entirely. Black will become ideal when it is applied as an accent or decor. Be wise in using this alluring color. Do not forget to light up the kitchen because that’s what it needs.

1. Modern Kitchen Wall Art

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

When having a room with black flooring and wall, one thing you must do is to incorporate some bright color into the scheme. Check out this astonishing scene in the dining room. The dining table set is the star of this room.

The black room allows the white-colored elements to shine better than ever. The modern art on the wall fills up space with lights it needs. The artwork has some photographic image of cups and a few red flowers to set up a focal point.

2. Black Accent Wall as Wine Holder

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

Decorating a kitchen wall is not just about a decorative touch, it should also be about the function. Making the wall space more functional is very useful for the kitchen flow. As you can see, this kitchen gets some part of the wall painted in black.

The black-painted wall part is used for two elements, a chalkboard, and a wine holder. For wine lovers, this amazing idea would fit perfectly in their kitchen next to the black cabinet.

3. Creative Chalk Paint in the Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

The main color of this kitchen scheme is black. The designer keeps the light bright enough for comfortable cooking as this kitchen has a glass wall next to it. The white ceiling and bright wooden floor support the brightness too.

The white backsplash balances the black kitchen cabinet. It sets a nice focal point for the cabinet itself. The two glass-door cabinet on each side also strengthens the light. On the entirely black wall, you can see it has some chalk decor that prevents the wall from being too gloomy.

4. Kitchen Chalkboard with Wood Frame

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

Instead of paint the kitchen wall black, you can choose to have the real chalkboard sign to write some kitchen notes, doodles, or quotes. It works well as both decoration and functional. This chalkboard sign gets a little bit of improvement.

It has a wood frame that makes the board looks more elegant and deserved to dress the kitchen wall. On the higher part of the board, there is an ‘Eat’ sign. It is an additional element to get it close to the kitchen emotionally.

5. Black Kitchen Minibar

Kitchen Wall Decor

The whole part of the minibar is painted black. Each part of the kitchen bar is filled with chalk words. Let us describe one by one. Right below the counter, there’s a funny saying that says ‘A Day without Sunshine is Like, You Know, Night.’ That would be a nice element to giggle.

Above the counter, you see a ‘Have a Muffin’ and ‘Drink Me!’ to indicate the food and beverages served on the counter. Right beside all of that, the wall is filled with the Menu which is obviously what available for today.

Based on your creativity, you are free to fill the black space to chalk. You can play with colored chalks to make it more attractive.

6. Typography on Glass Wall

Kitchen Wall Decor

If you aim to make your kitchen fancier than ever, try installing a glass accent wall. The sense of luxury would be spreading all over the kitchen space. You can also add some typography wall art on the glass wall to make it more alive.

You can choose the words as you want or you can let the designer choose some words related to kitchen stuff. It is a fancy idea from Tifa Arts.

7. Black Spoon and Fork as Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

Let us focus on the black spoon and fork. That would be something that could catch people’s attention. The wooden wall decor makes a statement on this wall. It is part of the wall decor set that is perfect for rustic or farmhouse kitchen wall.

8. Black Appliance in Antique White Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

This antique kitchen looks amazing. It has a stunning marble wall all over. The brass decor seems to be dominating the whole space of the kitchen.

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As the center, there is one black kitchen hood. The amount of black in this kitchen is very small but it successfully becomes the focal point and holds the entire décor together. The hood goes in line with the marble wall that has some black splashes on it.

9. Vintage Farmhouse Dining Room

Kitchen Wall Decor

Look at this stylish dining room, which sits next to the open kitchen. It contains some dark elements such as black chairs, a dark wood dining table, and black metal racks. Those elements deliver amazing quality to this farmhouse style.

10. Rustic Wall Decor with Black Utensils

Kitchen Wall Decor

It is a unique DIY wall decor idea that involves a large kitchen utensil. Instead of a fork and a spoon, you can use a large spatula or even a plate. As long as it is a kitchen utensil, it would make a perfect wall decor for the kitchen.

Some other decorative items should be added to make the centered utensil more mesmerizing. All the items around it are kitchen related to maximizing the theme.

11. Black Kitchen and Yellow Decor

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

This moody black kitchen gets splashes of yellow into the mix. It is a unique combination to have in a kitchen. In this dark kitchen, yellow is added to provide more light to the scheme. The modern kitchen cabinet looks so dark. However, it is not a gloomy dark but it’s an elegant type of dark.

The natural concrete wall becomes a perfect background for the black cabinet. The yellow one does seem out of place but this type of color is needed in the kitchen to give a glance of energy.

12. Beautiful Words on Kitchen Wall

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

Sticking some stickers of the quote on a kitchen wall can stimulate the energy during your cooking time. The sticker says, “Life is as sweet as a cupcake.” Such a cute quote would steal young people’s attention who also loves cupcakes.

13. Stencil Cartoon Art for Kitchen

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

This product is available on eBay and Amazon. It is made from some high-quality vinyl material. You can choose among the small, medium, or large sizes. For that kitchen island, you should aim for the medium or large one.

The kitchen-related cartoon character makes a good impact to deliver a fun atmosphere inside the kitchen.

14. Black Wall Clocks as Wall Decor

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

This dining room has more than one clock on the wall. This wall decor includes the need for knowing the time whenever you are around the kitchen. This DIY idea allows you to use both ordinary and vintage clocks.

Creatively, you can organize the position of the clocks on the wall. In this case, most clocks use black color. Some other elements of wall decor should also be included to mesmerize the scene.

15. Cool Dining Area with Dark Hue

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

This dining area of the kitchen is filled with a dark hue on the wall. The dark tile goes all out on the background of this scene. The tile has some geometric pattern that adds depth to the entire space. The tile pattern creates an essence of style in the space.

The dining area also has a modern wooden round table that never goes out of style. The table adds bright character to space and it creates such warm contrast to the black background. The black wall and chair in this kitchen area bring elegance to the room and make it feel cozy and warm.

16. Coffee Themed Wall Clock

Kitchen Wall Decor

A white brick wall is deserved to be dressed up with a unique decoration like this one. It is a great idea to have on your kitchen wall. This care-inspired wall decor shows you when the right to enjoy the coffee is.

The black-colored decor looks perfect on a white brick wall. It stimulates your appetite in enjoying coffee time.

17. Funny Black Sticks for Kitchen

Black Kitchen Wall Decor

A funny sticker on the wall could change the mood instantly. It would make a cool decor for your kitchen wall. This black cartoon sticker could dress up your wall just great. As you can see, the sticker impressively fills up the space of this minimalist dining room.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to wall decor. All the black kitchen wall decor ideas above would inspire you in dressing up your kitchen wall. You now know that black is comfortable if you understand how to apply it.

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