Top 9 Most Adorable Black Beauty Granite Countertops Ideas

Classy Black-White Granite Countertop

Black granite has everything you need to upgrade the kitchen interior.

The classy and expensive look makes it a great option for revamping kitchen countertop, backsplash, worktop, and more.

And when it comes to creating a focal point, black beauty granite countertops will do.

Black beauty is among available black granite variants on the market aside from honed black granite, black galaxy granite, and black forest granite.

Black Beauty Granite Countertops Ideas

Black beauty comes from Norway, and it has been popular in USA and China markets. Are you interested in having one at home? Here are inspiring ideas to choose from.

1. Monochrome Countertop with Black Granite Top

Monochrome Countertop with Black Granite Top

This black beauty countertop is ideal for modern and minimalist kitchens that accentuate a simple and clean look from Cosentino.

It combines white cabinetry that nicely contrasts the black granite top, providing a monochromatic theme that indulges your eyes.

With all the sparkle and gloss, this Cosentino kitchen countertop idea has everything you need to redefine the kitchen without putting in the extra effort.

Not to mention black granite is quite affordable, so you don’t necessarily need to break the savings for this countertop design—and it’s highly durable, too.

2. Black Granite Countertop and Backsplash

Black Granite Countertop and Backsplash

These black beauty granite countertops should be on the top of your list if you are into the gothic-themed kitchen.

Unlike the previous kitchen ideas, it combines a dark granite top and raw wood cabinetry that promises a sleek, warm, and spacious look to the interior.

In addition to the black granite countertop, it features a dark granite backsplash that helps protect your wall from water splash, oil, and food debris.

And, of course, it offers a great way to make your cooking space visually more attractive than ever. Get some accessories to optimize your interior settings.

3. Dark Granite Worktop with White Base Cabinet

Dark Granite Worktop with White Base Cabinet

Dark granite for the worktop is a brilliant solution to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your kitchen at a time.

Designed for minimalist kitchens, these black beauty granite countertops instantly become a focal point in the given space. Thanks to the black and white theme, it brings beautiful granite patterns.

Granite slabs are also installed up to the bay window to add functionality. That’s how you can make sure everything is well protected, and every inch of your kitchen becomes beautiful.

What if you want to simplify the budget? No worries. Skip the bay window, and you’re good to go.

4. U-Shaped Black Granite

U-Shaped Black Granite

Have a small space issue? Don’t be discouraged. This U-shape beautiful dark granite countertop idea will help you solve the problem, so you’ll still have enough space to mobile in the kitchen.

Not to mention it keeps everything easy to access.

Dark granite top combined with white base cabinets and the cream floor is indulging to your eyes.

It accentuates a clean and sleek look, allowing you to enjoy every second in the kitchen.

5. Black Beauty Countertop with Black Tile

Black Beauty Countertop with Black Tile

A dark countertop creates a visual illusion that makes your cooking space wider than the actual size.

If you have to keep to a tight budget, but you want to maintain the glam, try these black beauty granite countertops ideas.

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Dark granite top comes together with black tiles for backsplash so that you can save a lot on concrete slabs.

It also comes with wooden cabinetry that beautifully contrasts the granite top and backsplash. With this combination, you’ll be able to create an attractive, hollow-like cooking space.

6. Black Granite Kitchen Island

Black Granite Kitchen Island

Because of its position, the worktop often catches more attention than the countertop. That’s why the kitchen island deserves your attention.

How about creating a focal point while improving your kitchen with this Dekton black granite kitchen island?

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This functional worktop serves not only for food prep but also as a heat source—yup, these black beauty granite countertops work as a modern furnace that transforms your kitchen into a warm and welcoming area for everyone.

But be sure to prepare an extra budget as it may require more granite slabs than expected.

7. Black Beauty Granite Worktop with Dark Base

Black Beauty Granite Worktop with Dark Base

There are so many countertop designs to find on the market, but if you are into simple ones, then black beauty granite countertops are made just for you.

This model is also suitable for homeowners who need to improve their kitchens with a tight budget.

This countertop features a single sink, and that’s it all. Applied on black base cabinets, it can be a great option for your gothic kitchen.

And if you plan to have some friends or family swing by, attach the countertop with a bar to enjoy food prep while having a good talk.

8. Classy Black-White Granite Countertop

Classy Black-White Granite Countertop

Black beauty granite countertops work well for a French country kitchen too. Dark granite attached to white cabinetry contrasts the fundamental elements of the white kitchen.

Having that said, it manages to create a nice atmosphere to boost your mood every morning.

Polished and gleaming granite looks glamorous, evoking a classy vibe to any kitchen. Best of all, black granite is less expensive, and it’s also easy to maintain.

Once installed, all you have to do is wipe clean the surface after each cooking time, and that’s it.

9. Elegant Dark Granite Countertop

Elegant Dark Granite Countertop

This black beauty granite countertops idea does steal your heart. Black granite top and overhead cabinetry paired with white base cabinets are insanely stunning.

Everything is just balanced in this kitchen, and you don’t have to put extra effort into it.

What makes it better, this granite countertop idea can be easily applied to any kitchen with any theme.

Whether you adopt modern, minimalist, contemporary, or even theme-less, it works just great for kitchen improvement. Just be careful with your budget and countertop measurement.

Having black beauty granite countertops in your kitchen could be the best way to bring your space to another level.

Dark granite looks undoubtedly stunning, while it is also a durable option to support your activities. Pick a countertop design and idea that suits you, and get started to revamp your kitchen.

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